September 19, 2021

Web: Moonen New Web Site

Moonen Yachts from the Netherlands presents its new virtual World wide web showroom. Moonen was founded in 1963 at the Dutch town of Den Bosch first under the name of De Ruiter shipyard. In 1981 following new ownership entrance by Alhena, it is renamed to Moonen. In 1985 Moonen builds is first super yacht above 24 meters with the launch of 26 meter Cassiopeia S, and in 1992 the company follows more into this by launching a semi-custom design platform of 24 meter in size. The steel and aluminium semi-custom line is a success for Moonen, creating over the years quite a few recognizable designs in the 24 to 30 meter size. Still the semi-custom platform does not stop Moonen from building fully custom larger boats and the launch of 37m White Heaven III in 1998 is a testament to this what will be its larger super yacht for quite some time, superseded by the 38 meter Snowhite in 2009, and then by 41 meters Sofia in 2014 its largest build to date. Moonen has also in 2009 opened its second facility in Groot-Ammers some fifty kilometres away from the original home factory. The new facility has increased Moonen building size capability up to 50 meters from 35, thanks to a new larger hall. Moonen currently offers two lines; Semi-Custom, and Full-Custom. The Semi-Custom range offers six models and starts with the 30M Matica, and expands up to the 50M Monito. Currently Moonen has two super yachts in nearly completed state; a 36m Martinque and the new 110. Moonen new website takes you around with the following buttons; Available Yachts, Portfolio, Fleet, Pre-Owned, About, Media, Contact, and Careers. Moonen is also present in social media with bottom buttons taking you to its; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter pages.

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