September 24, 2023

New Launch: Abeking and Rasmussen 118.20m hull#6507

Abeking and Rasmussen, the renowned ship and super yacht builder founded in 1907, proudly announces the launch of their latest masterpiece, the majestic superyacht 118.20 meters in length hull number 6507 titled m/y LivaO. This iconic super-giga yacht boasts a sleek black hull that stands as a symbol of sophistication and elegance on the water. The design of the exterior and interior was entrusted to the incredibly passionate experts at Joseph Dirand Architecture from with their precise imagination they created a true icon. It was a huge challenge for the German shipyard to implement all technical necessities to be as invisible as possible in order to strictly follow the challenging aesthetic design intent. Abeking and Rasmussen 6597 employs a sophisticated diesel-electric propulsion system designed for exceptionally quiet operation during navigation and manoeuvring. This innovative approach incorporates two 2200 kW electric propulsion motors, expertly manufactured by Ramme Electric Machines Germany, backed up by a steady supply of electrical power from two 2240 kW Caterpillar main generators and three 599 kW Caterpillar auxiliary generators. To further enhance its propulsion capabilities and onboard comfort, the yacht features an array of advanced components. Four Voith thrusters lend their power to the yacht's manoeuvrability, along with four stabilizer fins from SKF play a pivotal role in comfortable experience for passengers and crew alike. This comprehensive blend of cutting-edge technology culminates in a propulsion and comfort system that ensures efficiency, silence, and seamless operation. Abeking and Rasmussen new super yacht flagship presented its fair share of challenges, and the most notable was the construction of a tender garage on the lower deck fitting a sixteen-meter day tender. The second tender garage on the main deck forward accommodates not only three splendid boats, but also a Triton Submersible for up to seven guests and a variety of water toys, bicycles and dive equipment enhancing the yacht's recreational offerings. The exterior design, thoughtfully crafted to maintain the vessel's elegant black silhouette, boasts a unique approach. Instead of traditional anchor pockets, the yacht incorporates underwater anchors on the keel. This ingenious design not only adds to the vessel's allure but also enhances its efficiency and manoeuvrability. Further standout features include a Neptune Lounge offering an unparalleled underwater view through a massive four squared meters underwater window. Guests can marvel at the breath-taking world below sea level while enjoying the luxurious comfort of the lounge. Another dedicated haven for relaxation on main deck is the mobile 48 square meters pool, its floor capable of being elevated to the upper level and adorned with liquid marble, creating an illusion reminiscent of the sea's surface when raised, while the pool walls and surroundings are also luxuriously enveloped in marble. The crow's nest, positioned at the foot of the mast, promises an exceptional observation experience, giving the Owner and his family a privileged vantage point to soak in the surrounding beauty. Also, an exquisitely arranged large marble-clad fireplace complemented by a generous round sofa on the forward sundeck offers a warm and inviting ambiance for relaxation and social gatherings. Furthermore, the yacht features a fully certified helicopter pad on the sky deck, catering to the owner's discerning taste and providing easy access to remote locations.
Technical Data:
LOA - 118.20 m (387.8ft)
Beam - 16.8 m
Draft - 4 m
Displacement - 5054 gt *volume
Fuel Capacity - 
Accommodation - twelve guests in six cabins, 33 crew in 27 cabins
Engines - 2 x Ramme 2200kw (2950hp) *electric motors
Speed - eighteen knots max, fifteen cruise
Range - 7100 nm at cruise
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Joseph Dirand exterior and interior, Abeking and Rasmussen engineering
Certification - Lloyds

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