September 30, 2023

Monthly News - September 2023

-pic of the month- Cruisers Yachts Factory Expansion

Aquila Expands in Dominican Republic

Aquila Power Catamaran, a global leader in luxury catamaran manufacturing, is thrilled to announce its expansion into the Dominican Republic, with the largest nautical company in the country, Auto Marina.  Raul Bermudez, Aquila Sales Director for the Caribbean, South America, Central America, "We are excited to introduce our exceptional vessels to the Dominican Republic with our great partner, Auto Marina. Our expansion represents a commitment to providing boaters in this beautiful destination with the best in luxury, performance, and innovation. We look forward to contributing to the vibrant boating culture of the Dominican Republic and forging lasting relationships within the local community."  Auto Marina is the largest nautical company in the Dominican Republic and the largest in the Caribbean. They cover all segments of the marine market; whether you are in need of boat sales, inboard or outboard motors, parts, or maintenance, they have you covered for all your boating needs. They have three dealership locations throughout the country in Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, and Marina Chavón and a shipyard with boat racks to house 200 boats. The Dominican Republic is known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life, which provides the ideal backdrop for Aquila's high-performance power catamarans.  Guillermo Augusto Gonzalez Baez, Sales and Service Manager, comments, "Auto Marina has been a family business for the last 46 years, and every family member has contributed to our growth in making us the largest nautical company in the Dominican Republic. Ever since my father, Angel Andrés González, took on this challenge 46 years ago, he led with his passion for service and integrity which is why we are where we are today. With strong family values as one of our core values, we are happy to partner with the Aquila Power Catamarans brand not only because of the great boats they produce, but also because they have continued to show their commitment to sticking with the values they started on. We can't wait to see how much our customers will enjoy these vessels."

Aquila Delivers Two Hundredth Hull

Aquila Power Catamarans is proud to announce the delivery of their 200th hull of the highly acclaimed Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran model. This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone for the company and their dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.  The 200th hull of this remarkable vessel proudly belongs to Buzz and Christine Cohen. They graciously shared their feelings about acquiring their inaugural Aquila. "We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional delivery experience of our Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran, hull #200. The moment we arrived at the MarineMax Pompano facility, we were treated with unparalleled hospitality. The team's warm welcome, introductions, and genuine congratulations made us feel truly valued. The significance of being the proud owners of hull #200 of the Aquila 36 Sport model was not lost on us – a testament to Aquila's innovation, and we're overjoyed to be a part of the Aquila family."  Since its inception, Aquila Power Catamarans has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the boating experience with their state-of-the-art catamarans. The Aquila 36 Sport model, renowned for its cutting-edge design, exceptional performance, and unmatched comfort, has garnered immense popularity among boating enthusiasts and maritime industry.  The Aquila 36 Sport model offers a spacious layout, ample living space, entertainment options, and cutting-edge technology. With its innovative design, efficient fuel consumption, and exceptional stability, the Aquila 36 Sport provides an unparalleled on-water experience for both cruising and water sports enthusiasts. Alain Raas, Aquila Brand Manager, comments, "Our team is thrilled to celebrate this milestone with the delivery of the 200th hull of our 36 Sport model. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining what's possible in power catamaran design. We are incredibly grateful for the trust and support of our customers and the entire boating community."  The celebration of the 200th hull delivery of the Aquila 36 Sport model reflects Aquila Power Catamarans' unwavering dedication to following through with their values. By consistently delivering vessels that combine performance, innovation and quality, they have solidified their reputation in the industry as a trailblazer. 

Arcadia Wins at World Yacht Trophies 2023

At the Cannes Yachting Festival, Arcadia Yachts presented one of the yachting industry’s most intriguing new products, the A96. Proposing a new concept of wellbeing, the boat was one of the most visited during the six-day boat show.  Crowning this success was the award of the “Innovation Trophy” for yachts from 80 to 98 feet at the famous World Yachts Trophies and, in parallel with the boat’s official presentation, the sale of two units.

