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November 8, 2020

Italcraft New Web Site

Italcraft from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 1955 by brothers Sergio and Mario Sonnino Sorisio, in a shed just at the outskirts of Rome, Italcraft will become over the years one of the most innovative boat builders featuring some World first to what regards hull design, propulsion, and materials used for the construction of boats.  In 1958 Italcraft moves production on Lake Bracciano and in 1961 the company opens a showroom in the capital city.  Italcraft will need more space again and in 1969 moves south to the Italian capital city, in Gaeta province of Latina, a place Italcraft as at today still calls home. Innovation has always been key to Italcraft since its inception with a lot of World first being key to its startling success, starting from the end fifties with the wood build Sea Skiff model featuring the first round bilge planning hull. In the seventies Italcraft presents the Renato Sonny Levi designed Drago, the first boat designed with a variable Vee shaped hull, equipped with surface drives and at the time also the fastest diesel boat in production.   The Drago also represented a World first in building materials being constructed with Kevlar 49 and Carbon fibre.  The Aermar 36 model continues the thirst of innovation also featuring a World first for propeller tunnels.  In the eighties Italcraft builds Seppietta a Military Patrol cruiser capable of carrying ten people which is unsinkable, self righting, and classified as an all weather boat.  In 1985 Italcraft launches the M-78 which was at the time the fastest and largest yacht of its size reaching max speeds up to 56 knots.  In the mid nineties Italcraft closes its doors only to be purchased in 1996 by the neighbouring Cantieri Navali dell Golfo. Immediately the production of F38, C45, and C58, is resumed, while a new X-54 Ipanema is born on the Ipanema 53 platform, a previous Golfo production, with the completely new 38 Sarima launched in 1998.  A model which is at today still in production. In 2006 Italcraft is taken over by the Inrizzardi Group, which bring a new development for yachts over seventy feet with the introduction of the 105 and 90 feet models. The recession of 2008 makes Italcraft close its doors in 2013 only for the company to open again with the new management in 2015.  Italcraft top selling model has been the 1965 launched 25 feet Sarima sold in seven hundred units built of wood and featuring a deep Vee hull with a twenty degrees deadrise aft and two spray rails, followed by the 16 meter Blue Marlin sold in 105 units. Currently Italcraft is producing three models; 38 Sarima, 54 Ipanema, and 105 Maxi Drago which is at today still its largest ever build and so far delivered in five units.  Italcraft new website is currently available only in Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Azienda (Company), Yachts, Refitting, and Contatti (Contacts).            
Production History: 
Bucaniere 5.10 mt  1955- (24)
Atlantico 7.80 mt 1956- (1)
Champion (10)
Skandy (11) *pilot boat
Sea Skiff 8.55 m 1960- (51)
Acapulco 6.80 m (6)
Pilot (1)
California 12 m (12)
X-1 7.80 m 1963- (44)
X-1 Portorotondo 7.80 m 1963- (6)
X-11 1965-66 (9)
Motonave Sabazia 21 m (1) *passenger transport ship
Sarima 7 m 1965-77 (256)
Baleniera 21 m (2)
X-31 (13)
X-31 Portorotondo (12)
X-44 1967-76 (37)
X-44 Ambassador 1968-76 (5)
X-33 1969-73 (42)
X-33 Diplomat 1969-71 (20)
X-25 (35) *first fiberglass construction
Drago 13 m 1972-87 (11)
MiniDrago 8.50 m 1973- (53)
Espada Mediterraneo 13.40 m 1973-83 (40)
Aermar F.B. 11 m 1976-84 (54)
Aermar F.C. 11 m 1976-84 (23)
Blue Marlin 16 m 1977-87 (32) 
M-74 15.50 m 1978-89 (17) *includes Open
Espada DC 13.40 m 1978-87 (33)
M-74 Open 15.50 m 1978-85 (17) *includes standard M74
Fast 35 1982-90 (24)
Golfo Black Jack 8.50 m 1983-90 (8)
Golfo Ipanema 45 Open 1983-90 (10) *includes 45 S
30 Ital 1983-90 (26)
Golfo Ipanema 45 S 1986- (10) *includes 45 Open
M-78 1986-89 (2) 
C 51 Classic 1986-89 (19) *includes Classic version
Golfo Ipanema 50 S 1988-91 (12) *includes 50 S
Golfo Ipanema 50 Open 1989-91 (12)  *Includes 50 Open
C-58 1989-97 (15)
C 51 Open 1990-93 (19) *includes Open version
Golfo Ipanema 1990-96 (13)
F-38 1991-97 (8)
C 70 1991 (1)
Golfo Ipanema 15 Fly 1991-96 (6)
C-45 1992-97 (11)
G38 Fisherman 1993 (1)
Sarima / S3 1998-2010 / 11- (50 Cantieri Navali dell Golfo ownership 
X54 Ipanema 1999- (5
70 Drago 2000-12 (5
46X 2004-6 (3) *44X project 
95 SSC MaxiDrago 2006 (1)
105 MaxiDrago 2007- (5 InRizzardi Group ownership
X68 2008 (1)
X90 SC 2009 (1)

