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September 22, 2022

New Model: Grand Banks Eastbay 60

Grand Banks presents the new Eastbay 60, the largest boat to date in its EB down East lobster boat line here pictured in its first sea trials.  The Eastbay 60 was announced as a project in 2021, and going against recent trends will measure over twenty meters in over-all length, a whooping two meters more to its model designation of sixty feet.  The Eastbay 60 follows what the down East lobster boat inspired range from Grand Banks has done since 1993 after the first 38 Ex and nineteen models later; traditional lines, excellent seakeeping, and interiors valuing comfort over cabin numbers.  An evolution of a classic the Eastbay 60 flagship sets new high standards for its bigger size, and adds the efficiency of the Vee warped hull as evolved by Mark Richards.  After 29 years of C. Raymond Hunt hull design the 60 is the first Eastbay with Mark Richards trademark hull design, following the Grand Banks 60, 54, and 85 of the explorer yachts range.  In the accommodation the Eastbay 60 offers a living on the main deck with an astern galley layout, with three double cabins having an owners stateroom located to port side at midships, a VIP forward, and guest third cabin with an L-shaped layout offering two singe berths below deck.  Grand Banks also offers a lower deck galley two cabin layout with opposite saloon, and owners stateroom moving forward. The Grand Banks Eastbay 60 is powered by twin Volvo 725hp as standard, with optional 900hp or 1000hp with IPS pod drives or shaft line propulsion.  Because of the performance of the standard engine of just thirty knots it is believed that this is only offered with IPS pod drives, while the optional larger engines can be offered with line shaft propulsion.  Hull one is fitted with twin Volvo 900hp and IPS pod drives and has reached 33 knots of top speeds and a 27 of fast cruise. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.74 m (68.1ft)
Length - 18.55 m
Beam - 5.8 m
Draft - 1.14 m IPS pod drives, 1.24 m shaft drives
Displacement - 27,000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 5750 l
Water Capacity - 1100 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or three/four berth in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp, D13 900hp, D13 1000hp
Propulsion - line shafts, or IPS pod drives
Speed - 38 knots max 30 knots cruise with 1000hp IPS, 33 knots max 27 cruise with 900hp IPS, 30 knots max 25 knots with 725hp IPS
Range - 894 nm at 21 knots with 725hp, 864 nm at 21 knots with 1000hp IPS
Hull Shape - patented Vee warped 
Project - Mark Richards, Grand Banks
Certification - CE A

April 13, 2022

Project: Grand Banks Eastbay 60

Grand Banks present the project for a new Eastbay 60 set to launch in late 2022.  The 60 is the largest Eastbay to date, a range which started in 1994 and till today has featured a total of nineteen models, with the previous largest model being the 58 FB produced from 2002 till 07.  The Eastbay 60 will feature a three cabins layout, with a master stateroom located at midships to portside, a forward VIP suite, and two berth L-shaped third cabin to starboard.  The main deck is all about the living area and the Eastbay 60 will come with an astern galley layout.  The Grand Banks Eastbay 60 is to be standard powered by twin Volvo 900hp engines with an impressive seven thousand liters fuel capacity set to offer above average range for this size.

