October 6, 2019

Web: Tuccoli New Web Site

Tuccoli presents its new World wide web showroom.  Tuccoli was founded in 1960 by Ivano Tuccoli, shipwright carpenter in Livorno, Italy.  Since then Tuccoli has seen an ongoing evolution from the repair and custom construction of wooden fishing cruiser to the production of fiberglass sportfish and sport cruisers.  In 1970 the yard sees the entrance of Ivano's son Marco Tuccoli who still manages the construction and boat building side of the yard as at today.  Tuccoli closes down in 2010 due to the recession which hit the global economy in 2008/9. The boat builder is then reborn in 2017 thanks to one proud owner of a Tuccoli for fifteen years Paolo Sanguettola, who restarts production in the same year.  Sanguettola starts a new plan and enlist Oris Martino D'Ubaldo as designer, who starts by redesigning the previous projects as designed by Eros Bollani.  Today Tuccoli offers four models from the just launched new 25 feet T250 to the thirteen meter T440 presented in 2017.  Tuccoli new website takes you around with the following buttons; The Company, T440, T370, T280, T250, News, and Contacts.  Tuccoli is also on social media with a button at the right corner of the page takes you to its Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram pages.

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