Azimut Path to Reduce Co2 Emissions

Twenty years after the launch of Azimut’s pioneering strategy for reducing CO2 emissions, the Shipyard presents concrete results and new goals. The path has been validated by the scientific community and illuminated by an unwavering commitment to implement technologies that make a difference today.  Azimut, leader in the design and production of yachts that marry technology and beauty, celebrates the nautical new year and the 45th Cannes Yachting Festival with a press conference dedicated to the route charted to reduce environmental impact by lowering CO2 emission. The Shipyard presented the results of its efforts, certified by an independent scientific panel, and the new goals to be pursued with concrete actions and partners to guide the sector towards progressive decarbonization: the Politecnico di Torino, Eni Sustainable Mobility, Lloyd's Register and Superyacht Eco Association, a non-profit organization created by the Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse.  Milestones in Azimut’s green path – which includes the first fuel cell tested on board, the first hybrid yacht and a fleet of Low Emission Yachts that emit up to 30% less CO2 than comparable boats with shaft line propulsion - are the new models unveiled in preview to the public at the press conference: the Seadeck 9 and the Grande 30M.  For more than two decades, Azimut's approach to the topic of reducing emissions has been based on constant research and investment in developing the best available technologies to make a difference in the immediate future: "We don't just wait for the solutions of the future, but we combine tomorrow-oriented research with today's concrete answers, validating our research with the best scientific and certification bodies," explains Giovanna Vitelli, Chair of the Azimut|Benetti Group.  This approach also involves the search for alternatives to fossil fuels, an activity conducted by the Group's R&D department, which involves scouting and testing of solutions ranging from biodiesel to synthetic fuels. The desire to evaluate which solution could be immediately applicable and effective with a scientific and objective method pushed the Shipyard to contact the Energy Department of the Politecnico di Torino and Professor Massimo Santarelli, professor of Advanced Energy Systems at the Piedmont university and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.  The Politecnico, drawing on the experience gained in the automotive and aviation sectors, has thus conducted an independent and extensive study on alternative fuels for the pleasure boating industry.  The study analyses HVO biodiesel, methanol and hydrogen, comparing their efficiency, safety, availability and costs in a short and medium-term horizon. The results, presented by Professor Santarelli, highlighted the advantages of biodiesel compared to methanol and hydrogen: green or synthetic methanol, the type effective in reducing CO2 emissions, is an option that cannot be implemented in the short term due to critical issues related to production and distribution, but could be promising in a longer  term. Gray methanol, on the other hand, has a higher life cycle footprint than traditional diesel. Hydrogen represents a distant alternative due to the complexities of storage and safe management on board: “Today, biodiesel is the only viable alternative to fossil fuel and at the present the most effective to contribute to the decarbonization of the pleasure boat sector," clarifies Professor Santarelli.  HVO biodiesel is the most mature solution at the moment, ready for immediate and practical use; adoption does not require significant changes to the storage or propulsion system. The result convinced the Group's R&D to continue experimenting with forward-looking options and confirms the path that was undertaken twenty years ago by combining the use of diesel-electric or hybrid propulsion with the most advanced naval architecture in the category - that of Azimut's Low Emission Yachts: carbon fiber, high efficiency hulls and propulsions - and the best alternative fuel. This is the way to lower CO2 emissions, starting today.  The actions advanced by Azimut to guide the industry towards a more conscious and scientific approach to the topic of environmental sustainability find fulfilment in the ambitious project announced at the press conference. After two decades of research to reduce CO2 emissions, the Shipyard is observing significant growth in the relevance of emissions as a discriminating factor in the purchase of a yacht. This trend highlights the absence of standardized and transparent communication that allows owners to collect, read and compare the information provided by the various players in the sector; tools that are already widely used in the automotive and real estate industries. From this awareness, the Group started to collaborate with Lloyd's Register and the Superyacht Eco Association, which through the SEA Index calculates the CO2 emissions of yachts from 25 to 100 meters and beyond.  In September 2023, Azimut became a corporate member of the SEA Index to support the association in the definition of an objective carbon emission index that permits comparison for yachts under 24 meters as well, the most common category in our seas which includes some of the Shipyard's iconic models, each of them successful between the public and the market.  Azimut, together with Lloyd's Register - one of the main classification bodies in the maritime sector - has realized a consumption and CO2 emissions certification plan in standard conditions. Lloyd's, based on the tests carried out with Azimut yachts and a database integrated with the Shipyard's findings, has developed a comparison index for the Superyacht Eco Association which expresses CO2 emissions in relation to the volume of the boat and the reference speed (g CO2/GT.NM), data held by all shipyards and easily detectable during a sea trial. The index has all the essential criteria to become a point of reference for producers, technicians and specialists in the sector.  The collaboration between Azimut and SEA Index was born from complementary projects, but above all from the shared values and desire to reduce environmental impact. Today, with the extension of the SEA Index to yachts under 24m, the collaboration has reached its peak. “SEA Index was created to mobilize the sector to undertake concrete interventions to reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to the partnership with Azimut, SEA Index can also certify yachts under 24m, with the ambition of reaching a number of owners to start an unprecedented movement" says Natalie Quévert, General Secretary of the Superyacht Eco Association.  “Less than one year ago, I announced the Group's desire to involve the nautical world in the development of an objective index to compare consumption and emissions. Today, thanks to the collaboration with Lloyd's and SEA Index, that tool exists. The Azimut yachts in Cannes are displayed with their key impact data, certified by a third party and shared with owners as well as the public" concludes Marco Valle, CEO of the Azimut|Benetti Group.  Azimut thus lays the foundations to inaugurate a new, more conscious phase of the nautical industry to reduce the environmental impact. The commitment will be followed by concrete actions: Azimut will progressively certify all new boats with the aim of making consumption and emissions data accessible for consultation. 

