September 24, 2023

Hatteras Sportfish Ends Aground Then Sinks

A sixteen meter Hatteras sportfish yacht titled Rae Mar ended aground and then sank near Boston, in Massachusetts, on the morning of Saturday 23 September.  The cause of the collision and grounding are not reported, with the situation getting worse as the sportfish later sank, probably due to high tide coming in.  Some unconfirmed reports are saying the sportfish yacht was on a sea trial at the time of the accident.  It is a strange turn of events to what looks a visible islet.  This Hatteras sportfish yacht was advertised for sale at the time of the collision.
Rae Mar is a 1989 Hatteras 52 Convertible powered by twin 735hp Detroit engines.  As all Hatteras up till the nineties the 52 Convertible is a design of Jack Hargrave, who presented a two or three cabin layout choice, and a modified Vee hull closing rather flat to aft.  Launching in 1982 the Hatteras 52 Convertible received a look upgrade in side windows and flybridge in 1986.  Produced till 1990 the 52 Convertible was a replacement to the 53 Convertible and was replaced by the 54 Convertible series I.

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