January 20, 2010

Project: Menorquin MCY 200 Custom Yacht

Traditional looks with great habitability, harmonious distribution of the interior space, outstanding comfort and versatility are all features which define the MCY 200, new project from Spanish yacht builder Menorquin. The MCY 200 Custom Yacht is developed in collaboration with the prestigious designer Fulvio de Simoni. A 21 metre traditional yacht from the new Menorquin Custom Yachts range. The other vessel in this range which is still in project stages is the Menorquin MCY 240 Custom Yacht. Now the Menorca boat builder further completes its range with the 200. Both the MCY 240 and the MCY 200 are manufactured to order only, this provides the customer the opportunity of participating in the configuration of the interior, choosing the materials and achieves a yacht which is in total harmony with their personal tastes. Very habitable in there dimensions the MCY 200 uses its 21 metres overall length to present a configuration which enhances its habitability. Furthermore the beam of over six metres is fully usable thanks to the semi displacement hull shape which is a characteristic of Menorquin vessels. A notable example are the lateral folding balconies which accentuate the spaciousness of the upper deck.This super yacht has three levels the main deck, the lower and the flybridge; within these it offers three distinct living areas; two on the main deck, which are saloon and cockpit living and a third on the flybridge. It is also possible to install side doors to the saloon and it offers the convenience of two pilot stations one inside and the other on the flybridge, and two solarium's located at the bow and on the flybridge. The interior of the MCY 200 is made to measure, the options for the interior layout are as exclusive as the individual tastes of each customer. For example in a model designed to have 3 cabins, these may all be located in the lower deck together with the galley, whilst in a version with 4 cabins the galley could be transferred to the main deck. Whatever the final layout of the interior there will always be outstanding comfort and a fantastic sense of space both in the master cabin and the VIP cabin, which are as wide as the boat’s beam. The guest cabins are also totally independent and equally comfortable with en suite washrooms. A further satisfying design detail is the crew cabin which in this yacht has been located aft in the lower deck, and accommodates two people in total independence with its there own washroom. In addition to all this attributes of a MCY 200 are those aspects which contribute to its magnificent performance; such as the advantage of a low fuel consumption whilst maintaining a cruising speed of between 15 and 17 knots. Designer Fulvio de Simoni who co-designed both the 200 and 240 models which stand at the top of Menorquin's range has ensured the unmistakable style of the vessels is maintained. He has found a way of combining to perfection the traditional character and elegance that define this company with the most innovative techniques that are applied during the manufacture of these recreational vessels.

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