January 12, 2010

Projects: Salpa 43.5, Salpa 39.5

Sapla presents two new projects which will fill the bigger sizes gap left empty with the introduction of the 50.5 flagship in the fall of 2008. The new projects both of Sport Cruiser style as all of the Naples builder models, are the 43.5 which is rather similar to the flagship, and the 39.5 which is a further evolution of the 38.5. The 43.5 pictured above will be the second in size Salpa, and apart looking similar to the 50.5 by the looks of its super structure and its integrated hardtop, gets close to its bigger sister also into its practical solutions. For example the 43.5 will offer a fully enclosed hard top thanks to patio doors, and just as the flagship is powered by Volvo forward looking IPS pods. Below the 43.5 will offer a three double cabins, six berth layout, with two heads. Here is also the galley, and a C-shaped saloon which can convert to an additional double berth, making the total beds for eight persons. Thanks to the sliding door and bulkheads, it is also possible to unite the owners suite and the main living below into an open plan layout. This system also seen on the Salpa 38.5 in 2002 and is rather unusual for a European boat, and apart increasing the real space, gives also better air circulation to the lower deck. The 43.5 again as the 50.5 will also have an additional but smaller galley on the main deck, and a second dinette under the hard top. Salpa is also promising similar fittings to what was seen on the appreciated 50.5 with hard and veneer woods, matched to chromed furnishing in its interior. As those familiar with the Salpa range notice the project of the 39.5 is a reworking of the 38.5, adding seventeen centimetres to the overall length aft in the bathing platform, and an open style hard top. For the rest the 39.5 keeps the much appreciated and difficult to find for a twelve metre sport cruiser three double cabins six berth interior accommodation layout. The 39.5 can be powered by various engine options but rather interesting is the 34 knots maximum, 27 knots cruise with twin Volvo 260hp. Rather optimistic this top speed I might add, but these figures come from the very similar 38.5, although I do think they represent a rather empty boat. The new 39.5 as all Salpa models from the 32.5 upwards will be certified to CE category A certification.

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