September 9, 2022

Sport Cruiser Beached and Destroyed in Fire Island

A twelve meter sport cruiser was beached in Great South Bay, Old Inlet, Fire Island, on the evening of eight September.  Reports are saying the sport cruiser was just repowered and on a trip from Freeport to Montauk, before the captain noticed he was taking on water and seeing a breach in the hull decided to beach the sport cruiser.  Unfortunately with the ocean being rough on the day and breaking waves hitting the sport cruiser, it received destructive damage.  Fortunately no environmental hazard was made as Park Rangers pumped out the diesel from the boat on tenth September.
The sport cruiser in this beaching is a Trojan 12 Meter Express. A popular sport cruiser when released in 1987 the 12 Meter Express was designed by Lancaster and featured Trojan patented Delta Conic hull.  The 12 Meter Express offered an open plan layout sleeping seven and was offered in the more spacious flybridge Convertible and Motor Yacht variants.  The 12 meter Express was replaced by the Fulvio de Simoni designed Trojan 440 in 1994.

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