Azimut-Benetti Group Forms Alliance with D-Marin

D-Marin, the selection of premium marinas, has partnered with Azimut Benetti, the leading luxury Group in the yachting sector, to bring an enriched yachting experience to marinas across the Mediterranean with the aim of fostering the growth of nautical tourism.  The vision of D-Marin and the Vitelli family is to create, innovate and facilitate yachting in the Mediterranean by a marina network which sets new standards. Azimut Benetti, guided by the strategic vision of the Vitelli family, has for over 30 years recognised the importance of marinas as essential infrastructure for the development of the yachting industry.  The formation of the alliance enriches the current 20 premium marinas of D-Marin by a further 1,800 berths across the 3 new marinas. D-Marin acquires a significant stake in Marina di Valetta and in Porto Mediceo in Livorno, as well as initiating operating a commercial integration with award-winning Marina di Varazze. The acquisition of the stake in Marina di Valletta and in Porto Mediceo in Livorno is subject to the receipt of the required regulatory authorizations and consents.  Paolo Vitelli, founder of the Azimut Benetti Group, explains the rationale of the alliance: “The core values of Azimut Benetti and D-Marin are perfectly aligned to provide an enjoyable yachting experience. D-Marin brings its strive for premium customer experience, the network offering, commercial excellence, sustainability commitments, and digital innovations to further enhance the already world-class luxury marinas of Azimut Benetti and our family. This vast service-rich network of marinas will be able to welcome the owners of the Azimut Benetti Group yachts in a privileged way.”  Oliver Dörschuck, CEO at D-Marin, comments: “We are thrilled to be working with the Vitelli family on these beautiful marinas, supporting the properties to flourish even further with our marina expertise. This is an exciting partnership for us and one we can’t wait to embark on. We are keen to grow nautical tourism in the Mediterranean and offer a premium marina service at every step of a voyage.”  With an extensive selection of D-Marin marinas, yacht owners can travel seamlessly across the Mediterranean and enjoy premium marina services at each stop of a voyage in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, Italy, and Malta. The partnership with Azimut Benetti follows five D-Marin marina acquisitions since August 2022 in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Azimut Wins Design Innovation 2023

During Genoa Boat Show 2023, the jury of the Design Innovation Award honoured the best projects that embody excellence in the yachting industry by combining innovation and design. During the awards ceremony held last Friday at the Palazzo della Borsa in Genoa, Azimut’s new Magellano 60 was named winner in the ‘Motor Yachts over 14m LH’ category. Magellano 60 embodies the desire to offer owners a yacht that combines an explorer’s soul with an elegant and timeless aesthetic, and with a conscious approach to the issue of environmental sustainability.  Azimut Magellano 60 was awarded the prize by the jury, made up of national and international experts from various sectors, “for its Dual Mode hull that allows optimisation of consumption and emissions, and for the living solutions that offer navigation that is attentive to the quality of life on board“.

Bavaria Awarded at the Cannes Yachting Festival

The Bavaria SR33 was awarded the “2023 Moteur Boat de l’ Année” in the category of motorboats over seven meters at the Cannes Yachting Festival. At the beginning of June, 30 readers of the French magazine Moteur Boat took a very close look at a total of 17 motorboats on two test days in Hyères. Following a defined checklist, the testers compared and evaluated all the different models. The Bavaria SR33 with her safe and sporty handling and the sun lounger to the stern, which thanks to the retractable table becomes a terrace right on the water in no time, were some of the points that the readers particularly emphasised. Another nomination for the Bavaria SR33 was announced at the Yachting Festival in Cannes. The international jury of the “Best of Boats Award", BOB Award for short, nominated the Bavaria SR33 in the “Best for Family“ category. The Bavaria SR36 already won the BOB Award in this category in 2022. The Bavaria SR33 will have to wait for the final decision until this year’s awards are presented at the Boot and Fun boat show in Berlin.

Bayliss at Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational

Congratulations to the team on Shark Byte, Bayliss 73) for placing first in billfish releases at the Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational! The crew ended the tournament with 1,475 points, and won the daily on Day 1.  Bayliss Boatyard customers on Crisdel (Titan 62') also landed at the top of the tournament leaderboard for heaviest tuna with a 116.1 lb catch. Congratulations to the owner, captain and crew!

Benetti Wins at World Yacht Trophies 2023

Once again for the 2023 edition of the World Yachts Trophies in Cannes, the magazine Yachts France awarded the new yacht models from the world's most important shipyards. Benetti, recognised among the main yacht manufacturers as excellence in the sector, received the "Semi-custom Yacht Trophy" award from the international jury during the gala dinner for the Benetti FB606 Alunya - B.Now 50M Oasis Deck™.  This 50-metre yacht is the second model in the B.Now family to feature the Oasis Deck™, the solution with which Benetti has revolutionized the nautical lifestyle concept. With Oasis Deck™, Benetti has redefined the traditional stern swim platform with hydraulically operated terraces that open out across the entire breadth of the deck to offer a formidable 90-square-metre beach club. The Oasis Deck™ ensures an unimpeded 270° view astern. The beach area also has a glass-walled infinity pool and numerous conviviality spaces.

