October 31, 2020

Monthly News - October 2020

-pic of the month- Princess Winners of International Track 200 Award

Azimut at the Rome Film Festival 

The Rome Film Fest played host to the official projection of Open Your Eyes, the short film by Gabriele Muccino that celebrates the debut of the new Magellano 25 Metri by Azimut Yachts. Attending the event with the film’s director and Azimut|Benetti Group vice president Giovanna Vitelli were the two actors, Francesco Sianna and Marianna Falace, and some of the main contributors to the project, including composer Andrea Guerra, editor Lorenzo Colugnati and costume designer Angelica Russo.

Azimut-Benetti Group Shines in Asia Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific Area continues to play a strategic role in terms of Azimut|Benetti Group sales. Thanks to its longstanding presence in key countries in the area, the company has an excellent reputation and unparalleled reach across the region.  Reporting total sales worth over 150 million euros (the two brands’ results for the last 12 months), the Group is therefore at the top of an ideal ranking of best performers in the area.  Despite the complexities caused by the global pandemic, Azimut|Benetti has put in a particularly good performance, reporting a 10% increase on the results posted for this area last season.  This result, which takes account of all the most important markets in the region, including Hong Kong, Singapore, continental China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, is driven by orders for boats over 24 meters, a segment in which the Group excels throughout the world.  In more detail, Azimut Yachts has sold and delivered eight yachts in the brand’s flagship Grande Collection (four 32 Metri, two 27 Metri and two 25 Metri) with 5 more units in the same Collection in delivery in the next six months; Benetti has sold four Oasis 40M units (two in Australia, one in China and one in Hong Kong) and a B.Yond 37M.  So far as concerns Azimut Yachts, significant contributions to achieving these excellent results were made by Marine Italia, the dealer for Singapore, Hong Kong and part of China, and by the new Australian dealer D’Albora, which has established a considerable presence in the region in the space of a single year, as well as opening up new markets on the country’s western coast.  Turning to Benetti, it is no surprise that Asia-Pacific owners have focused their attention on the new projects and on the Oasis 40M, a glamorous yacht of which a remarkable 12 units have been sold to date.

Feadship Refit Quality Stamp

As the Feadship refit programme goes from strength to strength, the Dutch super yacht builder as pleased to recently present the owner of Zephyr with a Feadship Authentication Certificate. This motor yacht was returned to the sea in all her former glory and more last year, some seventy years after her original launch in 1939. The incredible restoration project was completed to such a degree of brand excellence that Zephyr has become the first member of the Feadship Heritage Fleet to be granted this ultimate proof of premium Feadship quality.

Feadship Solar Powered Future

The Feadship yard in Aalsmeer made the most of the sunny summer months, powering itself via some 1500 solar panels installed on the various rooftops. These new energy assets generate 530 MWh a year, the equivalent of the annual requirements of over 150 households. This latest investment reflects the desire at Feadship to eventually be able to create ‘emission-neutral’ Feadships and play our part in reducing the ecological footprint of the superyacht sector. Next up will be the yard in Makkum, where around 450 solar panels will be placed on the new construction hall. No less than 2262 solar panels had already been placed on the Amsterdam yard last year, generating 550,000 kWh per year.

Ferretti Wins Media Key Award

A new way to experience the sea, one that encloses a universe of stories and emotions in an intimate personal space, combining the dimension of travel represented by the yacht with the feeling of being at home. This is the creative concept behind the new campaign by Ferretti Yachts, the storied Italian luxury yacht brand and a leading global player in the industry, which reasserts its positioning with a more intimate language and a lifestyle aesthetic midway between fashion and design. The award ceremony was held on October 15, with a live-streamed session to which CEO Alberto Galassi contributed, commenting: “The Ferretti Yachts campaign was ahead of its time, asserting an ideal of wellbeing, calm and peace on a yacht, in order to reconnect with the dimension of a private island on which to take refuge: a subject that could hardly be more relevant in times like these.”  The Ferretti Yachts advertising campaign “Just Like Home” won the prestigious Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award (POPKA) in the category ‘A4, Beauty, Fashion and Luxury’.  Media Key is the benchmark magazine for Italian corporate communication. The panel of judges that makes the Awards, now in their 17th year, includes marketing strategists, media planners for top Italian and international businesses, communication operators, and creative directors at production companies, advertising agencies, and TV and Radio digital agencies. The multi-subject campaign published in leading magazines worldwide presents a model of absolute wellbeing that only Ferretti Yachts can make possible, anywhere and at any time.  Created by multiple award-winning international agency Lorenzo Marini Group, “Just Like Home” continues on a strategic and creative path that has further consolidated the brand’s image at international level.