November 15, 2011

New Model: Italcraft 38 Sarima S3

Italcraft a legendary name to what concerns technical aspects of boat design, especially for the hull shapes it pioneered, presents a new important model the 38 Sarima S3.  The new Italcraft Sarima S3 is based on the hull lines of the 38 Sarima launched in 1998, but features a total update in all the layout; both outside in the cockpit, and inside for the cabin area.  Down side to this is only stern drive propulsion, with the replaced model used to have also shafts, IPS pods, and surface drive as other choices. The signal S3 is also fully deserved here, as this is the third generation Sarima, which follows on the success of the first wood built 25 feet series delivered in seven hundred units in the nineteen sixties and seventies, and today being a collectors item.  The difference from the second generation in the new S3 is definitely more space everywhere, and that is saying something considering that the 1998 design was spacious, and that was already impressive being it was born from a hull of military patrol use derivation.  That is unlike most of today designs the Sarima is built around the sea, and not a spacious cabin.  The cockpit layout of the new S3 is a flush deck, fully open plan, with an L-shaped settee, galley,  fore sun pad to port side, and helm station to starboard.  Below is a spacious affair with a layout offering two cabins; shower head, L-shaped settee, galley, and second guest shower cubicle.  The guest mid-ships cabin has also the option of being offered in an optional three sleeping berths configuration.  Power choice is for Volvo engines; from twin 220 up 300hp which give speeds up to a max of 40 knots with the bigger option.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.85 m (38.9ft)
Hull Length - 9.97 m
Waterline Length - 9.85 m
Beam - 3.60 m
Draft - 0.95 m loaded
Displacement - 8 t medium load
Fuel Capacity - 800 l
Water Capacity - 225 l
Accommodation - 4 + 1 berths in 2 cabins, 5 + 1 berths optional layout
Max Persons - 10
Engines - 2 x Volvo D3 220hp, D4 260hp, D4 300hp
Propulsion - Volvo DPH, DPS or DPR dual propeller stern drive
Speed - 35 knots max 30 cruse with 220hp, 40 knots max 34 cruise with 300hp
Project - Gianluca Caputi
Certification - CE B

October 31, 2009

New Model: Italcraft X90 SC

Italcraft launch the much expected X90 SC and continue to offer large Super Sport Yachts with a semi custom build attitude. Renowned for its hulls who come from the never ending testing in the military field, this Italian brand has always been among the first for technological achievements below the waterline. Now with the new 90 model, Italcraft challenges the future above, with architect Caputi taking a very modern design approach to the super structure. The X90 SC is the first Italcraft to offer also the latest fashion trend for sport yachts with a flybridge that does not disturb the sporty lines, and suited for a driving in the air experience. Hull number one for the 90 is slightly different to the design project renderings shown last year, with small changes visible in all areas but the main deck showing the most with the much expected circle shaped patio door which had to make half of this area become open missing and now replaced by a standard fiberglass structure with minimal side windows, a patio door and integrated stair case for the flybridge. The sunpads layout in the cockpit also differs now being of a standard central sunbed aft instead of the proposed three, and the same is on the flybridge, and on the fore deck. The rest of the project seems pretty close to the reality of what the design rendering showed with the forward windshield extended windows giving a sunroof which adds natural light to the lower helm and saloon, glassed parts in the side bulwarks, as well as the forward sunpad and settee on the fore deck. The lower deck also received some changes with the crew cabin located to aft and not to fore of the lower deck, and herewith including a lobby as well as the galley. The forward part of the lower deck now has the four en-suited cabins, with owner stateroom to midship, VIP to fore, and two double guest cabins in between. Still these changes might have been proposed by the owner and it would be no surprise to see hull two reflecting totally what was shown on the project renderings. Performance data has proved to be better then expected with the X90 SC reaching speeds of 45 knots, 5 knots more then anticipated with the twin MTU 2400hp and Top System surface drives.
Technical Data:
LOA - 27.60 m (90.5ft)
Beam - 6.49 m
Draft - 2.05 m with propellers
Displacement - 72 t loaded, 61 t light
Fuel Capacity - 9000 l
Water Capacity - 1500 l
Accommodation - 8 berths in 4 cabins, 4 crew berths
Max Persons - 18
Engines - 2 x MTU V162000M93 2400hp
Propulsion - Top System TS105 surface drives
Speed - 45 knots max, 36 knots cruise
Range - 350 nautical miles
Design - Gianluca Caputi
Certification - RINA CE A

