September 25, 2023

Sea Ray Boat Capsize Sinks in Panama City

A nine meter Sea Ray flybridge cruiser with one person onboard started to take on water and later capsized and sank near Hathaway Bridge, Panama City on the afternoon of Sunday 24 September.  Panama City coast guard intervened just in time, with the boat capsizing seconds in the saving of the one person onboard the Sea Ray cruiser.  Ending with the bow tip out of the water the Sea Ray cruiser was for a night a navigational hazard, resting in shoal water with an oil boom around her on the near abouts to Panama City Marina.  A salvage operation was organized the day after by SeaTow, with the boat retrieved and taken to a boat yard.    
The Sea Ray in this sinking is a 310 Sport Bridge, produced from 1992 to 93 as a mid-core sport fishing cruiser on the 310 Amberjack platform, with the addition of an open flybridge.  The 310 Sport Bridge has an interior sleeping two down below, and is powered by 300hp in both petrol or diesel with line shaft in semi-tunnels propulsion for speeds up to thirty knots.

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