September 7, 2021

Classic Super Yacht Collides into Rock

An Alalunga classic super yacht of 26 meters in size collided on the island of Proti at 0300 of the morning of seven September.  With only the four crew onboard, no injuries are reported to this terrific accident, beside the yacht which received extensive damage to its bow.  Some reports are claiming the yacht was cruising at about twelve knots.  The island of Proti is one of the further Southern located of the Greek Ionian islands.  The yacht was miraculously saved from sinking and taken further South to Pilos, made possible thanks to a very good water tight forward bulkhead I add.
This Alalunga is a 26 mt model, designed by Aldo Cichero build in around the early eighties.  The Alalunga 26 offered a four double cabins lower deck, and with standard engines usually reached speed in the high twenties.  The Alalunga 26 is a further development of the 24 model released in 1973, which then developed to the 25 in the mid seventies.  The 26 is recognizable by the more rounded forward windshield, and no circle shaped port-holes on the topside.  
Alalunga where build by Cantieri Navali Santa Margherita, founded by Mario Spertini in 1961, and is renowned for the seaworthiness and nice lines of its yachts, build of wood up until the mid nineties.  Eventually when the yard entered fiberglass building in the mid nineties, the fast fiberglass models where named as Spertini Alalunga, while the Santa Marina yachts which still build of wood and steel was sold to Diano.  Currently the yard is closed, but this name which has its roots in Lavagna, to the South of Genova is one of the important historical Italian marques which gave shape and school of design to the modern motor yacht.

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