September 13, 2022

Project: Franchini 70 Noah

Franchini continued its course in 2019 with the Mia 63 an eighteen meter sport yacht platform offered in the T-Top and Sport-Fly versions coupled to aggressive lines, clean surfaces and high performance typical of  Mediterranean yachts.  Now Franchini presents the Noah 70 project, an evolution in some aspects of the Mia but a flybridge motor yacht aimed at those who look far away and want to experience the sea without limits: a yacht for long journeys! The definitions for this kind of yachts are endless today: Long Range; Blue Water; Shuttle; Explorer. Franchini does not like labels and is offering the Noah with the tradition of sea qualities, and evolution in comfort of recent years. With this approach Franchini in its seventy years of history made up of work, passion and research, have designed and built over four hundred boats, all still sailing. The same principles gave life to the Noah 70, for which, at the basis of the creative process, is the idea of ​​navigation that favors the breadth of the horizon over the narrowness of time, the pleasure of travel over the urgency of the goal. It starts from a 20-meter hull, 22 in over-all length, capable of accommodating up to five double cabins with relative bathrooms and an infinite number of stowage and service spaces. This customization comes from simple and yet effective engineering, based on a structural cage where the transverse bulkheads make a fundamental contribution to the overall rigidity and, consequently, contribute to the solidity of the hull and it's own weight reduction. This fact, combined with the perfect weight distribution on board, significantly improves stability, safety and navigation comfort. Naturally the Noah 70 is equipped with engines suitable for the intended range of use which ranges from Volvo IPS pod drives propulsion, or to the more traditional line shaft with the essential aim of favoring reliability and autonomy over extreme performance. 

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