Benetti New General Manager

Benetti are pleased to announce that Eng. Massimiliano Casoni has joined the Group as General Manager of Benetti. This new appointment is part of the process of consolidating the brand’s organisation and management, with the aim of boosting support for the company’s growth and success.  Casoni, who started work in his new role last September 4th, will report directly to CEO Marco Valle and is tasked with supervising the management of Benetti operations, focusing on new product development and the rationalisation and efficiency of Benetti’s Livorno and Viareggio shipyards, while ensuring that the design and build quality of products remains at the very highest market levels.  After graduating in mechanical engineering from Bologna University in 1995, Massimiliano Casoni gained extensive experience working in positions of responsibility for international industrial groups, including luxury brands, for over 20 years. As a matter of fact, after his first professional appointment in SCM group, in 1999 he moved to Ferrari. In 2000 he joined Maserati, where he held various management positions before becoming Production Manager in 2002. From 2005 to 2015 he worked in Ferrari, where he held different roles, including Manufacturing Director and Gran Turismo Product Development Team Leader, before becoming Production Processes Director in 2012. Before taking up his position at Benetti, Massimiliano Casoni was Chief Operating Officer at Technogym Group for eight years.  “We are pleased to welcome Massimiliano Casoni to our team. His expertise and experience working for world-class companies will prove extremely useful in generating added value for Benetti as the world’s leading superyacht builder,” said Azimut|Benetti CEO Marco Valle.  “I’m extremely pleased to seize this opportunity to lead a luxury brand like Benetti and look forward to getting down to work with my new colleagues, so that we can pursue together the ambitious goal of consolidating our strengths and tackling the major challenges awaiting us in the coming years,” commented Benetti General Manager Massimiliano Casoni.  The arrival of Casoni adds even more value to Benetti’s team of managers – most of whom have risen through the company’s ranks – because they are key to continuing the drive for growth in recent years and will contribute to ensuring that Azimut|Benetti Group continues to be the world’s leading shipyard in terms of turnover, boats under construction, and range of offering.

CRN Sixty Years at Monaco

CRN, the historic shipyard specialising in designing, engineering and constructing superyachts of up to 90 metres, will be at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 from 27 to 30 September. In this prestigious setting, Ferretti Group’s bespoke Made in Italy brand will open a new chapter in its remarkable story of excellence, craftsmanship and innovation that is now six decades long.  The journey began in 1963 with the inspired vision of founder Sanzio Nicolini, an entrepreneur from the Marche. In these 60 years, CRN has revolutionised the yachting world with major innovations and triumphant successes that have changed the face of the global market. Nicolini immediately brought in the most talented artisans, the most skilful workers and some of the top international yacht designers, creating inimitable gems that have made memorable contributions to the modern yachting industry in Italy and around the world.  At the forthcoming Monaco Yacht Show, CRN will be telling its story through the CRN Heritage Gallery commemorating these 60 years. The brand’s most iconic yachts will take centre stage in an engaging, spectacular presentation. From the SuperConero to Bagheera, and from Fath Al Khair to the F100 – the first explorer yacht in pleasure boating – via Azzurra, Il Vagabondo and Numptia, these are boats that took revolutionary approaches and brought amazing innovations, devised and built by the CRN shipyard in partnership with yacht designers of international renown.  Right from the start, CRN has worked with the world’s leading architects and designers: Jon Bannenberg, Gerhard Gilgenast, Paola D. Smith, Terence Disdale, Alberto Pinto, François Zuretti, Laura Sessa, Nuvolari Lenard and Zuccon International Project. The latest collaborations have featured Vripack, Omega Architects, Vallicelli Design, Nauta Design and many more.  With its hallmark values and spirit, CRN has always risen to even the most demanding challenges. Together with the Mario Morini yard, acquired in 2002, it has launched over 400 ships from ferries and pleasure vessels to fishing boats, military ships and merchantmen that are still bringing the finest Italian design and manufacturing to seas all around the world.

