January 5, 2010

Improve-it = Sunseeker 52 Predator

A recent test with a standard Predator 52 fitted with the first production supply of Volvo's IPS 900 propulsion system proved a resounding success. The boat was put through its paces and trials resulted in improved handling, performance, noise reduction, fuel saving and comfort. The standard Predator 52 has proved a very successful model for Sunseeker and provides customers with a very versatile boat offering a high level of performance matched by luxury appointed accommodation to make cruising a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. The recent tests with the new IPS installation will provide customers with even greater choice and versatility. The new Volvo Penta 900 system installed provided impressive results across the cruising range: at 2000rpm and 26 knots performance was increased by 10%; at 2200rpm and 31 knots by 30%, and at the maximum 2300rpm by 10% reaching 35knots. The Predator tested weighed approx 25 tonnes, with full fuel and water tanks, a crew of four with medium to rough sea conditions and a 4 foot swell. The boat handled well with a comfortable heeling angle and a turning radius much less than that of a conventional shaft and rudder version. Noise level too was greatly reduced showing lower than normal readings across the entire performance range. One major benefit to owners is the comparable fuel saving on the model tested. This was up to 30% of that of the standard shaft and engine installation.

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