March 13, 2022

Grand Banks New Web Site

Grand Banks unveils a new World wide web virtual showroom site. Grand Banks started operation in 1956 as American Marine Limited founded by Robert J. Newton and sons John and Whit in Honk Kong. But the start was not about a trawler yacht, as its first jobs it built custom Sparkman and Stephens, William Gardner, Nat Herreshoff, and Ray Hunt designed sailing yachts. In 1962 the Newton's commissioned Kenneth Smith a 36 feet humble cruising boat with work-boat like looks, which will be named Spray. This 36 Classic was a turn around for the Newton's and with it came a change from building custom sailing yachts to this traditional looking explorer cruiser.  Launched in 1964 the 36 Classic was produced till 2004 and was followed in the same year by a smaller 32 Sedan, with this series taking the name of Heritage and totalling 22 models in a production run which lasted till 2016 and included a one off 80 model launched in 1975. In 1973 Grand Banks starts switching all its models to fiberglass construction. 1993 marks an important move to Grand Banks launching the Eastbay series designed by previous collaborator Ray Hunt, and inspired to the Down East lobster boats. The Eastbay started with the 38 EX and up till today it has totalled sixteen models, including the current 44 launched in 2016 and upcoming 60 model. In 2001 the Aleutian larger yacht series was introduced with the 64, and in fourteen years it featured seven different models from the 2010 two year produced 53 to the 76 RP produced 2010 till 2012. In 2014 Grand Banks started a new path when it bought out Palm Beach motor yachts and CEO Mark Richards took over the helm.  After Mark Richards took over he changed the traditional GB explorer line, and reinvented it with V-warp hull shape, and redefined exterior looks, starting all this with the GB60 launched in 2017.  Currently Grand Banks produces five models in two range Eastbay and and the reinvented explorer GB line. The Grand Banks line starts with the EB44, and goes up to the recently launched largest GB ever made the GB85, while its newest model is the still in project Eastbay 60 announced in 2022.  Grand Banks new web site takes you around with the following buttons; About Us, Models, Advantage, Purchase, and Connect. Grand Banks is also on social media with buttons on the bottom of the page taking you to its; Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.
Production History;
36 Classic 1964-2004 (1200+)
32 Sedan 1964-79 (800+)
50 1968-74
Laguna 10m 1970-80
48 MY 1972-77  fiberglass construction switch starts in 1973
Laguna 11.5m 1973-81
80 1975 (1)
42 CL 1975-2005  (1500+) 
42 EU 1979-2005
49 CL 1980-99 (125+)
49 MY 1986-99
46 CL 1987-2004
42 MY 1987-2005
36 Europa 1988
58 MY 1990-2002
46 MY 1990-2004
46 EU 1993-2004
Eastbay 38 EX/HX 1994-2004
Eastbay 40 Flybridge 1997
Eastbay 43 Flybridge 1998-2004
52 EU 1998-2008
Eastbay 49 HX 1999-2006
Eastbay 43 EX, HX, SX 2000-07
Eastbay 58 FB 2002-07
64 Aleutian RP 2002-07
Eastbay 54 SX 2004-07
Eastbay 47 FB 2005-10
72 Aleutian RP 2005-16 (20+)
47 EU 2005-11
Eastbay 39 SX 2006-12
59 Aleutian RP 2006-12
Eastbay 45 SX 2007-09 
Eastbay 55 SX, FB 2007-12 
47 CL 2007-14
65 Aleutian RP 2008-12
Eastbay 46 SX, FB 2009-12
41 EU 2009-12
76 Aleutian RP 2010-12
53 Aleutian RP 2010-12
43 EU 2012-15
55 Aleutian RP 2012-15
54 EU 2012-16
Eastbay 50 SX 2013-15
Eastbay 44 SX 2016-  Mark Richards ownership starts
GB60 2018-
57 EU 2020 (3)
GB54 2020- *GB52 project
GB85 2022- (3
Eastbay 60 2022-

May 7, 2021

New Model: Grand Banks 85

In March 2021 Grand Banks launched its new flagship, the much awaited 85 model.  This new Grand Banks flagship enters the famous brand into the Super Yacht beyond eighty feet, with the previous largest model being the 76 launched in 2011.  With Mark Richards taking over Grand Banks in 2015 the famous brand has changed dramatically in recent years becoming from a traditional trawler inspired product with a semi planning hull to an innovative one characterized of a light weight stiff strong construction, and a planning V-warp planning hull shape design for maximum efficiency.  The Grand Banks 60 first model of the new management launched in 2017, showed the new direction of this important name in production pleasure boating.  Considering Mark Richards CV of Americas Cup and his Palm Beach brand we are looking at impressive performance details from weight saving which is about 30% less to most of the competition in the same size without losing any technical attributes, to the design of the V-Warp hull form which moves little to less water and provides maximum efficiency.  Both these details have been always present in the Palm Beach brand, putting them in the Grand Banks without losing the identity of a brand build on the opposite is not easy.  I personally like what Richards is producing with Grand Banks, it is interesting to see what the brand followers and long standing fans think of this.  Sales are definitely complimenting what Richards is doing with the 60 arriving to twenty hulls up until the start of 2021, even though she is among the most expensive nineteen meters production boats in the market.
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.91 m (85ft)
Hull Length - 24 m
Waterline Length - 22.7 m
Beam - 6.71 m
Displacement - 49 t light
Fuel Capacity - 10031 l
Water Capacity - 1500 l
Accommodation - nine guests in four cabins, three crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Speed - 30 knots max 27 knots fast cruiser 21 knots cruise
Range - 1000 nm at 21 knots
Hull Shape - V-warp hull
Construction - vacuum infused cored Corecell with E-cell, Carbon fibre in structural areas  
Project - Grand Banks Mark Richards, Grand Banks Dovell for naval architecture

