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April 7, 2024

XL Marine New Web Site

XL Marine presents its new web-site. Founded in January 2006 by Alessandro Giambalvo, Salvatore Oliviero, and Antonio di Mennato as naval architect, with all the three managers coming from a previous experience with Itama.  For this XL Marine inspired itself to the traditional fast open cruiser and yacht and to the professional roots of its founders, with clean uncluttered lines and wrap around windscreen, but with comfortable exterior and interior decks, and customization to both main cockpit living and the lower cabin deck.  XL Marine debuted with its first 43 model on 29 May 2006, what is still it's most successful model to date with fourteen units produced till 2012.  The 43 was followed by the 51 model in 2008, and the 45 in 2012.  For the time between 2015 and 2021 XL Marine has not produced any models, but was more concentrating on maintaining and refitting boats and yachts.  From 2022 guided by Salvatore Oliviero and Antonio de Mennato as naval architect, XL Marine has restarted production.  Today XL Marine offers three models 45 2024 updated model, 55 Walk Around, and 60 project.  The new XL Marine website takes you with the following buttons; Home, Chi Siamo (who we are), Gallery, Fiere ed Eventi (shows and events), e Contatti (contacts).  XL Marine is also present on social media with bottom left links taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin pages.
Production History: 
43 2006-12 (14) 
45 2012-14 (2)
51 2008-12 (7 *includes 51 HT S)
51 HT S 2012 (1)
45 (ii) 2024- (1
55 WA 2025- (1
XL Marine 43 #1 launching on 29 May 2006

August 22, 2017

New Model: XL Marine 45

Founded in 2006, XL Marine has had a good success with its 43 and 51 models, with the South Rome Italian boat builder expanding on this by launching its 45.  As information goes only one 45 has been build launched in 2014.  So why we are presenting this now?  Because pictures have been very hard to come by.  The XL 45 is based on the 43 hull extended in length and with this coming out with a totally different internal layout and bigger engines.  It is as XL Marine always stated an evolution of the species in this case of the 43 model.  Indeed thanks to this extension XL Marine 45 offers a spacious lower deck with options for a three double cabins two bathrooms and a galley, two double cabins two bathrooms plus one crew cabin with private bath and a galley, and last a more traditional two double cabin two bathrooms plus C-shaped dinette and galley.  The XL Marine 45 is also offered with a hard top option with the looks of this similar to what is offered on the 51.  XL Marine 45 is powered by twin Cummins 550hp which give top speeds up to forty knots.     
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.8 m (45.2ft)
Beam - 4.01 m
Draft - 1 m ex props
Displacement - 14000 kg 
Fuel Capacity - 1500 l
Water Capacity - 500 l
Accommodation - four berths two cabins, four berths two plus one crew cabin, six berths three cabins
Engines - 2 x Cummins 550hp
Propulsion - integrated V-drive with line shafts
Speed - 40 knots max 34 knots cruise
Hull Shape - deep Vee shape

May 27, 2013

Project: XL Marine 43 Tender

XL Marine presents the new Tender project based on the hull of its top seller and first produced 43 model.  As is paramount in the XL Marine models the 43 Tender follows on the input of traditional US and Italian open boat lines, but here this 2005 founded boat builder located in Rome Italy gives a boost to its creativity side.  See the option as in the second picture for opening side bulk heads for example to this. Criteria for the the XL Marine 43 Tender is a full walk around flush deck which bring new input to its runabout sport cruiser spirit.  The standard exterior layout features a center console helm which can be ordered with a hard top, large settee and dinette to fore, and a two by lounge sun pads at aft.  Inside the Italian builder has not given ideas of what it features but I can speculate that a shower head, small galley and double berth can be featured.  Still as XL has shown in the past years customization is very important in all its models, all the 43's are in fact different to the others with a half a dozen layouts being available, and the company declares it again for this new entry level project.  The XL Marine 43 Tender can be powered by twin diesels I imagine to a similar output to those of the standard 43.  But here again unlike the 43 delivered in fifteen units so far XL Marine can also put surface drives propulsion units and allows max speeds up to fifty knots.

