September 1, 2022

New Labels Added to Out-News

Unfortunately it was a busy Summer with an accident of some sort happening on the water every day, in a a sad turn of events as the sea and cruising is a place to chill and relax.  Fire was the main protagonist but the most shocking accidents came from a couple of crazy collisions where some people lost there lives, and both happening in July, one off the coast of Tuscany and another in Sardinia.  

Seeing all this and that Out-News or Bad News travels much faster then Good News, here at PowerYacht we added six three new labels; Boat and Yacht Damage, Boat and Yacht Salvage, and Boat and Yacht Wreck

This labels represent the outcome for the boat or yacht in the accident.  Damage means there is a chance even a small one for it to be repaired. Salvage means that the boat may still be mostly in a repair state, although this is very difficult and costly to achieve.  Wreck means that the boat or yacht are totalled and chances of repair are non existent.

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