December 10, 2023

VanDutch New Web Site

VanDutch presents its new web site.  VanDutch was founded in 2008 by a partnership between Ruud Koekkoek and Henk Erenstein in Heerenveen, Netherlands, with the company debuting its first Frank Mulder designed 40 model the following year.  The VanDutch 40 is still in production and is its best seller as at today.  In 2012 Van Dutch introduced its second 30 model, which is followed by the larger 55 flagship the following year.  In 2013 VanDutch enters and starts to market its sport cruisers and yachts in the North American market.  Van Dutch has also distinct itself for other brands and famous personalities collaborations from Dior, McLaren, Red Bull, Hublot, and Luna Rossa Prada Team brands, and famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Cuban, Ryan Phillippe, Simon Cowell, Samantha Hoopes, and Samuel Hübinette all spotted and marketed onboard a VanDutch sport cruiser and yacht.  This led along with the Frank Mulder distinctive retro-modern line for VanDutch to becoming recognizable by the trained and untrained eye.  VanDutch were in the first years and up till 2012 build in Heerevenveen, Netherlands to an undisclosed third party builder. In late 2012 VanDutch moves production the USA, first to S2 Tiara in Michigan and then to Marquis Carver Yachts at end of 2013.  In June 2020 VanDutch is bought by Cantieri del Pardo, who move production to Forli in Italy in 2021.  Today VanDutch offers a five model line up which start from 32 and go up to the still project upcoming 75 flagship.  VanDutch new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, VanDutch Centers, Shows and Events, News, Company, Collaborations, Contacts, Press Room, and Work with Us.  VanDutch is also present on socual with right bottom page buttons taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. 
Production History;
40 2009-
30 2012-20
55 2013-19
48 2019-
32 2021-
56 2022-

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