September 7, 2022

Gouvia Marina Fire Destroys Four Yachts

Four yachts where destroyed on the North looking Pontoon P in Gouvia marina in Corfu, in a fire which started around 1600 hours of Wednesday seventh September.  The fire first started on a twenty meter Princess sport yacht, which then jumped to a sailing catamaran of about sixteen meter, then another catamaran, and lastly the classic 29 meter sailing yacht Halcyon.  An explosion from the Princess twenty meter sport yacht was reported as being heard before a huge plump of smoke was seen coming up.  Nineteen fire fighters, five fire engines and a fire fighting boat where involved in the containment and control of the fire, along with volunteers who where untying and towing away nearby yachts.  Luckily no one was injured in this fire, which was rather extensive, in one of the largest Greek yacht marinas, with the four yachts being totalled and mostly a wreck.
The Princess sport yacht which started the fire is a V65.  Produced from 2000 to 2004 to a design of Bernard Olesinski the V65 was a successful model from Princess, selling in over fifty units in this mark.1 version. 
S/y Halcyon is a classic 29 meter schooner build in 1929 as a commercial vessel by Vosper Thornycroft, turned into a yacht school in 1957 and kept in this use for 32 years.  In 1988 she started its yacht conversion, which was finalized in 2004.

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