Cruisers Yachts Factory Expansion

Cruisers Yachts, a premier manufacturer of luxury yachts, has partnered with Alliance Construction on a 56,000-square-foot expansion to its Pulaski facility with a completion date of January 2024. Mark Pedersen, President of Cruisers Yachts, comments, "One of our core values is to look to the long term, and this expansion project is a testament to that belief. We have been looking to expand since we acquired the Pulaski facility in 2021. That plant is designed to build larger yachts, and this expansion provides us with a facility that aligns with our New Product Development plans for the next five years." Cruisers Yachts has embarked on this ambitious expansion project with a clear goal: to broaden its horizons and further elevate its yacht manufacturing process. The expansion comprises several key areas, each designed to enhance production and accommodate larger vessels: Assembly: A brand-new production line spanning 10,893 square feet will feature increased ceiling heights, enabling the assembly of larger yachts. Upholstery: With an expanded footprint of 4,300 square feet, this section will facilitate increased production capabilities, ensuring every yacht bears the hallmark of luxury. Metal/Maintenance: Boasting a generous 15,120 square feet, this area will see increased capacity, providing the company with the ability to expand production and maintain the highest standards. Warehouse: Spanning a substantial 25,749 square feet, the warehouse will see the addition of new loading docks and expanded storage capacity, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient inventory management. Chemical Storage Building: A dedicated 1,200-square-foot chemical storage building will be incorporated for the safekeeping of essential materials. Expanded Outdoor Cold Storage: This expansion will allow Cruisers Yachts to securely store materials and parts outdoors, further optimizing the production process. Pedersen, continues, “Watching the progress since breaking ground this past January has been tremendous, and we are expecting to be moving in this coming February. We are very appreciative of the support from the Pulaski community and are excited to fill up this new space with additional job opportunities. It is another big step forward for the continued growth of Cruisers Yachts and the community." This momentous expansion isn't just about square footage; it's about expanding possibilities. Cruisers Yachts will be able to diversify its current model lineup, both in terms of volume and the size of vessels produced. This expansion will introduce two new production lines with the capability to accommodate yachts of up to 75 feet in any style. The Pulaski plant will now boast four production lines, empowering the company to build up to five distinct models. Incorporating the latest technology, advanced production methods, and a commitment to excellence, Cruisers Yachts is taking a significant stride toward meeting the growing demand for their luxurious, high-performance yachts.

Ferretti Group Takes Five at World Yacht Trophies

Ferretti Group wins a whole host of awards at the World Yachts Trophies 2023, the leading yachting event organised by SG Publications.  Held in Cannes last Saturday, September 16, the award ceremony was attended by various guests, personalities, company representatives and industry insiders.  Ferretti Group received a total of five awards that recognise the style, innovation and attention to detail that characterise the new models presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023.  The Awards are: Ferretti Yachts INFYNITO 90: “Best Innovation” in the 80-98 ft category (24-30 m), Ferretti Yachts 580: “Best Layout” in the 45-64 ft category (13.70-19.50 m). Riva 82’ Diva: “Best Exterior Design” in the 80-98 ft category (24-30 m), Pershing GTX116: “Best Innovation” in the 98-164 ft category (30-50 m), and Wallywhy150: Most Avant-Garde Yacht.  Ferretti Group’s success at the World Yachts Trophies 2023 underscores its record-breaking achievements by winning a series of coveted awards. Cutting-edge aesthetics and innovative technology are the winning factors that make the Group’s boats ever more unique and appealing year after year, as is confirmed by leading international juries.

Frauscher Wins in Genoa 

The Frauscher 1212 Ghost Air premiered in Italy at the international boat show „Salone Nautico“ in Genoa. The new model received an enthusiastic welcome from the public and professionals alike. At the Design Innovation Awards Gala, the Frauscher 1212 Ghost Air won first place in the “Motorboats up to 14 metres” category. The 12-metre boat impressed the jury with its “unique and compelling interpretation of the day cruiser and the superb choice of materials and surfaces”. The Italian organisations Confindustria and I Saloni Nautici initiated the award to honour outstanding achievements in the boat industry, innovation, research and design.  This prestigious prize may be joined by others as the Frauscher 1212 Ghost Air has been nominated for the Best of Boats Award. The award ceremony will take place in November at the “Boot an Fun” boat show in Berlin. The 1212 Ghost Air is also a contender for the European Powerboat of the Year accolade. This will be awarded in January 2024 during the “boot” trade fair in Düsseldorf.

Galeon Receives Best Evolution Award 2023

Galeon Yachts was awarded the “Best Evolution Award” at the 2023 World Yachts Trophies Gala at the Cannes Yachting Festival for their Galeon 560 FLY model.  Bob Burke, Galeon Brand Manager, comments, "Galeon is thrilled to have been recognized by the World Yacht Trophies once more, this time with the prestigious Best Evolution Award for our Galeon 560 FLY. We strive to push the boundaries of yacht design and performance, and this award reaffirms that we are on the right path. Our team's dedication and passion for creating exceptional vessels drive us forward, and we are committed in our pursuit to maximize our customers’ onboard experience."  The World Yachts Trophies gala dinner hosted over 700 guests with 69 finalists selected by the members of the jury composed of journalists, historians, and yachting experts. This gala rewards the best motor boats and yachts from 13 to 140 meters launched annually. Around thirty trophies are awarded during the dinner, followed by the legendary Yachts Parade, a night ballet of the most beautiful boats in the bay of Cannes under the spotlight of the Croisette.  The Galeon 560 FLY represents the pinnacle of luxury and engineering in the yachting industry. The vessel first grabs the eye with lines that are both muscular and playful. A wide beam that carries well forward gives this vessel a substantial presence. It's a design choice that pulls double duty, allowing for unmatched interior volume, particularly on the accommodations level.  Galeon Yachts continues to push the boundaries of yacht design and engineering, and the award-winning Galeon 560 FLY is a shining example of their commitment to excellence.

