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February 24, 2024

Project: Ferretti InFynito 80

Ferretti expand the InFynito range presenting the second 80 model project of the line up, following the InFynito 90 which in the second half of 2023. Set to debut in the fall of this year the InFynito 80 builds on the range’s typical characteristics: environmental friendliness, unprecedented flexibility and innovative layouts, as magnificently embodied in the iconic All-Season Terrace. Other strengths include the yacht’s versatility, with a sundeck that can be open or semi-closed, and the sheer size, above average for the segment, of the exterior surface area covered and protected by the hard top or superstructure. Built at the recently purchased new Marina di Ravenna shipyard, Ferretti Yachts’ InFynito 80 is the result of collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee chaired by Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, with exterior design by Filippo Salvetti and interiors by design firm Ideaeitalia. InFynito 80 willl have an overall length of over 23 meters, and a maximum beam of six meters plus and is designed to offer lovers of the sea a new and gratifying experience in highly customisable spaces where interiors and exteriors blend into one another. Ferretti's new InFynito 80 also features the Group’s F.S.E.A. technology, a package of environmentally friendly cruising solutions. They include an integrated system that stores the solar energy collected by the photovoltaic panels installed on the hard top in an Energy Bank, which consists of fourteen high-density lithium batteries that deliver more energy at the same time as guaranteeing a favourable weight-power ratio. The battery pack is in the engine room, in watertight steel containers fitted with temperature monitoring sensors. There was also a special focus on the use of green materials, such as natural and bamboo fabrics, regenerated leather and recyclable materials, ecological water-based paints and lamellar teak with FSC 5 certification, used throughout the exteriors. An overview of the various decks highlights the main deck astern, with a generous eighteen square metres dedicated to a beach area that features a sea-view couch incorporating a generous storage unit. There is also a stern platform with a linear lift for launching and hauling up the tender. The nineteen squared meters cockpit has a living area with free-standing furniture for greater flexibility in terms of layout and use. In the 29 squared meters interior saloon, the dining room of the standard version can be replaced by a show kitchen with a bar counter and stools. The yacht’s main galley is at the forward end of the main deck, with an electrically operated sliding glass door providing direct access to the All-Season Terrace. The hallmark of the range is its iconic covered terrace, sheltered by an extension to the superstructure for protection in all weather conditions and total privacy. On INFynito 80, the thirteen squared meters terrace can be configured as a dinette, with seating and an extending table, or as a bar counter. The raised helm station provides excellent visibility and is accessed by a staircase in the centre of the main deck. The upper deck, which is closed on bigger 90 sister, will be a totally open sundeck in the standard version, and a semi-closed one with glass panels as an option on this InFynito 80. The hard top provides shade for the entire dining area and foredeck. The stern section of the upper deck is a sunbathing area with free-standing furniture and an outdoor galley. The 43 squared meters lower deck has a master stateroom at the midships, a VIP suite forward, and two guest cabins. The crew quarters contain two cabins sleeping a total of three people. Ferertti InFynito 80 is to be powered by twin Man 1200hp or optional 1400hp engines for speeds up to 23 knots and a cruise of eighteen, and a range of up to one thousand nautical miles at twelve knots.

February 2, 2024

New Model: Ferretti 1000 Skydeck

For the year 2023 Ferretti Yachts presented the new 1000 Skydeck. An enclosed bridge version of the Ferretti 1000 which debuted in 2021, the 1000 Skydeck is mostly designed for the North American market.  The enclosed bridge in the Ferretti 1000 Skydeck takes about half of the available space in the top deck, and offers a large L-shaped settee to starboard with opposite entertainment area. To starboard is also a twin seat helm station with access to the side decks.  Opening the patio door of the Skydeck leads to a free aft area fitted with an L-shaped bar and three stools to starboard.  For the remaining the Filippo Salvetti designed 1000 Skydeck, keeps the same features of the Ferretti Yachts flagship, a raised pilot house design which offers four guest suites on the lower deck, and a master stateroom on the forward part of the main deck.  The Ferretti 1000 Skydeck also offers three cabins for five crew with this area also including a lobby with a small L-shaped lounger, all located on the forward part of the main deck.  The Ferretti 1000 Skydeck is powered by twin MTU 2186hp or 2400hp for top speeds up to 28 knots with the bigger engine option.
Technical Data:
LOA - 30.13 m (98.9ft)
Hull Length - 23.9 m
Beam - 6.81 m
Draft - 2.29 m
Displacement - 98000 kg unloaded, 111,000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 9000 l
Water Capacity - 1320 l
Max Persons - twenty
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V2000M86 2186hp, 16V2000M96L 2400hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 24 knots 20 cruise with 2186hp, 28 knots max 24 cruise with MTU 2450hp
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, IdeaeItalia interior, Ferretti Group naval architecture
Certification - CE A, modules B+F+A1 sound emissions RINA 

