September 25, 2021

Sessa Sport Yacht Saved from Fire

A Sessa sport yacht of about twenty meters with five persons onboard called coast guard assistance after it had its engine room engulfed in smoke during sea-trials in the gulf of Trieste, in front of Porto Piccolo on the morning of 24 September. The Sessa sport yacht was reported as developing some sort of minor hull damage during the accident.  The coast guard and fire fighting arrived to the accident scene after some minutes of the call on the Italian 1530 emergency number.  At the arrival of the scene all was under control though with the Coast Guard following the yacht up to the entrance to the Porto Piccolo yacht marina as precaution.
The Sessa twenty meter sport yacht in this accident is the C68 model, designed by Christian Grande and released in 2010.  The C68 offers interior layouts for three or four double cabins plus a crew cabin for two.  The C68 is usually powered by twin Volvo 900 or 1000hp engines with IPS pod drives and is able to reach top speeds up to 36 knots, although the first hulls which precede the large IPS drives where powered by twin Volvo 700hp with IPS and or Man 1360hp and line shaft propulsion.  The Sessa C68 was modernized in 2018 with window glazing replacing the circle shaped port holes.  A Sport Fly version presented as a project in 2013 never actually materialized. The C68 was replaced as Sessa's flagship by the slightly larger, and wider Fly 68 Gullwing in 2018.

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