Gulf Craft Majesty Triumphs at World Yacht Trophies

Gulf Craft, one of the world's leading boat and yacht manufacturers, is proud to announce another prestigious accolade. This time, it is for their latest addition to the Majesty Yachts line-up, the Majesty 111, which was awarded “Best Interior Design” at the World Yachts Trophies 2023, concurring with the Cannes Yachting Festival.  The World Yachts Trophies 2023 is a premier gathering of yacht enthusiasts, manufacturers, and designers from around the globe. The Majesty 111, which is set to make its European debut at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show 2023, secured the prestigious award for its outstanding interior design. She stands as a shining example of luxury and innovation, further enhancing Majesty Yachts’ illustrious and award-winning superyacht portfolio.  The interiors of the Majesty 111, meticulously crafted in collaboration with Phathom Studio, have set a new standard for opulence, functionality, and aesthetics. This award-winning interior design not only reflects the epitome of luxury but also showcases a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge design concepts and practicality.

Jarrett Bay 2023 Tournament Success Near and Far

This summer's tournament trails found Jarrett Bay boats on leader boards from Mexico to Marsh Harbour, with the Carolina builder super proud of its fleet!  Hull 61, Stella June took first place in the inaugural edition of this tournament based in Cabo San Lucas with a 47.6 lb Dorado!  Other Jarrett Bay's sportfish took first in three other tournaments.  2023 Bermuda Big Game Classic in Gamefish category, 2023 Bermuda Triple Crown in Overall category,  and in the 2023 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in the Overall Release category.  These three first places where followed by two second places, a third, and a fourth in four other tournaments.

Nordhavn Exploring Australia's Islands

Earlier this year, Nordhavn 96#18 Vivierae II, was left abandoned in the middle of the Arafura Sea, dead in the water after a rare set of circumstances resulted in stalled engines due to entanglements in the propellers. The crew was rescued by an oil tanker but not before the massive vessel sideswiped VIVIERAE in an attempt to get close enough for all the folks to make it off safely. Weeks passed before owner Bob Giles was able to retain a vessel rescue service that was able to restore the props to working order and enable Viivierae to make her way to a shipyard in Sydney to undergo repairs.  Despite the vessel being more than 4x the size of VIVIERAE, the collision only produced surface damage. Giles said he was grateful that Nordhavn builds a “very strong vessel”.  Fast forward six months and Vivierae is back to her old self roaming the world, this time exploring Australia’s Torres Strait Islands, and specifically the remote Thursday Island. The crew, including Nordhavn’s videographer and frequent roving crew member, Doug Harlow, will be aboard to document the ensuing adventures. Vivierae departed Cairns, Queensland, on September 8th.

Pearl Yachts Wins at World Yacht Trophies 2023

Pearl Yachts is pleased to announce its recent achievement at the World Yacht Trophies 2023, hosted in Cannes by the French media Yachts France. The Pearl 72, has secured a notable win in the 19-24m Best Interior category, marking another significant success for the brand.

Sanlorenzo Awards Best Service Performer 2023

Ekka Yachts is honoured to receive the "Best 2023 Service Performance" award as Sanlorenzo Yacht's top service partner globally for 2023. This is a recognition of the exceptional after-sales service EKKA offered to Sanlorenzo owners as they cruised the Greek territorial waters over the course of 2023.  Appointed in 2021 by Sanlorenzo as exclusive brand representative for Greece, EKKA Yachts has demonstrated its customer-focused approach since the beginning of this collaboration, ensuring comprehensive solutions with an unparalleled degree of personalization, catering to those for whom compromise is not an option.  “Special thanks go to our valued clients, crew members attending Sanlorenzo yachts, and most importantly, our local partner and authorized service point, Remora Ltd, for their dedicated and continuous support and for sharing our vision”, says Dimitris Kyriazakos, EKKA Managing Director.

Sunreef Biggest Battery Bank

The 80 Sunreef Power Eco SÓL boasts the industry’s biggest battery bank in the category of leisure crafts up to 24m. A set of almost one-megawatt hour combined with composite-integrated solar panels gives 80 Sunreef Power Eco Sól e-motoring autonomy for close to 300 nautical miles.  For longer journeys, the yacht’s owners can use the range extender, which will allow them to enjoy transoceanic range.  With improved battery technology, SÓL boasts a 990kWh battery bank with long battery life, more power, optimized weight, and a compact size.  The boat's charging system and its ability to transform any voltage available in world harbours adds a unique level of convenience and versatility for worldwide cruising.