September 22, 2023

New Model: Ferretti InFynito 90

Since 1991 and the Buzzi designed sixty knots plus fast 48 High Performance, Ferretti has seldom went out of its comfort zone of offering something beside a flybridge yacht.  Yes we had the 2005 presented Altura range, which had an innovative Mediterrean way use of the aft-cabin debuting with the 690 and then followed with the larger 840 in 2008, but these where very much a Ferretti flybridge with a different location for the master room.  The InFynito 90 is on the other hand a different Ferretti to all that came before her, offering exploring looks in a pocket super yacht 26 meter size, and a semi displacement hull which cruises peacefully in mid-tens speed.  Designed by Filippo Salvetti, the creator of Ferretti Yacht's since 2018, the InFynito 90 is innovative in its design and use of space, offering one hundred square meters of exterior spaces, and 140 sqm of interiors.  The extra space is important here, but the stand-out feature in the InFynito 90 is its foredeck, which offers a covered outdoor space with 270 degrees views, yet in a protected environment. The InFynito 90 is also semi-custom build, offering a variety of choices from the main deck offered with two galley options and for a master stateroom option forward, to the lower deck available in four cabins as standard, or the fourth cabin replaced by a multi-purpose room.  Other options are available for the exterior, with a central sun-pad option replacing the standard free aft deck space, and the fore-deck area available in a splash-pool with wrapped around settee, or an L-shaped settee in replacement to the standard L-shaped lounger.  The Ferretti InFynito 90 is powered by standard Man 1550hp or twin 1800hp engines for speeds up to 22 knots from the the large option, and a sweet cruise in the mid tens.
Technical Data:
LOA - 26.97 m (88.6ft)
Hull Length - 23.9 m
Beam - 7.33 m
Draft - 
Displacement - 96,000 kg unloaded, 111,000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 11500 l
Water Capacity - 1800 l
Max Persons - twenty
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, or eight guests in four cabins, 4 crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1550hp, or V12 1800hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 20 knots max 15 cruise with 1550hp, 22 max 17 cruise with 1800hp
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, IdeaItalia interior, Ferretti Group engineering
Certification - CE A, module B+F+B1 RINA  

April 2, 2023

Project: Ferretti 1000 Skydeck

The determination of Ferretti to keep raising the standards of comfort and liveability has produced a spectacular new version of the brand’s 1000 model flagship. The Skydeck edition of Ferretti Yachts 1000, is a success story for the Forlì-based shipyard with an upper deck redesigned to create an enclosed, sheltered space that can be enjoyed year-round and conveys the breath-taking feeling of being able to touch the sky.  The first unit of the new model is planned for launch in June 2023, while the yacht’s official debut will be at the Fort Lauderdale 2023 boat show. The Ferretti 1000 Skydeck is the usual collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee led by Piero Ferrari, the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, architect Filippo Salvetti for exterior styling and Ideaeitalia interior design, Ferretti Yachts 1000 Skydeck showcases the brand’s signature values of comfort, Italianness, timeless design and craftsmanship. The Skydeck stands out from the 2020 launcehd 1000 with the new feature for a fully glazed upper deck connected to the aft terrace by a full-height sliding glass door. The result is a second lounge for the owner and guests to enjoy in any weather and whatever the time of year or day. Perfectly coordinated with the interiors, the décor features the same types of wood in a play of contrasts between warm hues and paler, more delicate shades. The Skydeck can be fitted with air conditioning and the shutter slats in the hard top can be opened for natural ventilation. A stairway from the bridge provides indoor access to the deck, which can also be reached from outdoors using the stairway connecting it to the cockpit, while a side door leads to the bow area. The outdoor terrace is another inviting space designed for conviviality with a fiberglass bar unit and stools, while the stern area can be fitted out with free standing furniture chosen to reflect the Owner’s tastes.  Following in the footsteps of Ferretti 1000, the new Skydeck version is versatile and suited to all markets, with interior design solutions that adapt to meet different needs. The yacht’s sporty exterior styling is counterpointed by comfort and wellbeing, the signature features of both the outdoor spaces and the interiors, where the suavely understated design, featuring clean lines and sophisticated materials, conveys a sense of refined luxury and is the ideal interpretation of the values expressed by the “Just Like Home” claim.