November 28, 2008

Web: Inrizzardi New Web Site

InRizzardi, the famous Italian Group, holding of six companies updates its new web site to a modern format. InRizzardi, or how before it was called the Rizzardi Company was among the first to start the fashion of grouping, that is owning more then one brand, when in 1992 Gianfranco Rizzardi took the helm of legendary boat builder Posillipo. Move forward to 2007, and Inrizzardi helms six companies, some of them a legend in there own right: Rizzardi, Posillipo, Italcraft, Diano, Santa Yachts and Parisi. The new website is divided into the following main sections: The Company, Yacht Collection, Racing, Press Lounge and Inrizzardi World. There is also the following sub sections: Dealer Network, Yacht Service, Pre-Owned Yacht Collection, Owners Club and Contacts. For visiting the separate site of each brand scroll down and press any of the six logos, or click on Yacht Collection and again click on the interested name. Not to loose and visit in the site is the Inrizzardi magazine Step by Step featured in the Press Lounge, where one can see interviews to the people part of the family of the Rizzardi World, get deeper information on the happenings of the group, and also see some special previews in more detail.

August 30, 2008

Project: Italcraft 90

The prestigious Italcraft brand, now since 2004 part of the Inrizzardi Group, presents an innovative new open hard top model. From a name which made innovation it's main theme in the seventies, eighties and nineties with its underwater hull shapes and futuristic designs. The new 27 metre super sport yacht project, so far named 90, is designed by architect Carlo Galeazzi revolving around three different exterior living areas, the traditional one aft, a forward on the bow featuring a c-shaped settee with 2 sun pads on either side and one with a flybridge dedicated to a full relaxed sun worshipper area with its three sun pads. As the above rendering shows the new Italcraft is a very different open, with the designers concentrating on extending the boat's 3 open areas as much as possible. The second impressive element is the deck superstructure whose volume is accented by a transparent cylindrical glass veranda. The dining area can be fully open at the sides and with face to the stern, creating an impression of eating in the open air. For the lower deck 2 ladders at both sides of the bridge lead from the main deck: on the left, to the four guest cabins, and on the right, to the large galley and the adjoining crew area comprising two single cabins and a bathroom. An other innovative solution for the new Italcraft 90 is the automatic ladder from the main deck to the upper solarium one, which retracts into the antenna niche leaving the cockpit free.

August 8, 2007

New Model: Italcraft 105 Maxidrago

PowerYacht is proud to show the new flagship of the Italcraft range of fast sports cruisers and yachts, the new 105 Maxidrago. As it's smaller sister the 95 Maxidrago, the hull of this new super yacht is developed on the Corrubia Military vessel, already delivered in 27 examples and testimony of the superb seakeeping standards to be achieved by the new flagship on a proven hull shape. The lines of this new yacht show elegance together with an aggressive sporty character. A master suite along with three spacious guest cabins leave creativity for a personalized owner interior layout. Power is provided by twin 2400hp MTU with surface drives which should give an estimated 40 knot top speed performance and 35 knots of cruising.
Technical Data
LOA - 31 m (101.7 ft)
Beam - 7.56 m
Draft - 1.15 m
Displacement - 82 t
Accommodation - 8 berths + 2 crew berths
Fuel Capacity - 10000 l
Water Capacity - 1500 l
Engines - 2 x 2400 HP MTU
Propulsion - surface drives
Speed - 40 knots max, 35 knots cruising (estimated)
Project - Caputi

July 29, 2007

Project: Italcraft X 68

This project from Italcraft continues to offer classic modern lines and will fill the gap between the X54 and the 70 Drago models. Engineer Caputi designed this project with a classic line but with an approach to offer the usual modern flair associated with the Italcraft brand models. This model will distinctive itself for spacious deck spaces, semi covered side passageways and a fully hard top upper saloon and sundeck. A six or seven and two crew interior accommodation is planned in standard version. Power is provided by twin 1500hp MTU engines. Speed estimation is for a 40 knot max in standard shaft version, and 45 knots for the more performing Ultra surface propulsion version.