August 5, 2020

New Model: Grand Banks GB54

Grand Banks continues its bold foray into redefining the future of efficient long-range cruising with the release of the GB54, the second addition to the new Grand Banks family series. This beautifully designed luxury yacht comes in both flybridge and enclosed skylounge configurations, with either upper or lower galley layout options that accommodate four to five people overnight. The GB54 has a highly efficient cruise speed of 25 knots, making her a true performer.  The focus of the Grand Banks 54 was to produce a yacht that is incredibly practical, and easily handled by owner/operators even if caught short-handed. Making full use her beam, the cockpit and salon areas are wide open, airy and perfect for both relaxing and entertaining. Signature large electric windows side and aft of the salon open the spaces further to fresh breezes and near 360 degree sight lines throughout the boat. We have designed the layouts of the yacht to offer flexibility without compromising practicality or usability. Available in your choice of two or three stateroom layouts, the accommodations are only a few steps down from the single-level entertaining spaces, making maneuvering around the vessel effortless. he Grand Banks 54’s versatile design is a culmination of lessons learned from designing and building the GB60 along with the rest of the range over decades of production.  The Grand Banks 54 is constructed using the latest methods of vacuum infusion to achieve strength and weight control, and carbon fiber for reduced weight and stiffness.  Pairing seamlessly with her advanced construction is the remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail found throughout the entire yacht. The Grand Banks marque is known for the fine timber joinery, and this is carried through every facet of the boat from the bulkheads and fixed furniture that is fused and bonded to both the deck and hull, to the highly engineered and finished engine room. Beauty and quality is not just skin deep. The most impressive feature of the new Grand Banks 54 is her soft quiet ride quality. Through the fused nature of the bulkheads a semi-monocoque torsion box is achieved result a stiff underway and free from any rattles or creaking. The rest of the ride is largely thanks to the combination of an efficient and high-performance hull shape, and the careful balancing both longitudinally and vertically, of the large-mass components. The engines are mounted amidships along with our full-beam baffled fuel tank to keep the weight low and centered. The deck and superstructure are all infused carbon fiber to minimize weight aloft, resulting in a naturally low center of gravity. The new hull form is an advanced warped semi-displacement shape that is a designed inspired by ocean taming sail racing yachts, where efficiency and performance is paramount. Having more in common with a naval destroyer than a full-displacement heavy deep-v, the fine entry of the stem splits the waves, while the soft shoulder of the midsection rolls the water away and eliminates hull slapping. The hull presents some gorgeous tumble-home above, then continues to warp beneath the waterline into a relatively flat aft section with 8 degrees of deadrise. This provides incredible form stability at all speeds and rest, and results in an astonishingly subtle wake that further demonstrates the efficiency of the design. Careful attention was paid to the lines of the new Grand Banks range, ensuring proportions were maintained and equal weights were given to both form and function. One of the areas this can be appreciated most is in the bridge design, where the profile appears low, but the space is both voluminous and expansive. The bridge is accessed via a teak stairway from the cockpit, which houses the 10′ outboard-mounted tender on a custom cradle, with a davit for easy launching and retrieval. The bridge helm further improves navigational sight lines from the already well-appointed lower helm and is complimented by twin Stidd captains chairs to your spec, and can be outfitted with your chosen navigational equipment.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.1 m (59.5ft)
Hull Length - 16.4 m
Beam - 5.34 m
Draft - 1.22 m with shafts, 0.95 with IPS pod drives
Displacement - 21500 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 3400 l
Water Capacity 1100 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, five berths in three cabines
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp, D11 625hp *IPS pod drive
Propulsion - line shaft, or Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Speed - 25 knots cruise, 10 knots long range cruise
Hull Shape - warped semi-displacement with flat Vee eight degrees deadrise aft
Construction - vacuum resin infusion with carbon fiber inserts and Vinilester Epoxy resins

