January 8, 2010

Engine: Cat C18 ACERT 1150hp

For pleasure craft customers, it’s all about the power. That’s why Caterpillar Marine Power Systems is building off the success of its Cat C-series, electronically-controlled, high-speed marine engines with the addition of new high-performance ratings for pleasure craft applications. In the past twelve months, Caterpillar has released three new EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency Tier 2-compliant E-ratings to better meet customer needs for power density, acceleration and performance. The Cat C18 ACERT is an in-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke marine engine with 145 mm bore and 183 mm stroke displacing total 18.1 liters. With its new EPA Tier 2-compliant E-rating, this engine provides 1150hp (847kW) at 2,300 rpm. Manufactured at the state-of-the-art Marine Center of Excellence (MCOE) in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, the Cat C18 ACERT engine is built and tested to the highest quality levels because the facility is focused on pleasure craft engines. Improved performance from advanced Cat C-series engines not only means more power overall, but also better acceleration, more reserve power and rated power available at a wider speed range.

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