June 26, 2007

Boat Review: Italcraft 95 Maxi Drago

The 95 Maxi Drago is the first new model from the legendary Italcraft brand, presented under the belts of the new owners, the Inrizzardi Group. Italcraft is the nautical brand which in it's history in the seventies and eighties presented some of the most important technical innovations for motorboats, which to this day have become standard design fixtures. Innovations like tunnel propellers, surface drives and the variable deep vee hull where some of the most popular inventions which look very common in today's crafts but are all credit to this legendary Italian builder, who was never afraid of pushing the limits. The 95 Maxi Drago model which at this time is the biggest from the yard, continues to shout performance with classic design touches for the South Lazio region marque and is a success in an ever increasing competitive market segment.
The standard layout for the 95 Maxi Drago is a 4 cabin offer all with independent en-suite shower head for a total of 8 berth sleeping accommodation for the owner and his guests. A full beam owners cabin is located mid ship, VIP cabin forward and 2 guest cabins in between. Surprisingly also for a 4 cabin offer there is a lower saloon to port and a home size galley to starboard. Crew quarters are located further aft with a total of 4 berths and a separate entrance, concluding the standard form of the lower deck.
The upper deck is the heart for the Maxi Drago with a spacious bar area to port which creates a spacious entertainment area thanks to the C-shaped saloon settee to starboard. The helm station is located in the centre and an L-shaped settee is located to port in order for the guests to enjoy the trip and views during the navigation of the yacht. A spacious deck and outside entertaining area compliments the interior saloon.
Based on the Corrubbia Class Military vessel, which has already been delivered in 20 models the Maxi Drago has as safe a ride as you can get and one of the best sea handling super yachts available to the market today. Hull Designer Gianluca Caputi designer for the hull and superstructure for the Maxi Drago and for all models of the current Italcraft range says it best, when declaring a superior standard which guarantees superior sea keeping quality of the hull, performance levels and a top construction standard present in the Italcraft yachts. Noting that all models are usually tested in the Military field before going to the recreational sector, he has a point as very few yachts in the market do perform such a solid testing before going to the market.
sea keeping qualities
deck arrangement
not complete high bulwark
Competition in the open hard top super yacht 27 to 30 metre segment is ever increasing, which apart from the under mentioned alternative offers to the Italcraft, three other important projects from different builders are in line for future presentation. Add to that the other projects from the custom builders and you come with a much bigger list, seeing the big competition in this market segment today. Here is what you should give a look before deciding:
AB Yachts 92 - jet propulsion with superb handling and performance, 56 knot top speed
Arno Leopard 27 - classic timeless hard top design by Paolo Caliari
Canados 90 Open - innovative ultra modern glass hard top with wide body saloon area
Couach 2800 Open - also a military derivation hull, good sea keeping
Overmarine Mangusta 92 Open - the best seller model for this size range
Pershing 90 - the silver bullet, benchmark in innovative design and style
Tecnomar 90 Velvet - tailor made for the client
WILD CARD: Azimut 98 Leonardo - a flybridge sport coupe now in it's second generation
The 95 Maxi Drago is a superb open hardtop super yacht which brings together a timeless innovative design but with a big open eye to what regards safety and superlative sea keeping capabilities derived directly from unstoppable military testing. If your aim is to have a comfortable yacht when the going gets tough there is no doubt the Maxi Drago will be on the top of your list, still this is only one of the reasons, as the finishing standard, luxury comfort and a full customization tailor made for the clients makes this fast super sport yacht as one of the best in it's class.
Technical Data
L.O.A. 28.40 metres (93.1 ft)
Beam. 7.56 metres
Displacement. 80 t
Fuel Capacity. 10000 litres
Water Capacity. 1500 litres
Berths. 8 + 4 crew
Engines. 2 x 2400 hp MTU.
Propulsion. Arenson Surface Drives.
Max Speed. 43 knots. Cruising Speed. 36 knots.
Picture Copyright Italcraft. Data Italcraft.