January 3, 2020

Project: Grand Banks GB85

Grand Banks present the anticipated GB85 project.  This is the largest yacht ever build by Grand Banks to date, and sees the famous pleasure boating name founded in 1956 to enter for the first time into the 24 meter plus super yacht size. The previous largest Grand Banks to date has been the 2011 launched Aleutian 76 RP.  Building on the recently released GB60, the GB85 will be offered with the option of a flybridge version as pictured above, or a climate controlled skylounge.  A beam just short of seven meters presents wide-open entertaining areas with ample space to socialize inside and out.  The accommodation layout will feature options for a full-beam master stateroom, boasting a large double ensuite, or a  four cabin layout, spacious enough to sleep up to nine guests comfortably.  We have no performance numbers of the new GB85, but expect similar numbers and an efficient hull similar to the much acclaimed GB60, which despite her important price tag, has already arrived in its sixteenth hull in under two years of production.

August 27, 2018

New Model: Grand Banks 60 Skylounge

The Grand Banks 60 Skylounge model features an enclosed bridge for added comfort, and additional living space for you and your guests. Completely climate-controlled, the Skylounge allows for easy access to the bridge no matter the sun, heat, or wind thanks to its internal staircase. Infused carbon fiber construction, a low center of gravity and bold stats; top speed of 36 knots; 110 liters per hours of fuel consumption at twenty knots; a range of more than 2,500 nautical miles at ten knots define the Grand Banks 60 Skylounge. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.9 m (65.5ft)
Waterline length - 18.3 m
Beam - 5.95 m
Draft - 1.4 m with shafts, 1.3 m with IPS pod drives
Displacement - 
Fuel Capacity - 5800 l
Water Capacity - 1100 l
Accommodaiton - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 900hp
Propulsion - line shaft, or forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 33 knots max 25 knots fast cruise, 20 knots economic cruise, ten knots long range
Construction - resin infused carbon fiber

October 20, 2017

Project: Grand Banks 52

Having renewed itself with the launch of the 60, Grand Banks continues its bold foray into the future of long-range cruising with the project of the 52, the second addition to the new Grand Banks family series. This beautifully designed luxury yacht comes in both flybridge and enclosed skylounge configurations, with two lower-level layout options for a three or two cabins choice. Scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2018, the 52 is a versatile design that is a culmination of what Grand Banks learned from designing and building the just launched GB60 and the rest of the range over decades of production. The GB52 is constructed using the latest methods of fully infused carbon fibre to achieve strength and reduced weight, and employing the benefits of modified epoxy vinylester resins that are the benchmark of durability, and impervious to osmosis and blistering.  The Grand Banks 52 will be powered by twin Volvo 600hp with standard IPS pod, or line shaft propulsion choice for the traditionalists.

October 6, 2017

New Model: Grand Banks 60

The new Grand Banks 60 features a beautiful design with an innovative hull shape that puts one of the best in class rides available at this size on the water today. This completely new yacht pays homage to classic Grand Banks styling, with a special renewed focus on performance and fuel consumption, wide-open entertaining areas, and supremely comfortable furnishings. The 60 is Grand Banks first foray into a new standard of fully infused carbon fiber construction, resulting in a low center of gravity, inherent form stability at all speeds, and multiple advantages in strength, rigidity, weight and performance.  The Grand Banks 60 can reach speeds up to 36 knots, has a range of over two thousand nautical miles at nine knots, and uses an unbelievably efficient fuel consumption at twenty knots. With the new 60 Grand Banks has created a stable innovative mono-hull platform, which performs confidently in even the roughest seas, has speed, and long range.  The Grand Banks 60 also offers options to the discerning buyer for the main deck with four layout versions available with the most distinctive choice here being that for an astern or central galley arrangement. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.38 m (66.9ft)
Hull Length - 19.8 m
Beam - 5.85 m
Draft - 1.4 m with shafts, 1.2 m with IPS
Displacement - 29000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 5800 l
Water Capacity - 1100 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp
Propulsion - line shaft, or Volvo forward looking IPS pod drives
Speed - 27 knots max 24 knots cruise
Construction - resin infused carbon fiber

