September 25, 2022

Sport Cruiser Runs Aground in Totland Bay, Two Injured

A ten meter Sealine sport cruiser with six persons onboard ran aground and ploughed into rocks at Headon Warren viewpoint in Totland Bay, to the South West of the Isle of Wight at around 2115 hours of Saturday 24 September.  Multiple coastguard teams and the Isle of Wight Ambulance service were called on the scene to assist the six passengers onboard, with four taken for observation into the care of rescue teams, and two being grievously injured airlifted to the mainland for further care in a hospital.  The case of the accident are yet under investigation, and review.  As at Sunday afternoon the Sealine sport cruiser was still in the accident spot with a salvage operation still needed to be organized.
The Sealine in this accident is a S330 model.  Introduced in 2014 to a design of Bill Dixon, the S330 was the second and first all new Sealine to come from the Hanse Group ownership who purchased the British boat builder in 2013.  The S330 evolved into the similar evolutive S335 in 2022.

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