Sunseeker Triumphant at World Yacht Trophies

Sunseeker received two awards at the 2023 World Yachts Trophies for its exceptional design innovation. The Superhawk 55 won ‘Best Exterior Design’ in the 45’ to 64’ category for its dynamic exterior profile and innovative lifestyle features. For its outstanding interior design, the Ocean 182 won the 'Best Layout' award in the 80' to 98' category. The Ocean 182 launched at Newport International Boat Show last week and has already received industry-leading recognition for the new floating penthouse concept and intelligent use of interior space.  The World Yachts Trophies recognises the best motor yachts launched this year. Sunseeker is a proud winner, receiving recognition from the prestigious jury panel. Sunseeker, alongside Sunseeker London Group, were presented with the trophies during a spectacular awards ceremony that welcomed the world’s leading industry professionals to the bay of Cannes.  Andrea Frabetti, Chief Executive Officer at Sunseeker International, commented: “Taking home two awards at this year’s World Yachts Trophies signifies the strength of Sunseeker’s approach to innovative design. We are thrilled to win awards for the latest product launches that have made waves worldwide. The World Yachts Trophies is one of the most prestigious international awards in the yachting industry. Receiving these awards is a great testament to our design, manufacturing and engineering teams for continuing to push the boundaries and deliver a world class product.”

Viking Factory Focus recently visited Viking New Jersey manufacturing facilities for a deep dive into the build process of its industry-leading fleet.  Viking Vice President of Design and Engineering Lonni Rutt showed the program’s host, Marilyn DeMartini, how Viking builds a better boat every day through vertical integration, innovation, quality, in-house design and manufacturing and a whole lot more. The’s “Factory Fridays” series tours boatbuilding facilities of the industry’s top boat brands. This film focuses on Viking in New Gretna, where we build the Viking fleet as well as the Valhalla 55. A follow-up video will highlight Viking Mullica, where Valhalla Boatworks’ V-33, V-37, V-41 and V-46 are built. 

Viking Summer Tourney Recap

Congratulations to all anglers for a sensational summer of tournaments! There were an amazing number of Vikings claiming the top spot on the leader boards.  Viking kicked off the season with Daniel Brown’s Viking 64 Half-A-Buc winning the Salt Life Bluewater Tournament – for the third time in a row. Miss Maysen, a Viking 56, won the Louisiana Gulf Coast Classic with a 642-pound blue marlin.  Vikings claimed the top three spots in the Release Team, Billfish Boat and Crew divisions at the Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic – the Viking 72 Team Supreme, the Viking 80 Wynsong and the Viking 70 Quick Time, respectively. Chris Hatcher landed the Heaviest Blue Marlin (723.7 pounds) at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic while fishing on his Viking 58 Salt Shaker.  At the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic, Jason Bense set a new dolphin tournament record after weighing a 59.8-pound bull from Chris Hatcher’s Viking 58 Salt Shaker. Tag Team, a Viking 80, won the inaugural Los Cabos Release tournament. Art Favre’s Viking 92 A Work of Art won the Blue Marlin Grand Championship after angler Kevin Courville reeled in a blue marlin weighing 597.4 pounds.  Jeff Feuerman’s No Mercy, a Viking 55, claimed 1st Place Overall Points at the Oak Bluffs Bluewater Classic. The Anderson family’s Viking 80 Krazy Salt’s took 1st Place in Overall Points, White Marlin Points and Tuna Points, as well as Jack Kraczewski’s Top Angler Points at South Jersey Yacht Sales’ Offshore Showdown.  The Krake family’s newly delivered Viking 72 Team Supreme won the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series after an absolutely incredible season. At Jimmy Johnson’s Atlantic City "Quest for the Ring" Championship Fishing Week, the Viking 80 demo won the White Marlin category when captain Sean Dooley put Thomas “Smalls” Garmany on a fish that weighed 69.8 pounds. Dane Braun, fishing on his Viking 55 Desperado, weighed the heaviest blue marlin (703 pounds) at the Lone Star Shootout.  Tom DeAngelo’s Viking 55 Blinky hung a bigeye that tipped the scales at 224.7 pounds – the Heaviest Tuna at the Montauk Canyon Challenge. At the Tri-State Canyon Shootout, the Viking 61 Reel Savage claimed the Largest Tuna, with Steven Arcamone’s bigeye weighing 244.6 pounds.  Synchronicity owner Larry Mathews, fishing on his Viking 48, fought a blue for more than four hours to claim 1st Place Blue Marlin with his 726.3-pound fish at the Texas Gulf Coast Billfish Classic. Heaviest Blue Marlin, Top Boat and Top Release Boat went to the Viking 72 Yellow Steel for three blue marlin and three white marlin releases, all hooked by junior female anglers Helen and Katharine Goodloe at the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club’s Ladies Tournament.  Carmine “Chip” Caruso’s Pipe Dreamer, a Viking 70, won the Blue Marlin division with an 889-pound fish at The MidAtlantic. Polarizer, a Viking 64, reclaimed the Ocean City Marlin and Tuna Club’s Offshore Open perpetual trophy. Just Right, a Viking 56 run by owner Robbie Brown, rallied on the final day of the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament to win the event. Capping off the summer, the team aboard Double Shot, a Viking 68, won the 2nd Leg of the Scrub Island Invitational Billfish Series in the British Virgin Islands.

