September 7, 2021

Collision in Cannes Boat Show 2022

A collision between a new Ecoline Sport Cruiser of eight meters in length and a Van der Valk of sixteen meters happened at the Cannes boat show on the afternoon of seven September, thankfully with no consequences onboard to both the persons of the eight meter sport cruiser and the sixteen meter sport yacht.  Big shock onboard the smaller sport cruiser who had three persons onboard and got most of the damage, being hit astern. Apart cosmetic and structural damage, the Ecolux sport cruiser also damaged its hybrid module and had to cancel the boat show.  The Van der Valk had small cosmetic damage to its bow area.  
The boats in this accident are the new Ecoline Ecolux 850 and the Van der Valk California 52.  The first is a sport cruiser of eight meters in length available among other propulsion also with a patented diesel electric hybrid propulsion by FNM called BlueHybridSystem.  The second is the custom Van der Valk California 52, build on order of Dutch company Waterdream, to a design of Vripack.

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