February 16, 2023

New Model: Ferretti 580

At the first appointment of 2023 in Dusseldorf Germany Ferretti was full guns blazing, launching its awaited 580 model, announcing the new InFYnito range, and also showing project details for the sister CustomLine brand.  The Ferretti 580 continues the design transition as started by Filippo Salvetti in 2018 with the 670, and replaces the seven years successful 550 model. Like the 550, the 580 is Ferretti in its preferred size, where its design really excels to give something different and unique, thanks to the sporty low profiled flybridge which gives a distinctive line. The Ferretti 580 is a totally new yacht to the 550; longer in length, beamier, and will also feature bigger engines and fuel capacity.  With the 580 Ferretti also return to the disappearing patio door window, a distinct feature of the brand since the eighties up until the 2015 launched 550.  The Ferretti 580 offers an astern galley layout main deck, with a three double cabins lower deck, including of which is a large owners stateroom at midships.  The 580 features a few options, from an aft single berth crew cabin, to a hardtop on the flybridge, and third head layout choice. Power from the Ferretti 580 comes from twin standard Volvo 900hp and or optional 1000hp, which give top speeds of 28 and 32 knots respectively.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.24 m (59.9ft)
Hull Length - 16.9 m
Beam - 5 m
Draft - 1.5 m
Displacement - 35,500 kg loaded, 29,500 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3250 l
Water Capacity - 700 l
Max Persons - fourteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, optional one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 900hp, D13 1000hp
Propulsion - V-drive line shaft
Speed - 28 knots max 24 cruise 900hp, 32 knots max 26 cruise Volvo 1000hp
Project - Filippo Salvetti, Ferretti Group engineering
Certification - RINA CE A modules B+F+A1 

