September 26, 2022

Classic Motor Yacht Ends Aground in Hurricane Fiona

A 21 meter motor yacht titled Cortina ended aground and on the rocks to the South East of Warwick, in Ports Island, Bermuda following the events of Hurricane Fiona on 25 September, 2022.  Cortina was reported unattended when it broke its mooring and ended on the rocks.  Hurricane Fiona was mostly a non event in Bermuda and on the water, with only another small sail boat reportedly breaking its moorings.  The extent of the damage of Cortina was not reported, though the yacht was later protected with a boom.  The ownership and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources are working for a way to remove the yacht, which as at 10 January 2023 was still in the same place.
Hurricane Fiona formed on fourteen September, reached category four on the nineteen September and dissipated on 27 September.  Fiona was the sixth named storm, third hurricane, and first major hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season.
Cortina is a Kong Halvorsen 68 model, from 1986.  Kong Halvorsen was a boat builder from Hong Kong, which also used other Fairview and Kong-Richardson names with the same KHE hull identification code, with the yard mostly known for its Island Gypsy explorer cruisers and yachts.  Kong Halvorsen started operating in 1978 and went of business in 1994.

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