January 1, 2010

Best of 2009

It's been a difficult year for the World economy and like anything the yachting industry has felt its affects to the full.  Nonetheless with all this going on we have still seen a lot of new boats coming in, some of them even innovative on the technical point of view.  Obviously this is the result to the success the yacht industry had in the past decade, with the growth and the monetary size of the industry tripling in recent years.  

2009 also ends the 2000 to 2009 decade with this best of the year also featuring the best of the Decade, for the first ten years of the second millennium.  PowerYacht's best 2000-09 decade boat was the Azimut 68S launched in 2003.  It was a 21 meter which changed sport yachts, introduced the large frame less windows on the hull side, and also a new modern style interior d├ęcor.  Revolutionary and also a commercial success, selling the first fifty units in just six months after its first private show appearance in the early Summer of that year.  
Azimut 68S - Best of Decade 2000-09

The best for 2009 is the Azimut 74 Magellano. If possible I would have avoided giving Azimut best of the decade and 2009, but I really could not.  The Italian name is at the forefront of innovation since some decades and in 2009 it brings a new explorer yacht way, from the technical side with a completely unedited patented semi-planning hull shape which gives speeds up to 25 knots, and going into the design and layout of this 23 meter explorer yacht.  Bravo Azimut for surprising us again!

The others.

Atlantis 36 Verve. Atlantis bring a centre console mix into a medium sized eleven meter sport cruiser.  The result is a comfortable day cruiser with accommodation for a couple to go extended cruising.  Will the Verve concept be only this 36 or more?  Centre Consoles are expanding big in North America. 

Bertram 540. The legendary Bertram pushes sportfishing into yachting with this Zuccon designed 540, with the option to have a lower forward windscreen and a second helm.  The big question is if the sport-fishermen want it or not.

BlueGame 60. Blue Game started with the ground breaking sixteen meter one off Luja in 2001, forward to 2005 it debuted its first 47 model. Now it enters an important seventeen meter size, a walk around centre console yacht.  A sport yacht which looks the talk and does the walk.

Austin Parker 42 Open. Austin Parker starts its new revolution, with its new 42 model.  A lobster inspired traditional cruiser full of modern and Mediterranean design solutions designed by the ever clever Fulvio de Simoni.

Italcraft X90 SC. Since becoming part of InRizzardi Group Italcraft has been pushing its size barrier upward.  Designed by part-owner Gianluca Caputi, the X90 SC sees Italcraft offering 45 knots high performance with yacht comfort inside. 

Otam 65 Millennium. Otam has in this decade dominated the market of muscle sport yachts sub sixty feet with its Millennium 55/58 model.  Now the semi-custom yacht builder presents this 65, which is a thing of beauty, class, and fifty knots plus performance.  

Sessa C68. Sessa has been on a roll in recent years evolving its quality upwards not by little.  This C68 is this and beyond and is in its size one of the best looking sport yachts thanks to the magical design of Christian Grande.  The new Sessa C38 was also short listed for this list.

Sunseeker 60 Predator. With enclosed sport yachts becoming the standard in recent years, it is good to see one of the World's favourite brands believing in the open hard-top.  It is Sunseeker best looking yacht since some time, which was noticed also in Poole, reason why a smaller Predator 54 is coming.

Past present. Itama Fifty. The Italian name synonymous with the open sport yacht restore its soul of mid located direct shaft engines and aft cabin layout with this new Fifty model.  A renewal of its heritage as the 1985 presented 45, which in 1995 evolved into the 46, and with minor cosmetics became the 50 in 2002 till 2004.  

PowerYacht wishes to all its followers, friends, readers, and visitors a Healthy and Prosperous 2010 year. 

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