February 3, 2023

Project: Ferretti InFYnito 90

Announced in 2022 Ferretti shows the details of the first InFYnito project, a super yacht of just under 26 meters in length over all set to debut later on in this 2023 year.  Its the third in Ferretti's history that the name deviates from its traditional flybridge line, the first was in early nineties with the HP high performance line which only featured one 48 model, the second was with the Altura aft cabin yacht presented in 2005 with the 690 and then added with an 840 in 2008.  Ferretti InFYnito is all about extending life on board, an explorer inspired superyacht where the dialogue between interior and exterior gives a feeling of total fulfilment. The new range, which contains the brand’s initials FY in its name, introduces a style that gives shape to owners new needs: seamless contact with the surrounding environment, more sustainable materials and navigation, custom detailing, and a direct link with the sea and the sky. The key innovation is visual continuity between interiors and exteriors, connecting the yacht to the horizon as never before. This is how the experience becomes infinite: with no more limits and boundaries, the view sweeps far and wide and navigation is more authentic and personal. The understated design is clean and balanced, expressing a more natural and sustainable approach to cruising increasingly embraced by owners. Ferretti Yachts InFYnito is the result of collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. The exterior design and hulls are by Filippo Salvetti, while the interiors are the work of Ideaeitalia. The first model in the new range to debut in 2023 is Ferretti Yachts InFYnito 90. With a length of just under 27 metres and hull length under 24 metres and therefore classified as a recreational craft with CE certification.  A maximum beam of seven meters, the yacht is designed to give cruising enthusiasts an incomparable new experience. The outdoor and indoor settings blend into one another in an unparalleled continuum, creating spaces that can be customized and are more generous than the standard in the category. With over 100 square metres of open-air living spaces which is about double to the segment average and over 140 square metres of interiors over 25% to the usal, including a main deck and a sky-lounge featuring particularly impressive volumes, the new Ferretti Yachts InFYnito 90 is a clear stand-out in the market. Owners can also choose between different layouts for each deck, ranging from open-plan spaces to more formal settings reserved for day and night time privacy, offering an experience that can be fully customized according to personal needs. Ferretti InFYnito 90 is fitted with standard twin Man 1550hp and or optional 1800hp engines.  The larger engines give the InFYnito 90 a top speed of 22 knots and a cruise of seventeen, while a range of 1,200 nautical miles is possible at an economy cruising speed of twelve knots. Ferretti Yachts InFYnito is a range inspired by explorer vessels, boats designed for long voyages and to welcome guests in total comfort, giving the owner that “just like home” feeling in the intimacy, safety and relaxing atmosphere of a space that embodies this concept. The new range will also introduce F.S.E.A. Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture to the industry, a package of environmentally friendly cruising solutions. They include a solar roof that generates electricity and charges a lithium battery pack to power onboard services. This technology lets the owner and guests enjoy the yacht in hotel mode, creating an atmosphere of total relaxation with zero emissions everywhere on board. The choice of greener materials is also significant: ecological paints, sustainable teak, recyclable fabrics and leathers. The new range will also feature a brand new generation of ultra-high efficiency hulls, offering unprecedented levels of comfort at low speeds and fast displacement performance over twenty knots. The cruising range values are also unprecedented, allowing the owner to reach faraway destinations in total comfort and relaxation. Another key point of the new range is the development of the Main Deck, where the view sweeps seamlessly from interior to exterior and from bow to stern. The design of this space is one of the Ferretti InFYnito’s most distinctive and iconic features, offering a ground-breaking all season terrace that apart being spectacular is inviting, atmospheric, hidden from prying eyes at the quayside and functional at sea in all weather conditions.

July 3, 2022

New Model: Ferretti 860

The symphony begins, and the perception is one of total harmony. The launch of the first Ferretti Yachts 860 brings the yachting world a pocket super yacht featuring cutting-edge design solutions shown off with elegant ‘Made in Italy’ style. Eight months after the presentation of the project, which has a special focus on comfort, wellbeing and outstanding performance, the first unit hit the water on 22 June and will be handed over to the owner for her maiden cruise in the Mediterranean. The first unit of Ferretti 860 has been built for an Italian owner who loves her contemporary design and the versatile interiors and exteriors, all combined with a superb cruising experience. This owner choose the Classic Mood version translating into warm, dark colors with bold contrasts that highlight the impressive size but light touch of a yacht featuring maximum continuity between exteriors and interiors, pointed up by the opening window at starboard. Stylistic evolution and the focus on architectural details distils the Ferretti’s design vision into features of the décor, such as the Art Deco-inspired curves and the large helical staircase linking the main deck to the lower deck, towards the interior layout’s center of gravity. The goal is to create a new harmony that establishes the ideal sophisticated atmosphere on board, in line with the brand’s contemporary “Just like Home” concept that is now a synonym for comfort, Italian style, timeless design and craftsmanship. The result of collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, the 860 marks the fifth yacht developed by architect Filippo Salvetti for exterior design and the third in union with IdeaeItalia for the interiors. After her maiden cruise in the Mediterranean, the yacht will be one of the stars of the Ferretti Group Private Preview in Monte Carlo and make its world debut at the Cannes Boat Show in September 2022.
Technical Data:
LOA - 26.95 m (88.5ft)
Hull Length - 23.9 m
Beam - 6.22 m
Draft - 2 m
Displacement - 100 gt volume
Fuel Capacity - 7000 l
Water Capacity - 1400 l
Max Persons - twenty
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins, three/four crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1800hp, V12 2000hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 32 knots max 27 knots cruise Man 2000hp, 28 knots max 24 knots cruise Man 1800hp
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, IdeaeItalia interior, Ferretti Group engineering
Certification - Rina CE A, module B+F+Aa sound emissions

