September 22, 2021

Engine: Cat C32B 2433hp

Following the success of the C32B 2025hp engine, Caterpillar Marine has released a larger 2433hp high-performance iteration. According to the company statement, the new engine will offer a significant 20% increase in power output at a rated speed of 2300 rpm compared to its predecessor. It will incorporate many of the same components as the 2025hp, but will also offer additional features and benefits aside from increased horsepower. The new 2433hp version will carry an upgraded cooling system with a sequential 3-turbo air system designed to deliver faster response with all-around stronger performance. Additional options include longer oil change intervals, full MCS certification, duplex filtration, and a cosmetic engine cover. Other notable benefits will include higher overall vessel speed for sport fishers, a more environmentally friendly option for motor yachts, and 2025hp Intermittent Duty Classification for governmental applications. The C32B is also designed with repowers in mind to offer streamlined replacement to increase power output to existing vessels. The engine also complies with EPA Tier 3 Recreational and IMO II emissions regulations, serves as a fully integrated SCR solution for IMO III, and comes with industry-leading warranty coverage.

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