September 26, 2021

Mig Marine New Web Site

Mig Marine presents a new World wide web showroom. Founded in the early nineties as Marine Yachting in Fiumicino, the company was renamed as Mig Marine in 2010.  Mig first model was the 38 designed by Mingarelli, who was an instant success thanks to its sporty low profile flush deck and comfortable twin cabin lower deck interior.  The Mig 38 was also a successful racer arriving second overall and first in its class in the Venice to Monte Carlo Endurance race 1998, with retired Tennis ace and powerboat lover Adriano Panatta at the helm.  Marine Yachting Mig extended the line in 2005 presenting the 50, and a year later in 2006 the 43.  Interesting fact is that the Mig name was chosen as a friendly challenge to the then neighbouring Tornado boat yard, both names representing popular fighter jet aircraft of the nineties. Today's Mig Marine range consists of four models: 35 Tender, 35, 45, and 55. All new models are designed by Federico Fiorentino are in project, with the 45 being in advanced construction phase. The new Mig website is only available in Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons: Home, Chi Siamo (about us), Storia (story), Gamma (range), Cantiere (shipyard), Club, and Contatti (contacts). Mig Marine also features a link to its Facebook social media page at the bottom.
Production History:
38 1997-  Mingarelli design
50 2004-
43 2006-
45 HT 2023-  Fiorentino design

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