Princess Winners of International Track 200 Award

Princess Yachts are thrilled to have been awarded The Sunday Times Manufacturing Excellence Award, presented at the virtual International Track 200 Awards ceremony on Monday 5th October 2020. The 'Manufacturing Excellence Award', sponsored by The Sunday Times, was presented by Business Editor Oliver Shah, to Chief Operating Officer Paul Mackenzie of Princess Yachts. The 11th annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 awards event brought together the founders and directors of UK private companies with the fastest-growing international sales over the past two years. Jane Galvin, Head of Corporate Banking, HSBC UK, opened the virtual event: "The International Track 200 awards are designed to celebrate and recognise the success of businesses that take everything that's brilliant about the UK and spread it around the world."

Riva in the Movie

Over more than 60 years, numerous stunning, spellbinding Riva vessels have made appearances on cinema and television screens all over the world: from auteur films to the biggest blockbusters and huge national hits.  With breath-taking photos and unmissable reviews, “Riva in the Movie” tells the stories of the numerous films in which Riva creations have played important roles, in many cases taking centre stage next to nationally and internationally renowned stars. This fascinating cultural and publishing project features 300 pages, 39 films with their original posters, 300 pictures of scenes and life backstage, 77 actresses and 110 actors. They all come together in an exquisite, enchanting book whose words and pictures masterfully intertwine the stories of cinema and modern yachting.  Every film is accompanied by a summary of events from the year it was released and an overview of a Riva model from the time. This helps to paint a detailed picture of society and the world as a whole in the period in question.  The films were shot in some spectacular locations, including the French Riviera, Venice, the Costa Smeralda, Lake Como, Ischia, Capri, Lake Maggiore, Forte dei Marmi, Cannes and Nice. The many A-Listers that can be seen on board Riva yachts include Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Clark Gable, Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Vincent Cassel.  “Riva in the Movie” tells a captivating story with a thread in aquamarine hue running through it all the way from Mambo starring the divine Silvana Mangano in 1954, to 2019's Men in Black: International with the handsome Chris Hemsworth, who also plays Thor from the Avengers.  The unmistakable style of Riva yachts, which are described and pictured in all of their glory, has lit up films of all kinds for more than 60 years: from the drama of Le Mépris and Il Sorpasso, Agatha Christie mysteries, and thrillers such as Nikita and several James Bond films, to Italian comedies including Vacanze Di Natale, Yuppies and Il Paradiso All’Improvviso, not to mention genres that have been confined to history such as the “musicarelli” that showcased the talents of Mina, Domenico Modugno, Al Bano and Romina Power.  “Riva in the Movie” will appeal to film fans – the reviews by Franco Barbolini are full of interesting facts and details about the production of the films – and all lovers of the legendary Riva, which is dazzlingly, entrancingly depicted thanks to numerous old photographs and meticulous descriptions of every model.  From the presentation by Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group: “You may well not believe it, but there was no product placement whatsoever in any of the films mentioned in ‘Riva in the Movie’; on the contrary, Riva often only found out that one of its yachts had featured in a film from someone who had been to the cinema to see it. This is because Riva has been so successful over the last 70 years that its products almost immediately stopped being exclusive to the sailing world and became items associated with art, design, society, and culture.” [...] “I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I did, and how it shows that culture can originate in an industrial – or crafted, in the truest sense of the term – product, so much so that the Sarnico shipyard became a factory producing dreams for owners on all five continents.  At Ferretti Group, we have had the honour, as well as the magnificent yet tremendous responsibility of flying the standard of the most famous brand in the world of sailing for over twenty years. Carlo Riva continued to show his support over the years, and we will never stop feeling his presence, as his genius is rooted in the DNA of these extraordinary speedboats. This book is dedicated to him and to his life.”

