September 18, 2022

Vanquish New Web Site

Vanquish yachts presents its new World wide web showroom.  Vanquish was founded in 2012 by Tom Steentjes a Dutch businessman with an expertise in aluminum and metal welding, in Marknesse, Netherlands.  Starting with the VQ32 model, Vanquish has been a success story full of growth, helped by the distinctive style, custom build to order models, and designer Guido de Groot.  At first Vanquish specialized itself in aluminium bespoke semi-custom and custom offering from thirteen to 24 meters.  In 2016 Vanquish entered into fiberglass construction first with the two fun eleven and sixteen feet fast tenders, then in 2019 with the VQ40 which is followed in 2022 by the VQ55.  In recent years Vanquish has also presented its custom 24 to 35 meters Super Yacht line, with the first unit of this line the VQ80 Sportfish launched in 2022 and a VQ115 Veloce currently under construction.  Vanquish currently offers twelve models in two lines; Aluminium and Composite.  The entry level Vanquish is the three meters VQ11 Sports Line, and goes up to the currently under construction VQ115 Veloce at 35 meters.  Vanquish new 2022 models are the VQ55 Sports Line and the VQ80 SF.  Vanquish new website takes you around with the following buttons; Models, About, Charter, News, Career, and Contacts.  Vanquish is also on social media with bottom right side links taking you to its; Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.
Production History;
VQ32 Mk.I 2012-19
VQ43 2015-18
VQ46 DC 2016-20
VQ11 2016-
VQ16 2016-
VQ48 2016-20
VQ43 Mk.II 2018-21
VQ50 Mk.II 2019-21
VQ54 2019-21
VQ32 Mk.II 2019-23
VQ32 Custom Tender 2019-23
VQ40 2019-
VQ58 2019-
VQ48 DC 2021
VQ45 2021-
VQ52 2021- 
VQ55 2022-
VQ80 SF 2023 (1)
VQ115 Veloce 2023- (1

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