September 11, 2023

Pershing Yacht Burns Down in Dominican Republic

An unattended nineteen meter Pershing sport yacht went ablaze near La Romana in Dominican Republic on the afternoon of Sunday tenth September.  The yacht was unattended at the time of the fire, with the marina staff towing her out to avoiding damage to nearby yachts.  Videos on social media show the Pershing yacht as it is smoking from the engine room while in its berth, and then fully engulfed in flames outside the harbour.  The Pershing yacht became a total loss, and then sank.  La Romana is in the South of the Dominican Republic, and is 5/8 of the Hispaniola island, with the other 3/8s being Haiti to the West. 
The Pershing in this fire is a 64 model.  Designed as all Pershing's by Fulvio de Simoni the 64 debuted in 2008, offering a three double cabins and 46 knots performance from Man 1550hp engines and surface drives propulsion.  The Pershing 64 was a success for the famous brand also for its innovative patio door on the main deck which disappeared in the floor and created a seamless area with the aft deck.  The 64 was a replacement to the 62, and was replaced by the second generation 62 in 2014, although it was produced for an extra two years till 2016 due to demand.

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