May 9, 2013

Project: XL Marine 76

Its a difficult time for many boat builders in Europe and Italy, but non the less some of these are still bringing interesting projects to the market in order to create reaction from clients.  XL Marine is one these builders who after presenting the projects of a 60, and 65 models in the past, adds to this a new 76 flagship.  This new 76 is still just a rendering but proposes in bigger dimensions the features which are found in all the Rome Italian builder models.  A classic open sport yacht with flash deck, squared stern, and rounded windshield.  Also in this model XL Marine shows again the hard top which the company proposed in some designs some years ago, but launching its first model with this feature the past Summer with the 51 S.  As for even the small 43, the 76 will follow the principle of XL Marine of a very custom layout plan, which can offer up to four double guest cabins.  Performance although not yet announced is to follow XL Marine traditional speed numbers from mid to high thirties and above forty knots if one chooses large engines and surface drive propulsion units.

November 7, 2012

New Model: XL Marine 51 HT S

After showing us the renderings of the 51 HT back last year in 2011, XL Marine finally launch and put this latest model into the water this summer 2012.  Unlike the announced project the first of the 51 HT was also an S version, which means it is equipped with the high speeds surface drive propulsion, increasing top end performance by around fifteen per cent.  Always very custom in its details so far in all the models produced the 51 HT S also featured some distinctive details, as a sofa to port in replacement of a wet bar in the cockpit, and an aft crew cabin.  For the lower deck the owner of the XL Marine 51 HT S decided for the standard more traditional layout with owners room to fore, VIP cabin to port, and a twin berths cabin at starboard, with an L-shaped saloon and galley in between the cabins.  Two shower heads serve the cabins to forward, one en-suite for the owner to port, and the other for the guests opposite.  Finishing for this launch is in white sprayed wood, with floor and table tops in Wenge.  Power for this model is from the large choice of twin MAN 1000hp with Arneson surface drives propulsion giving max speed of 45 knots, and 40 of cruise.  Worth to note that in the initial test with larger propellers and a light load the XL Marine 51 HT S achieved 49 knots top end, but the central Italian boat builder decided for a more conservative choice delivering also better lower planning speeds.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.54 m (50.9ft)
Hull Length - 14.35 m
Beam - 4.50 m
Draft - 1.40 m
Displacement - 20.5 t
Fuel Capacity - 2600 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x MAN 8v 1000hp
Propulsion - Arneson surface drives ASD12 with 5 blade props
Speed - 45 knots max, 40 knots cruise
Construction - Vinilester resin infused, single skin bottom, foam cored sides and upper structure. 
Certification - CE A

September 8, 2011

Project: XL Marine 51 HT

After launching the first XL Marine 51 in 2008, and following it with four more builds as at 2011, this Italian builder presents the project for an HT for hard top version.  This new XL Marine 51 HT offers more easy all year usage of the 51 with the benefit of a hard top version complimenting the very open features.  The XL Marine 51 as all the models of the central Italian builder presents a very traditional line with flush fore deck and rounded windshield being its distinct characteristics.  All XL Marine also offer a custom approach with the 51 offering a choice of four different lower deck plans which can suit various owners tastes from a two cabins plus crew, to a three room interior for guests.  Standard power is twin MAN 800hp engines which give a top speed of 37 knots.

August 2, 2011

Project: XL Marine 45

XL Marine presents a project for a new 45 model, the fifth of this young six years old company, but with a lot of experience in its management and workers.  This new XL Marine is based on the lines of the first 2006 created XL Marine the 43 with an extension in hull length of sixty centimeters, and lots of more accommodation inside.  Like the current entry level 43, the 45 will offer a variation of various internal layouts and is based on very traditional lines, flush deck both on top and in the cockpit, and single floor also for the interior.  A hard top which does not take anything from the classic line of the 45 is shown in all renderings so far provided meaning this to be standard, but I am sure if one desires a full open version the Rome based XL Marine will provide.  The South Rome company has shown high flexibility and large customisation to all the models launched so far in both the 43 and 51 sizes.  Three total internal layouts are so far shown offering diverse plans to suite different owners needs.  As shown above with three guest cabins, two heads and galley.  Two cabins, two heads, one crew cabin with head and galley.  Two cabins, two heads, C-shaped sofa, and galley hear moving to port side.  In all layouts the owners room is to fore and its shower head is en suite.  The cockpit keeps the traditional simple pure and Mediterranean layout with sun pad aft which can transform to an extra C-shaped dinette, C-shape dinette to starboard, wet bar, and helm station located to port.  Power is standard Cummins 550hp or optional 600 with top speeds estimates being in the region of 37 knots.

