May 20, 2012

Web: Toy Marine New Web Site

Toy Marine which comes from the North West part of Italy presents its World wide web virtual showroom.  Toy was founded in 2002 by Alessandro Novella and Aldo Tomasina, to create a line of traditional looking cruisers and yachts based on the down East lobster boat design.  Ten years later to its founding Toy features a line of six models all designed by Nauta, from the best seller 36 model, to the 110.   Three of the current Toy models are still in project stages, the 13mt Tender, 51 Fly, and upcoming 110 flagship.  Toy new website is available in Italian and English language; and takes you around with the following buttons; Company, Toy 36, Toy Tender, Toy 51 Toy 51 Fly, Toy 68, Toy 110, Toy News, and Contacts Us.  Toy also features a facebook page with a direct link from the web site.

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