March 26, 2015

Project: Grand Banks 44 Eastbay SX

Grand Banks introduces the project for a new 44 Eastbay SX, a new entry level model for this Downeast inspired line, scheduled to debut the fall of 2015. Combining contemporary Down-East lobster boat styling with an agile and performing hull, the new 44 Eastbay will blend the best of all worlds.  The 44 SX as all Eastbay models is a high-performer capable of 35 knots top speeds, yet is also like her larger sisters a sturdy and comfortable cruiser.  The 44 will feature light and bright interiors, a huge aft deck configured for ample seating, on-board storage, and two accommodation options below deck. Configured with the galley up, the 44 Eastbay can fit three great cabins or two queen-sized cabins and an expansive utility room. Cruising extras such as a washer and dryer will have the own placement area. 

March 2, 2015

Project: Grand Banks 60

Lets start by saying that the rendering of this latest Grand Banks 60 project makes it looks different, thanks to a sporty design and a nimble feel. The length surely play a predominant feature in this but the long fore deck, and what seems a lower profile are also other important features which characterize this new Grand Banks, which so far is not assigned to any of the three Aleutian, East Bay, or Heritage lines. The Grand Banks 60 will have an interior layout with three guest cabins below, and an astern galley in a single level main deck. The owners room is located in a midships port side location with the bed looking at ship-side. An utility room which boast full beam space is also to be found at midships in between the cabin area to fore, and engine room aft. Power will come from twin Volvo 725hp engines with line shaft propulsion.

October 22, 2014

New Model: Grand Banks 55 Aleutian RP

Grand Banks all new 55 Aleutian RP follows in the steps of the 53, but provides additional room and luxury. Standard layouts include three generous staterooms below deck and an expansive utility room for any cruising need. The main deck features split entertaining areas; the salon with abundant seating, and the pilothouse for any eating or navigation needs. the 55RP will also feature brand new interior decorations for a fresh look and feel. Grand Banks is also offering layout options for both all the decks of the 55 Aleutian RP; main, lower, flybridge, and also the option of a hard-top as pictured above. The deck differences are minor, for example the lower deck option is about the utility room which creates dedicated space for a washer and dryer. Standard power is twin Cummins 715hp with max speed of 24 knots, and a cruise of 20. Additional more power 800hp engines from Volvo and Man are available; which increase speed by one knot.
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.67 m (64.7ft)
Hull Length - 16.9 m
Waterline Length - 15.6 m
Beam - 5.40 m
Draft - 1.45 m
Displacement - 34019 kg half load
Fuel Capacity - 3785 l
Water Capacity - 1136 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSM11 715hp, Volvo D11 725hp, D13 800hp, MAN R-6 800hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 24 knots 20 cruise with Cummins 715hp, 25 knots max 21 cruise with Volvo or MAN 800hp

March 21, 2014

Project: Grand Banks 55 Aleutian RP

Grand Banks Yachts announced at its 2014 Worldwide Dealer Meeting a new addition to the Aleutian series of raised-pilothouse explorer yachts, with the introduction of the 55 RP. The 55 Aleutian RP will build off the success of the Grand Banks 53 which made her debut in 2010. The two extra feet are readily apparent, from more space in the cockpit and flybridge, added length in the acclaimed utility room, and an all-new dedicated transom locker that will accommodate up to four large fenders. Other features on board the 55RP will include a second transom door for cockpit access, integrated wing engine control stations, comfortable aft staircase to the flybridge, a large swim platform that can be equipped with a Sealift tender lift system, and expanded provisions for galley storage and seating. The 55 Aleutian RP will also boast a progressive, new interior created by Ardeo Design, Inc, that incorporates more materials and textures to create a lighter and warmer interior ambiance. The standard power offering aboard the 55 Aleutian RP will be twin Cummins 715hp engines, with a projected cruise speed of 20 knots and a max of 24. Optional engine offerings will include both Volvo and MAN diesels with horsepower up to 800. The first hull of the 55 Aleutian RP is slated for completion at the end of June and will ship to Australia, while the second hull will be heading to its home in Florida at the end of July and will be making its international debut at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

