January 15, 2010

Propulsion: Konrad PRSIII

The Konrad PRSIII is an alternative for aging Mercruiser Speedmaster III series drives. It has greatly simplified the conversion process of the SSMIII, with just a few easy steps. Most conversions can be completed in a matter of just a few hours. Konrad PRSIII has a high performance duty classification with a use of 100 hours per year for high performance applications at highly intermittent operation. Gross weight to horsepower is less than 12.2 kg per hp. The PRSIII is fitted with roller bearings spaced for optimum load carrying shaft supports capabilities, highly manufactured castings heat treated aluminum, high strength alloy steel gears utilizing performance marine technology, shafts made of alloy steel, and U-joints made from industry leading size for increased load carrying capacity and extended life. The Konrad PRSIII stern drive comes fitted with the following standard equipment: 540 HD upper housing assembly, 540 HP lower housing assembly, HD bell housing with bellows, and external steering back cover. The following options are available from Konrad: X-Factor lower housing assembly, drive extension spacer kits, HP upper gear set, tie bars, propellers, 42 oz. HP oil reservoir, and stern drive lifting bracket.

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