December 1, 2023

Production History

From Summer 2023 PowerYachtBlog added a new Production History label, to the popular names in motor boating.  Production History was started with a favourite brand, Itama, and eventually it was added to other popular motor boating names.  When doing this data, in some models more to others it is like a voyage back in time, in history, and present. 

Production History lists model designation and name, years of start and end production, and when available also how much units produced.  If this information is known, I also list the different project name, some models get in pre-production phase.

Accurate as possible is the aim in production history, although this is harder to achieve also because boat builders are not fully open on data.  The other problem is the past, as the further one goes in time the more difficult it is to get a fully correct information, especially when one tries to dig in the seventies and or before that.  Difficult but not impossible.  In some cases when Google and the Internet are not enough I am helped by brand fans or previous workers from that company.

Custom builders builds are not listed in Production History, because it would be over whelming to list all.  Imagine listing all the custom builds of Spencer which is now at one hundred plus all different deliveries, and Feadship or Benetti with a story which started in the fifties.  For custom builders who venture consistently into semi-custom-production builds, as is the case for example with Baglietto and Benetti, I do list the data for those. 

Some custom builders also have an incredible data, of there past, present and future on there website.  For example of the sportfish builders, the data Jarrett Bay provides on all its builds is superb, as does Feadship.  

Last but not least if you have knowledge that some information in Production History for brand X or Y is not accurate or correct, just private message on the Contact Form on the lower part of the left column, and I will get back to you.

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