June 28, 2013

New Model: Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX

Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX is finally in the water!  This new Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX represents a more modern approach to the Down East lobster boat offer from this renowned boat builder, see new pilothouse side windows.  But that only tells a small part of the 50 Eastbay SX and what it brings to the customers.  Knowing well of the current market, the 50 Eastbay SX offers a lot of versatility to customers with five options for the main deck, and another same number coming to the lower cabin area.  With all these offers you can nearly say the Grand Banks is nearly a custom boat.  The 50 Eastbay SX standard plan is a two cabins with owners stateroom to fore, and U-shaped galley located below.  But if this is not to your taste the different versions go on from moving the galley astern on the main deck, and also having an owners amidships stateroom replacing the fore.  There is also a three cabin versions, with the third cabin being a bunk twin located to port side.  As in newer Grand Banks and Eastbay models the 50 SX is fully designed around pod drives, but this time Grand Banks is using the Volvo IPS version with the 600 or 700hp units. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.04 m (55.9ft)
Hull Length - 15.26 m
Waterline Length - 14.18 m
Beam - 5.03 m
Draft - 1.24 m
Displacement - 22,750 kg half load
Fuel Capacity - 3028 l
Water Capacity - 618 l
Accommodation - 4 berths in 2 cabins, 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 600hp, D11700hp, MAN D2876 R6 800hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS800 or 900 forward looking pods
Speed - 32 knots max 24 cruise with IPS 900 Volvo 700hp
Project - C.R. Hunt Associates Hull

December 3, 2012

New Model: Grand Banks 55 Eastbay FB

Grand Banks presents a new important addition to its fast traditional down East lobster boat looking Eastbay series, the 55 FB flagship. This new Grand Banks builds on the lines above and below the waterline of the 55 Eastbay SX version, but adds a nice flybridge up top.  The top helm deck features a central Stidd seat, L-shaped dinette, and a wet bar to port side.  Access to the flybridge is from a wrap around stair case to port side of the cockpit.  The flybridge is also available with an optional layout which adds two  Stidd co-pilot settees to the sides of the central helm. The lower deck below is available in three plans; with the standard being a twin cabin and a below galley layout.  The two optional deck plans defer a lot.  One offers two large cabins taking a bit of space from the galley but still keeping it in the lower deck.  The third lower deck option which is my preferred moves the galley to the main deck, in order to offer the three cabin two heads layout.  Power is from three Cat engine choices from 885 to 1150hp, and an MTU 835hp.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.24 m (59.9ft)
Hull Length - 16.7 m
Waterline Length - 15.49 m
Beam - 4.98 m
Draft - 1.56 m
Displacement - 31524 kg half load
Fuel Capacity - 3785 l
Water Capacity - 681 l
Accommodation - 4 berths in 2 cabins, or 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Cat C18 Acert 885hp, 1015hp, 1150hp, MTU S60 835hp
Propulsion - line shafts with props in semi tunnels
Speed - 32 knots max 25 knots cruise
Project - C.R. Hunt Associates hull shape 

November 15, 2012

New Model: Grand Banks 43 EU Heritage

An evolution of the 41 EU Heritage, Grand Banks World presented the new 43 EU and the just passed 2012 Fort Lauderdale boat show.  This model is a further refinement of Grand Banks much appreciated pod drive propelled unit featuring a thirty per cent larger cockpit, bigger staterooms and a second head.  The Grand Banks 43 EU builds more on the revolution of the modern trawler that was presented in 2007 with the 41 for owners around the world. Other new features for the 43 EU are over sized view windows on both hull sides to port and starboard, and a larger hatch for the forward located owners stateroom.  The flybridge has also been extended with the option of a 350kg crane davit.  Fuel reserve has also been increased in the 43 by twenty per cent that is about 400 extra liters for a longer cruising range.  Power is twin Cummins 480hp with ZF Zeus pods giving a 24 knots max speed, and a 20 fast cruise.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.9 m (48.9ft)
Length - 13.1 m
Waterline Length - 12.1 m
Beam - 4.77 m
Draft - 1.2 m
Displacement -
Fuel Capacity - 2203 l
Water Capacity - 757 l
Accommodation - 4 + 2 berths
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB6.7 480hp
Propulsion - ZF Zeus aft looking dual propeller pods
Speed - 24 knots max, 20 knots cruise

