September 9, 2021

Flybridge Cruiser Partially Sinks Near Venice

A flybridge cruiser of about fourteen meters in length was found partially sank in the morning of nine September in Coarle, Darsena dell' Orologio which translated to English means the Quay of the Watch.  The flybridge cruiser was floated again on the morning of September 11, and according to unconfirmed reports the boat sank for a failure to a raw water tube, which takes water to the engine sea-water pump. Darsena dell'Orologio is located further North East from Venice, and is a marina which offers just short of five hundred berths.
The flybridge motor cruiser in this accident is a Solcio Biondi 44 Fly which was released in 1989 and produced till about the mid nineties.  The 44 was designed by Dall' Abaco and was also offered in Open version.  Solcio was the Italian dealer of Norway's Fjord boats in the eighties and having success with the range of Norwegian cruisers up to 39 feet in length, decided to enter production in collaboration with the Biondi boat yard for cruisers above that size.  The Solcio Biondi 44 first released as Open and then as Fly, had a good success with about thirty units being built in both Open and Fly versions, with the later being more popular to the previous.    

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