July 18, 2022

Sport Cruiser on Fire in Agropoli

Barone Zaza was the name of a twelve meter sport cruiser which went ablaze on the night of seventeen July around 2300 hours at Agropoli, to the South of Salerno.  At the time of the fire the sport cruiser was found strangely out of its mooring and with the owner who with a tender went to retrieve it finding a fire onboard.  At this time the owner towed the sport cruiser to the old wharf of the harbor of Agropoli, and called the Agropoli Coast Guard for assistance who with a fire fighting crew switched off the flames.  Suspect of a malicious fire is being raised in this accident since the owner has declared after the incident, that before he left she was safely moored and all battery switches where turned off, which from the initial investigations does not seem the case.  
Barone Zaza is a Gari Freeway 43 from 1986 with a lot of modifications going it over the years from the addition of a radar arch, to a hard-top and a recent addition of a railing.  Designed by Enzo Ferro, the Gari Freeway 43 was a sportier version of the more cabin spacious Super Shaitang 43, with a standard interior of one cabin sleeping two plus two.  The Gari Freeway 43 featured a 24 degrees pure deep Vee hull shape, and with the big twin Haf 406hp engines and Levi drive units option reached speeds up to fifty knots.  Gari or Gariplast or Cantieri dell Garigliano was a boat builder from Latina South of Rome founded in late seventies, which had a commercial success in the eighties but went slowly declining in the nineties and closed its doors in around the 2000s.

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