July 5, 2012

New Model: Grand Banks 54 Heritage EU

The largest of the four Heritage series fleet, the 54 EU finally takes it to the water. The 54EU is built on the same highly-acclaimed Grand Banks designed hull as the 53 Aleutian RP, with its V-drive propulsion system.  The 54 EU's standard three stateroom layout, with a multi-function utility room offers exceptional living and storage space on the lower deck, plus the option to add crew quarters.  The main deck features expansive seating in the salon and fully-covered cockpit, a dedicated dinette across from the mid-ship galley, and a spacious helm area complete with both captain and navigation seats. There is other layouts choices which concern little details; two lower deck, extra main deck, flybridge, and lightly different profile choice from the standard version.  There is also other important options available made to enhance life inboard as comfortable as possible from Seakeeper gyro stabilizers, to a separate washer and dryer. Standard engine power is twin Cummins 600hp which give a 16 knots max and 14 of cruise.  Smaller 500 and 550hp engines are available, as are bigger 715hp units which push top speed up to 21 knots. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.72 m (61.5ft) incl pulpit and bathing platform
Hull Length - 16.55 m
Waterline Length - 14.96 m
Beam - 5.41 m
Draft - 1.54 m
Displacement - 37,800 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 5678 l
Water Capacity - 1136 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSC8.3 600hp, QSC8.3 500hp, QSC8.3 550hp, QSM-11 715hp, Cat C12 Acert 715hp
Propulsion - Vee drive line shafts
Speed - 16 knots max 14 cruise with standard Cummins 600hp, 21 knots max with Cummins or Cats 715hp

May 8, 2012

Project: Grand Banks 50 Eastbay FB

As with all the Eastbay series from the 46 model upwards, Grand Banks also shows a new FB flybridge version for the upcoming 50.  The 50 Eastbay FB will have a comfortable flybridge, with a stainless steel stairway leading from the aft deck to up top.  The flybridge layout will have a center helm, with a companion seat to starboard, L-shaped settee aft, and a forward looking passenger seat to starboard.   Since our last presentation Grand Banks has also show more choices for inside with a total of ten plans to choose; from two or three cabins, forward or owners midships stateroom, and galley up or down layout.  Pod drives will power the 50 Eastbay FB, coupled to the highly appreciated Hunt hull design.

April 12, 2012

Project: Grand Banks 43 Heritage Europa

Grand Banks announce a new addition to its Heritage Series.  The 43 Heritage EU follows in the footsteps of the extremely successful 2007 launched 41 EU, a groundbreaking model that introduced pod drive propulsion to the trawler yacht category. It is infact its evolution in many terms with enhancements being made to the 41 to making it become the new 43, which is set for launch in 2013. The 43 EU features a larger cockpit with increased storage, and the addition of a second head to its two-stateroom layout.  The new 43 will also have a larger master cabin, bigger flybridge and a number of other enhancements both inside and out.  There is also the addition of new vertical shaped view windows to midships.  Grand Banks have not announced engines for the 43, but the 41 is powered by a twin 380hp Cummins power with ZF pods, so I would imagine a similar set up.

March 30, 2012

Improve-it = Grand Banks 53 Aleutian RP

Ordered by a client Grand Banks has recently launched a brand new 53 Aleutian RP with a flag blue hull color.  The above picture shows the entry level of the Aleutian fleet during a recent factory sea trial. This Grand Banks features the much appreciated Flag Blue hull, a gel coat color common among the many Eastbay yachts Grand Banks has built but new to the 53 Aleutian RP.  Presented as a project in 2009, and launched in 2010 the 53 Aleutian RP has delivered to its upcoming expectations, and shown growing interest in the Grand Banks fleet, thanks to its hybrid looking lines of an explorer yacht, three double cabins layout, and choices for main and low decks layouts.  Speed is up to 22 knots with twin 715hp Cummins engines.