July 3, 2022

Ferretti Super Yacht Sinks Off Chub Cay Bahamas

A 25 meter Ferretti super yacht, hit a reef and sank off Chub Cay, in the Bahamas on third July 2022.  Four persons where onboard the super yacht on the time of sinking, with all being rescued and no one reported to be injured.  The Ferretti super yacht hit a reef and sank in the shallow area which marks all around the Chub Cay island to the North of the Bahamas.  Reports are coming that this Ferretti super yacht was being lifted and towed to a yard on the morning of 8 July.  
The 25 meter Ferretti in this sinking is the popular 830 model, presented in 2006 and produced till 2011.  Designed by since 1990 till 2018 Ferretti designer Zuccon the 830 offered a four double cabins plus two crew cabin interior.  The Ferretti 830 was powered by twin MTU 1823hp or 1948hp, with the large engines giving speeds up to 33 knots.  42 Ferretti 830 have been made, with the model developing and extended in length to become the 870 in 2012.


  1. All Superyachts like this one are an environmental hazard. The amount of waste just to produce one of these boats is mind boggling, from the production of the raw materials, layup of the GRP components and fit out.
    The world complains of plastic c straws yet these bio-hazards fly well under the radar because of the clientele that purchase them.

  2. Since humans started the industrial era, we are for the most part a bio-hazard. A small food store for example is much more a bio hazard then this 24 meter super yacht will ever be. Plastic C-straws do more damage then this super yacht, for the fact that they become invisible over time, and start entering the food chain of micro-organism.