October 23, 2009

Projects: XL Marine 65, XL Marine 58

XL Marine started up in 2006 first with the 43, and in 2008 follows its expansion with the launch of the 51. Now this Italian builder upgrades its range with two further bigger project models, the 65 and 58. The 65 above which will be XL Marine future flagship will continue this Rome builder philosophy of offering a variety of choices to its customers not only for the fittings of there Sport Yacht, but also for the layout plan. A concept which is part of XL Marine also for the smaller 43 and 51 models. Just to give an idea, the 65 will be offered with hard top or without, and will also offer three different interior plans one of which offers four double guest cabins, three heads, separate galley, and two person crew cabin aft. Performance is an estimated forty knots max, with twin MAN 1550hp, while standard MAN 1360hp give 38 knots. Designer Gianfrano Di Mennato follows a keel shape with classic deep vee twenty two degrees dead rise aft, tradition again a symbol for XL Marine above and below the waterline. The XL Marine 58 pictured above is the other bigger model from this Italian builder which wants to compete with other historical yards in pure open type Sport Yachts. The 58 as all the other XL Marine follows the philosophy of the builder, saying that real luxury is choosing, offering also here a variety of choices, like optional hard top, teak side decks and so on. The standard interior layout is offered with three double cabins, plus a crew cabin aft. XL Marine have so far presented a single plan but as the smaller models, and bigger 65 project expect more to come. Twin MAN 1150hp power the twenty two degrees Di Mennato designed deep vee to a top speed of 37 knots. The project of the 58 is also ready on preliminary format, and now waiting for a real customer to make the signs on the dots so to go from papers to a fiberglass reality.

September 11, 2008

New Model: XL Marine 51

A young shipyard XL marine founded in 2005, by people who used to be part of the Itama design team before the Ferretti take over. While the good period of the sector brings many new companies forming out nowadays, PowerYacht selects those who show a vision for the future and we think XL Marine is one of these. It presented it first model the 43 in 2006, which as beginning 2008 was delivered in nine hulls and now last July in Naples it presented to its clients and friends this new 51 model. The 51 is an interesting offshore sport yacht, based as all XL Marines on a deep vee hull with 22 degrees aft and pure classic timeless lines which never get out of fashion. Another interesting feature of the XL marine is the accommodation, which is really impressive considering the lines outside offering a two cabin two head plus crew with head interior as was for hull number one, or a three cabin two head option, with the third cabin replacing the crew cabin. Performance by twin 800hp MAN engines is a 38 knots top speed, with a 32 knots cruising. An alternative more powerful 900hp units are available, but data for this option is so far not available. XL marine sold two from design renderings of the 51, being a young company this is an impressive result. The 51 has also a hard top available as optional, completing it with this extra as a stylish all weather boat.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.54 m (50.9ft)
Hull Length - 14.35 m
Beam - 4.50 m
Draft - 1.45 m
Fuel Capacity - 2200 l
Water Capacity - 500 l
Displacement - 18 t
Accommodation - 2 cabins with 2 heads plus crew cabin with head, 3 cabins with 3 heads
Engines - 2 x MAN V6 Crm 800hp, V8 Cr 900hp
Propulsion - integrated Vee drive line shaft
Speeds - 38 knot max, 32 knots cruising with Man 800hp
Hull Shape - deep vee with spray rails 22 degrees dead rise aft
Design - Antonio di Mennato
Certification - CE A for 12 persons