May 17, 2022

Project: Ferretti 580

Ferretti present the project for a new 580 model.  A flybridge motor yacht with fluid lines designed by Filippo Salvetti, who with this latest addition is on his sixth Ferretti flybridge motor yacht design. With the 580 Salvetti brings similar lines to those shown in the 500 model launched in the fall of 2020, and in the same time presents an evolution of the 2015 presented Zuccon designed 550, which has been a success for Ferretti.  The Ferretti 580 will be offered in two lower deck layout choices, for a three cabins two heads, this offering the midships master stateroom with vanity, and or an optional three bathroom layout. In the optional three bathroom layout the vanity in the master is replaced by a third en-suite.  The main deck of the Ferretti 580 will offer a standard layout of an astern galley, while the flybridge motor yacht will offer two finishing choices called Classic offering warmer finishes, and Contemporary which offers a more modern minimalist style.  The Ferretti 580 is to be powered by twin Volvo 900hp or optional 1000hp engines.  The first unit is set to launch in the fall of 2022 with World wide launch scheduled for the Dusseldorf boat show 2023.

January 7, 2022

Project: Ferretti 860

Ferretti Yachts gears up to bring a new symphony to life: Ferretti Yachts 860 project. The flybridge super yacht created by the Cattolica-based Shipyard features cutting-edge design and technology solutions, where the stylistic and architectural elements work together in harmony right down to the tiniest detail. This unique pocket super yacht with her eye-catching design stands out for comfort, a strong focus on well-being, outstanding performance, optimisation of space, and multiple opportunities to customise the settings, all with the elegance of Made in Italy style. The result collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, Ferretti Yachts 860 is the third yacht developed by architect Filippo Salvetti for exterior design and Ideaitalia for the interiors. The yacht’s exteriors feature a number of innovations that improve on market standards in her segment. They include: the introduction of floor-to-ceiling windows and glass fashion plates, which punctuate the sleek, powerful silhouette and characterise her contours; the windows in the hull and superstructure that share the same family feeling as the brand’s latest models. The interior design is even more radical and striking, dominated by harmonious, flowing lines set off by several distinctive accents. The stand-out features are the helical staircase on the main deck, which leads down to the lower deck and around which the entire layout develops, the freestanding furniture, and the clean geometrical curves inspired by Art Deco, creating a perfect synthesis of sophisticated yet understated design. The versatility of the interiors translates into a project that leaves the owner ample choice to design their own onboard experience. Here too, the sense of seamless continuity between interiors and exteriors is encouraged by opening windows in both hull sides. This blend of styles and trends is now a distinctive feature of the new Ferretti Yachts, taking its cue from the “Just Like Home” concept: comfort, timeless design and craftsmanship. Also noteworthy is the evolution of stylistic features, dominated by the rich architectural details that characterise many of the structural and interior design elements on board. Classic cabinetry alternates with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. Ferretti Yachts 860 will be available in Classic and Contemporary moods: the first featuring darker, warmer colours and striking contrasts, the second with paler, cooler colours, characterised by tone-on-tone shades through to total white. The layout of the lower deck provides four cabins: the master cabin midships, the VIP cabin forward, and two doubles: one with a double bed, one with twin beds, and both with ensuite bathrooms. The kitchen is multifunctional based on market requirements, with the semi-raised helm station forward, clearly separated from the guest area, and passenger flows are organised specifically to increase the levels of privacy of the owner and their guests, with the galley and service area separated from the lounge by sliding doors and the helm station providing direct access to the crew quarters, which contain two double cabins with private bathrooms. On board, the brand’s best-loved features are re-interpreted in an evolved form. The result is maximum continuity between indoor and outdoor settings, with the exteriors providing spaces for conviviality and relaxation that echo the interior finishings and furnishings, extending the areas for socialising and privacy on board. The cockpit is a spacious area with a glass parapet at the stern, furnished with two facing sofas and a large central table. The beach area can be entered from either side of the yacht and provides access to the garage, which can contain two water toys, a 3.95 m tender and a two-seater jet ski, representing a valuable plus point in this segment of the market. Other highlights include the possibility of configuring the flybridge with freestanding furniture alongside a big multi-function bar unit, the dinette area seating eight, and an optional jacuzzi on the aft deck. Absolute comfort is guaranteed by a hard top available in three different configurations: fixed glass, opening glass, or with shading blades. The foredeck features a space that can be converted from a dining area into a spacious sun pad. Ferretti Yachts 860 will be equipped with twin Man 2000hp, giving her a cruising speed of 27 knots and a top speed of 32 knots. Also available is a version with two Man 1800hp, for a cruising speed of 24 knots and a top speed of 28 knots. Seakeeper stabilizer or Zero Speed hydraulic fin systems can be installed on request according to individual navigating and mooring needs.