Steeler Nominated for European Powerboat of the Year 2021

Steeler Yachts has been nominated for the “European Powerboat of the Year 2021 award”. The recently introduced ‘Bronson 50’ high performance yacht will compete against formidable international boat builders in the category of large planing yachts between 14 and 20 metres. Only 4 other competitors are in the race to win this prestigious award and Steeler Yachts is extremely proud and thankful to be one of the five finalists.  The design phase started in 2016 and it took three years before the green light was given to start production of a performance yacht that would meet the initial goal: to unite performance, versatility, usability and comfort in a breathtaking design. Only months after her introduction, the Bronson 50 has proven to deliver. Owner of the first B50, René van de Berg: “My first experience with the Steeler Bronson 50 far exceeds any expectations. The living space is enormous, and the electric glass ceiling is glorious. Apart from the comfortable interior, the sailing performance is amazing. Dry cruising on a choppy Mediterranean Sea at 30 to 35 knots is a true pleasure for the captain and guests alike!”  The electric glass ceiling and the rotating bimini top are probably the most innovative features of the Bronson 50. The versatility of having an open day boat that can transform to a hard-top cruiser offering luxurious accommodation is probably best described as the “Swiss army knife” among the day boats.  The jury of the “European Powerboat of the Year 2021” are the editors-in-chief, and their test drivers, of the leading European motorboat-magazines: BOOTE (Germany), Boatmag.it (Italy), Båtmagasinet (Norway), Marina.ch (Switzerland), Motorboot (Netherlands), Náutica y Yates (Spain), Neptune (France) and Yachtrevue (Austria). This jury jointly represents over one million monthly readers, making the European Powerboat Award probably one of the most acknowledged awards of this industry.  Steeler Yachts has been nominated six times in various categories in recent years and was a proud winner in 2015, 2016 and 2019. Such international recognition for the continuous flow of meaningful innovations is a major source of inspiration for the entire Steeler Yachts team.  The European Powerboat of the Year 2021 award will be presented in January 2021.

Sunreef Presents the Greener Way

The sustainable design movement is gaining momentum and Sunreef Yachts is embracing a greener way to cruise in luxury. From our inception, we have firmly believed that yachting can be more environmentally responsible and we have engineered our boats for optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The Sunreef Yachts Eco furthers that philosophy, bringing forth a world of possibilities, without any compromise to comfort or style. Using a proprietary solar power system, electric propulsion, cutting-edge batteries and eco build materials, the Eco line offers a 360° sustainable cruising experience. With a number of eco line catamarans already launched and an increasing number of green innovations incorporated into upcoming projects, Sunreef Yachts is at the forefront of eco-luxury sailing.

