September 12, 2021

Hatteras Yacht Partially Sinks in Middle Bass Island

Heavy winds hindered and grounded a seventy five feet Hatteras motor yacht on Middle Bass Island on Lake Erie on the morning of twelfth September.  The cause of the accident are unknown but reports are claiming that the yacht lost its power and ended grounded and with this doing damage to the hull bottom beneath the engine room.  Unfortunately the yacht has also discharged some oil pollution from its fuel vents.  The owner was assisted by the Marine Coast Guard Safety of Detroit, Toledo section.  The Hatteras yacht was salvaged on 17 September.
The yacht in this accident is a Hatteras 75 Cockpit Motor Yacht which was released in year 2000 and produced till 2003.  Measuring over 23 meters in length the 75 Cockpit Motor Yacht offered a spacious full body main deck, and a lower deck sleeping seven up to ten in a four or five cabins and four different lower deck layout arrangement choices.  The Hatteras 75 Cockpit Motor Yacht is powered by twin Cats 1400hp, or Detroit 1480hp engines.  The Hatteras 75 Cockpit Motor Yacht, also known as the 75 Series for its two variants was also available as the Sports Deck version without the lowered aft cockpit deck.       

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