August 30, 2021

Improve-it = Ferretti 780

Restyling or new model? Ferretti Yachts 780 has so many new style and design features that one possibly can speak about it as a new model, acknowledging the profound changes at both aesthetic and functional level.  The result of collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, and Ideaeitalia for the interior design, Ferretti Yachts 780 has been rethought to align it with the family feeling of the new fleet, reprising and evolving the stylistic hallmarks introduced in the latest 500 and 1000 models.  The new features introduced by the restyling range from the adding of larger glazed surfaces in the hull, serving the lower deck cabins and giving the yacht’s sleek and streamlined profile an even sportier look, to the new layout and decor of the flybridge, with a larger central bar area in the standard layout. The major redesign of the interiors introduces several highly appreciated new features found on the latest models in the range, including a choice of two décor moods: Classic, with warmer and more traditional colours inspired by the island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples; and Contemporary, a more urban and modern look with cooler colourways inspired by Taormina in Sicily. The first new-era Ferretti Yachts 780 presented will feature the Classic mood.  Ferretti 780 is standard powered by twin Man 14000hp engines which give top speed up to 28 knots, and or optional 1550hp engines giving 31 knots.

April 11, 2021

New Model: Ferretti 1000

Ferretti launch the much awaited new 1000 model in Cattolica, with this first unit ordered by a French customer.  The 1000 supersedes the 960 as the largest yacht ever built by Ferretti, outside and excluding the semi-custom Customline brand.  The launch represents the culmination of a design process driven by the quest for perfection: extraordinary investments in Research and Development, thousands of hours of naval design, long-term mould prototyping at the Plug and Mould factory in Forlì, and the equally long and delicate construction phase at the Cattolica shipyard. The result is a remarkable new flagship made up of talent and technology, the ability to innovate and craftsmanship.  Majestic, versatile and suited to all markets, Ferretti Yachts 1000 reshapes space and changes the whole approach to life on board with unprecedented design solutions and an interior mood in Classic style, featuring soft, balanced colour tones and subtle contrasts. At the heart of the project is the idea of unparalleled comfort and wellbeing in both outdoor and indoor areas, where quintessential ‘Made in Italy’ taste prevails. The suavely understated design, featuring clean lines and sophisticated materials, conveys a sense of refined luxury and is the ideal interpretation of the values expressed by the “Just Like Home” claim: comfort, Italian style, timeless design and craftsmanship.  While only just unveiled, Ferretti Yacht s 1000 looks set to be a huge success and the first three units have already been sold.  Ferretti Yachts 1000 is the result of collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, architect Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors and Ideaeitalia for the new interior concept.
Technical Data:
LOA - 30.13 m (98.9ft)
Hull Length - 23.98 m
Beam - 6.81 m
Draft - 2.28 m
Displacement - 102000 kg unloaded, 118000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 9000 l
Water Capacity - 1320 l
Max Persons - 20 
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V2000 M86 2000hp, 16V2000 M96L 2600hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 24 knots max 20 knots cruise with 2000hp, 28 knots max 24 knots cruise with 2600hp
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, IdeaeItalia interior
Certification - CE A, classification B+F+Aa RINA 

