February 16, 2013

Web: Marlow New Web Site

Marlow yachts is a US company with building operations in China and presents its new World wide web showroom.  Marlow was founded in 2000 with the concept starting to take shape in Marlow's head back in 1996.  The Marlow yachts are build in Xiamen China, at the Norsemen Shipbuilding facility which was also the first Yacht Yard to receive an Environmental Consciousness Award in 2007. The first Marlow was the 65C Explorer debuting at the 2001 Miami boat show.  Today Marlow builds a total of twenty models which start with the Gypsy tender, and goes up to the not so long ago presented 97 E Explorer flagship.  Marlow has also purchased in the end of 2012 the Mainship and Hunter brands.  Marlows new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Yachts, Prowler 375, Technical Info, News and Dealers, and Yacht Virtual Showrooms.  Marlow new website also features links to its Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.     

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