September 10, 2023

Wally New Web Site

One of the most innovative boat builders and brands Wally presents its new website. Wally was officially founded in 1994, but the roots of the company started to take shape in 1991 when the founder and owner Luca Bassani was looking for a particular sailing yacht which he could single handle, and this ended up in creating an innovative custom project for himself. In 2003 Wally challenged itself again by launching the first Power model, the much talked about 118, designed by Lazzarini and Pickering and able to reach sixty knots. The revolutionary Power118 was launched in only one hull, and was soon followed by smaller Power models upwards of 45 feet. Since January 2019 Wally became part of the Ferretti Group, with the brand still managed by the creative mind of Luca Bassani.  Wally currently offers eleven fuel engine models, including of which are two fifty meters concepts.  The current range starts from the Tender43 and go up to the Why200 which debuted in 2021, with the latest model being the Why150 launched in Spring 2023. As for the sailing yachts which is where Wally made its name onward from 1994, the Monte Carlo residing Italian brand has launched over 45 custom builds from 37 feet up to 50 meters, with the current range offering four models from the eleven meters of the Nano37 to the Wind150 project. Wally new web site is available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German languages and takes you around with the following buttons; Menu, Fleet, Being Wally, Wally Brokerage, News and Events, and Contacts.  Wally is also on social media with page bottom links, taking you to its Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo pages.  
Production History: (Power models only)
Power118 2003 (1)
Tender 45 2003-18 (20+)
Power70 2005-07 (3)
Power47 2006-14
Power73 2007- *project Power70.4
Power64 2008- *project Power60
Power55 2009-14
Ace 26m 2012-16 (5) *project WallyShadow 24m
Power50 2015-18
Power52 2019-21
Tender48 2019-  FerrettiGroup ownership
Tender48 X 2020-
Tender43 2020-
Tender43 X 2021-
Why200 2021- (5
Power58 2022-
Power58 X 2023-
Why150 2023- (3
Why100 2024-
Power50 2024-

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