October 19, 2020

New Model: Ferretti 500

Ferretti continue to renew itself and towards the end of Summer 2020 they launched the new 500 model.  Designed by Filippo Salvetti, the 500 is the third Ferretti for the Italian designer having started with the 670 in 2018.  The new 500 is pure Ferretti DNA, see low profile flybridge a style which has characterized the brand since ever.  The Ferretti 500 features a three double cabins accommodation, full beam midships master cabin, and VIP forward, and a bunk twin berth cabin to starboard.  A two cabin version is also available this featuring larger shower heads, but also a walk-in wardrobe for the VIP suite forward.  A single berth crew cabin is located aft.  All living is located on the main deck which features the today popular, but Ferretti introduced in 2005 on the 630 astern galley layout.  The Ferretti 500 is powered by twin Cummins 550hp in line shaft propulsion giving top speeds up to thirty knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.33 m (50.4ft)
Waterline Length - 13.8 m
Beam - 4.33 m
Draft - 1.23 m
Displacement - 18500 kg unloaded, 22000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1400 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or four berths in two cabin, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB 6.7 550hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 30 knots max 25 knots cruise
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, Ferretti engineering for naval architecture
Certification - CE B, modules B + F + Aa IMCI

July 12, 2020

Ferretti New Web Site

Ferretti Yachts presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Ferretti started up in 1968 with brothers Norberto and Alessandro expanding their car selling business into boat and yacht selling, with Chris Craft, Italcraft, and Sanlorenzo brands dealership.  Three years after this in 1971 Ferretti present their first boat a ten meter motor sailor build in a collaboration with Franchini of wood, who also designs the boat.  In 1980 Ferretti start the work to enter into motor boating, which leads to the Altura 38 Fly designed by race legend Fabio Buzzi debuting in 1982, which is Roadster and Estate versions a year later.  After a total of twelve models from the nine meter Meneghino to the nineteen meter Altura 61 the last Ferretti sail boat was build in 1988, and showed the innovation with the company being a pioneer in the raised saloon style, and today having a following in the used brokerage market.  After a total switch from sail to power the scope of the marque for innovation, quality and bigger boats takes a new step and in 1987 as Ferretti builds its first boat over fifty feet with the 52 Altura model, and in 1997 also presents its first super yacht over eighty feet with the 80 model.  An important step for Ferretti was also made in 1990 when Rome designer Giovanni Zuccon takes over from Pusceddu, his first design being the 54 model later renamed to 175 Fly and 60 produced till 1997.  From there onward Ferretti and Zuccon worked together non stop till 2017 with all the models of the Forli company designed by the renowned Italian designer.  From 2018 onward the new Ferretti designer is Filippo Salvetti who has designed the latest new four models; 670, 720, 500 and 1000.  In 1996 Ferretti founded Ferretti Custom Line, as a line with its aim of building bigger super yachts outside the Forli and Cattolica factories, with the first model the 94 launching in 1998.  The largest Ferretti build will be the 1000, to be launched this year, while under the Ferretti Custom Line the flagship is the Navetta 42. The Ferretti Custom Line was the catalyst for the company to form Ferretti Group from 1996 onward which today features eight very important and signature distinctive Italian brands.  Ferretti innovative spirit has always been part of its DNA and over the years the Italian brand has made important World firsts which have changed motor boating not only to the Italian company but also to all the boating World.  One of the most important strike of genius was the extended integrated bathing platform idle for tender storage first shown in 1985 on the 49 Altura, before this it was the folding up patio door window system which fully connected exterior and interior main decks, then we have the Anti Rolling Gyro developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi in 2004, and in 2005 Ferretti also pioneered the astern galley layout in the 630 model.  