January 20, 2010

Engine: Volvo Penta D3 220hp

The new Volvo Penta D3 super diesel sterndrive is here compact and filled with ultramodern engine technology. The new D3, in four power classes from 140 to 220 horsepower, is faster, more powerful, cleaner and quieter than its predecessor. And now it is also available with a joystick. The new D3 is a completely new engine. Like its predecessor, the basic engine comes from the Volvo Car Corporation and is based on a 2.4 liter, five cylinder aluminum engine block with the very latest in engine technology. The new D3 has a common rail fuel injection system with a pressure of 1,800 bar and piezoelectric injectors, which make possible multiple injections per working cycle and thus even more precise fuel quantities. Advanced and highly efficient cross-flow cooling maintains an even engine temperature. A variable geometry turbocharger gives the engine effective supercharging from even very low rpm up to maximum rpm. This results in a powerful torque for rapid acceleration up to planing speed and a higher top speed. Everything is monitored and controlled electronically, now with even greater precision. All in all, this gives the new D3 impressive sports performance compared with its predecessor, which was already the best in its class. Output has been increased from 190 to 220 hp at the same time as fuel consumption is lower, as is sound and emissions. The new D3's emissions are in line with the very stringent US EPA Tier 3 regulations, which come into force in 2012.

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