Viking at Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament

Just Right, a Viking 56 captained by owner Robbie Brown, rallied on the final day of the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament to win the event. The team released a blue marlin and sailfish on the first day before adding another nine sails on the final day good for the tournament championship. The team also claimed the Top Crew and F. Wayne McLeskey Memorial trophy as the Top Boat. Just Right team members include Mike Robinson, Collin Hula, John Lamb, Michael Lamb, Ken Fink and mate Fisher Bedmond.  In the Gamefish Division, Larry Lusk whipped the largest wahoo at 53.1 pounds. He was fishing aboard the Viking 56 Don’t Panic with Captain Bryan Peele.

Viking at The MidAtlantic

Over the history of The MidAtlantic, the last day of the tournament has become known as “Moving Day” as the leader board typically sees a complete shake-up. That was not the case this year – Moving Day came a day early! The billfish bite continued at a wild pace and bigeye tuna showed up in force. As a result, the categories were reshuffled on Day Four. And the 11 remaining boats (of the 181-boat fleet) fishing on the last day had no impact on the final scoreboard.  Carmine “Chip” Caruso’s Pipe Dreamer, a Viking 70, won the Blue Marlin division with an 889-pound fish. Captain Rich Fernandez pulled up to the scale with a massive blue marlin stretched across the cockpit. Andy Confortini fought the big blue on a 130-pound class outfit and had the fish to the boat in just 20 minutes. The huge marlin measured 133 1/2”. The Pipe Dreamer crew, which has been fishing together for the better part of two decades, landed the fish at 9am on Wednesday, then held their breath until the scales closed at 9pm on Friday. Of note, Pipe Dreamer’s payout was a tournament record for a blue marlin and their fish was the 3rd heaviest blue marlin in the tournament’s history.  An hour later, captain Danny Veid wheeled Shon Craig’s Viking 80 Amarula Sun to the scale with a 114 ¼” billfish which weighed 548 pounds for Shon, who was also the angler. The fish was good for 2nd Place Blue Marlin.  Michael Jordan’s Viking 80 Catch 23, with captain Stetson Turney at the wheel, took 3rd Place White Marlin with Jimmy David’s 75-pounder that measured 71 ½”.  Captain Evan Millas put Bob Hugin, aboard his Viking 62 The Right Place, into 2nd Place Tuna after weighing a bigeye of 234 pounds for angler Deane Lambros. Minutes later, captain Blaine Birch pulled Ken Hager’s Viking 62 Taylor Jean to the scale and weighed a 216-pounder for angler Tony Chieffo – which claimed 3rd Place Tuna. Most Points Tuna went to William Wrede’s Viking 62 Lovin’ Life.  The Dolphin category saw David Shockley on the Viking 62 Liquidity take the Heaviest Dolphin award for his 45-pounder. Joe Bernert, on his Viking 72 Quick Raise, weighed a 34-pound dolphin for 2nd Place. Jeff Kogok finished in 3rd Place with a 33-pounder angled from his Viking 68 Too Many Martinis.  Jim McCarthy, aboard his Viking 58 Covert Mission, finished with a 2nd Place Wahoo for his 52-pound ‘hoo.  After spending some time at the top of the white marlin leader board with a 72” fish, the Viking 80 demo took the Most Points Cape May title with 21 white marlin releases. Marty Judge and his Viking 64 Judge was the 3rd Place Most Points Cape May Boat. There were 750 white marlin caught and 735 were released – the 3rd highest in tournament history.  

VisionF New Partnership with Brokerage House Giant

Turkish shipyard VisionF Yachts has chosen the occasion of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 to reveal its brand new partnership with the global yacht brokerage giants Northrop & Johnson.  Northrop and Johnson becomes VisionF Yachts’ global central agency and has exclusive sales rights for VisionF’s vessels all over the world, with a renewed focus on Europe and the USA as the company’s target markets going forward.  Ali Tanir, General Manager at VisionF Yachts emphasises the clear benefits in terms of reputation of the new collaboration for the Turkish yacht builder, which was founded as recently as 2019: “As a new, developing brand, having an established partner such as Northrop & Johnson represents a great advantage for us. Instead of working across different countries and trying to express our brand to the end users, Northrop & Johnson’s global reach, unrivalled marketing resources and outstanding reputation will be a great help in getting our message across!”

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