December 3, 2023

MJM Yachts New Web Site

MJM Yachts presents its new web site.  MJM which means Mary Johnstone Motorboat was founded in 2002 by Bob Johnstone, Mary's husband and a co-founder with his brother Rod of J/Boats in 1977, one of the World's leading brand of performance sailboats which is still under the Johnstone family ownership.  MJM will presents its first model the 34z in 2004, a traditional down-East lobster inspired looking day cruiser designed by Doug Zurn, and build by Boston Boatworks.  The 34z is followed by the 29z and 40z in 2007 expanding the line further, with a 50z debuting in 2014.  Doug Zurn has till today designed all MJM's while Boston Boatworks will build all the vessels till 2021, when the company will move to its North Carolina facility, although the collaboration between the two is still continued today. In 2019 Bob Johnstone will sell MJM to his son Peter, who will resell to Saothair Capital affiliate Seolta Holdings in September 2023.  Today MJM offers four models, which start from the eleven meter 3 model which debuted in 2021, and go up to the still in project 42 model.  MJM new web-site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Construction, Build A Boat, About, Shop Gear, Locate A Dealer, Request Pricing, The Build, News, Classic MJMs, Contact, and Careers.  MJM is also on social media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to its Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.
Production History;
34z 2004-10
29z 2007-15
40z 2007-19 (100+)
36z 2011-15
50z 2014-19
35z 2017-
53z/zi 2020-22
43z/zi 2020-22
3 2021-
4 2023-

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