Sunseeker Project Menorca

Following the launch of Sunseeker International and The Blue Marine Foundation’s (BLUE) pioneering marine environment programme, ‘Project Menorca’ in 2018, the global luxury boat builder has shared numerous positive outcomes to-date. The programme is an excellent example of a community, eco-marine charity and a company coming together to achieve shared goals, and will be used as a blue-print of best practice globally.  Running for just over two years, the Project Menorca programme has seen a number of activities delivered, including the implementation of a widespread education programme, a reduction in single-use plastics by local fishmongers, 143 beach cleans undertaken and over 13.5 tonnes of plastic cleared from the island. It also coincides with the news that UNESCO has officially approved Menorca’s local government application to extend the boundaries of the biosphere reserve zone to also cover its surrounding marine habitats up to 12 nautical miles out to sea. This makes the island the biggest marine reserve in the Mediterranean.  Project Menorca was devised by BLUE and Sunseeker, with additional support from the Menorca Preservation Fund (MEPF), to help create a tangible difference in protecting Menorca’s marine environment. The project’s aims are to support local fishermen in creating a model of sustainable fishing, protect marine reserves by removing plastics and ‘ghost’ fishing nets, as well as distributing recyclable materials across the island. It also hopes to raise additional funds to establish a network of eco-moorings to preserve seagrass beds.  One of the key objectives of the programme was to reduce single-use plastics through offering biodegradable alternatives to local fishmongers. Reusable as well as compostable bags and paper wrapping were distributed to fresh fish outlets, with Ciutadella fish market on the island stipulating that only biodegradable materials may now be used; a requirement of having a stand in the market.  Six large ‘ghost’ fishing nets were located and removed and as part of the project there were 143 beach cleans with over 5.5 tonnes of plastic waste collected, as well as a successful schools outreach programme with a further eight tonnes of plastic collected.   The project also saw the creation of the new ‘Isla del Aire’ marine protected area (MPA) which protects 7.2 km2 of marine habitat, with an estimated 634 species of marine life, from both illegal fishing and harmful moorings on Posidonia meadows. Posidonia makes up approximately 56% of the seabed of the reserve - its 4.02km2 helping to absorb of 725 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. This contributes to a total 14,760 tonnes of carbon dioxide absorbed by seagrass in Menorca as a whole. It was all helped by increased surveillance through successful patrolling of the coastal areas, as well as an education campaign throughout the Island.  Andrea Frabetti, CEO at Sunseeker International, commented: “We are delighted to be working with BLUE on this fantastic project; it has already made a substantial difference to Menorca’s marine environment and we’ve seen some incredible results. Now that the project is concluding successfully, we are looking forward to working with the charity going forward in order to back its continuing efforts of protecting our oceans and seas globally. My heart-felt thanks go to everyone that continues to support us including our staff, dealers and clients.”

Tiara Announces Top Dealers and Sales People for 2020

Tiara is plese to announce to announce its 2020 model year top dealers and salespersons.  Their hard and dedication to the brand helps to continue the growth in the marketplace.  In addition to recognizing top dealers and salespersons, Tiara also recognized dealers who had the highest growth in their market share as well as those who acchied top marks in customer satisfaction for both sales and service. 

Vanquish Record Orders

Sales of the VQ40 motoryacht are booming with the Vanquish yard in the Netherlands working at full production to meet demand. What’s the secret behind this fast and composite driver’s boat, seventeen of which have been ordered within the first year?  From Sag Harbor to Ibiza, from the first VQ40s are already causing a sensation with their striking personalised colour schemes designed by Osiris Hertman. Outboard and inboard models alike are turning heads with their impressive speed, awesome agility and elegant appearance. Onlookers gasp in admiration, or call their broker.  Vanquish has made its name over the past seven years for sleek and powerful sports boats in aluminium. The decision in the summer of 2019 to add a composite option to its fleet was a bold move. While the Dutch yard has successfully introduced two GRP models with the VQ11 and VQ16 tender scooters, all the larger Vanquish boats in a fleet that ranges from 45 to 80 feet are fully customisable due to the use of aluminium.

Viking Best of Show

The Viking Yachts and Valhalla Boatworks display was once again a popular destination at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, with the gorgeous boats from 33 to 93 feet shining as the must-see vessels at the world’s No. 1 marine exhibition. On the second day of the show, the Viking 54 was crowned as the winner of the FLIBS “Best of Show” award. The “Best of Show” award ceremony was filmed by NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) yesterday and will be included in the 1-hour special airing on Sunday, November 1st at 4:30 pm EST on NBCSN. President and CEO Pat Healey and his sons, Sean and Justin, accepted the trophy, which is now prominently standing in the Viking display. 

Viking Dust'em Off

Excited for the upcoming sailfish season? Then break out those kites and sign up for the Dust'em Off Sailfish Warmup. Registration is now open for this low-cost tournament that focuses on fun, not formalities and frustration. The Captains' Meeting will be held at the Viking Yacht Service Center on Thursday, November 5, and will feature a Valhalla Boatworks V-33. Teams will fish the following Saturday from Miami to Jupiter, Florida and on Sunday will feature the awards through a livestream.

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