Ferretti also competed in offshore racing winning the top Class One tier World championship in 1994 and 1997, and European title in 1995 and 1997 with Norberto Ferretti at the helm.  Ferretti currently produces nine models from the entry level new 500, with the flagship being the soon to launch 1000 thirty meter super yacht.  Ferretti new web site is available in American, Italian, and Chinese language and takes you around with the following buttons; Fleet, Philosophy, News and Events, Customer Care, Dealer and Service Network, Contacts, and Pre-Owned.  Ferretti is also on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pintrest, and Twitter with a link to these available at the bottom of the page. 
Production History:
Altura 38 Fly 1982-86 (44) *includes Estate and Roadster versions
Altura 38 Roadster 1983-87 (44) *includes Estate and Fly versions
Altura 38 Estate 1983-87 (44) *includes Fly and Roadster versions
Altura 35 Portorotondo 1984-87
Altura 46/49 1984-86 (40+) includes Altura 52
Altura 44 1986-88
Altura 40 1986-89
Altura 47 Open 1987-90
Altura 52 1987-88 (40+) includes Altura 46/49
36 Fly 1987-90 (30+-)
34 Fisherman 1987-92 
Altura 40 Roadster 1988-91 (20+-)
Altura 52 S 1988-92 (50+-)
Altura 44 S 1989-92 (40+-)
39 Fly 1989-92 (71)
Altura 47 S 1990-92
45 Fly/145 (93-94) 1991-94 (10+-)
Altura 58 1991-92 *project 56 Fly (40+) includes 185/185 S/65
54 Fly/175/60 1991/93/97 (40+-)  Zuccon design
48 High Performance 1992-93
185/185 S/65 1993/95-97 (40+) includes Altura 58 *project 58S Fly 
43 Fly /135/135 S 1993-97 
165/55 1993-96/97 (40+-) *project 50 Fly
225 1993-96 (12)
120 1993-97 *project 40 Fly
150 1994-97 (30+-)
70 1996-97 *project 210
43 97-99
53 1997-2003 (110) *build no. includes 530
62 1997-99
80 1997-2001 (45)
80 RPH 1997-2001 (7)
72 98-2002
57 Anniversay 1998
46 1999-2001
57 1999-2002
68 1999-2003
430 1999-2003
620 2000-04 (30+-)
480 2001-03
76 2001-04
730 2002-04
810 2002-05 (10)
810 RPH 2002-04
500 2004-07
460 2004-08 (120)
530 2004-08 (110) *includes 53
731 2004-09
590 2003-05
680 2003-07
880 2003-06 (14)
780 2004-09
550 2004-07
Altura 690 2005-09
630 2005-08
830 2005-12 (42)
591 2006-07
881 2006-12 (17)
510/530 2007/10-14
551 2007-09
881 RPH 2007-12 (8)
631 2008-11
592  2008-10
470  2008-10
740  2009-11
560/570 2009/10-14
Altura 840 - 2008-12 (10)
620 2010-12
800 2010-15 (15)
500 2011-15
720 2011-13
870 2012-16 (11)
690 2012-15
750 2013-17
960 2013-21 (20)
650 2014-17
700 2015-18
550 2015-22 
450 2016-20
850 2016-2021 (30)
920 2017- (31
780 2017- (40
670 2018-  Filippo Salvetti design
720 2019-
500 2020-
1000 2021- (20
860 2022- (16
580 2023-
1000 Skydeck 2023-
InFYnito 90 2023-

March 8, 2020

Project: Ferretti 1000

During the Dusseldorf boat show 2020 Ferretti presented the project for a new flagship the 1000 model.  This model replaces the 960 as the largest Ferretti Yacht ever built, that is excluding the separate but connected Custom Line brand.  The 1000 continues exterior design duties entrusted to Filippo Salvetti, while the interior is to be designed by IdeaeItalia.  As the above rendering shows the 1000 is a raised pilot house type super yacht, and Ferretti Group emphasized two things for this model; volume citing it as the most spacious super yacht in its size and type, and the use for a lot of carbon fiber to reduce weight. According to Ferretti the 1000 will also have a revolutionary stern area.  

February 4, 2020

Project: Ferretti 500

The new Ferretti Yachts philosophy is here, and it has so much to offer to anyone looking for an unparalleled thrill. The traditional Italian luxury yacht brand, a global nautical leader, is indeed announcing a complete style revolution.  This challenge will be taken on by the Ferretti 500 project, based on the “Just Like Home” philosophy, expressing a life at sea that is the perfect combination between style and comfort. The revolution begins from the strategic fifteen meters segment, but it will sweep through the entire range, including the fleet’s new flagship.  With a completely updated design, both projects are the result of the partnership between the Strategic Product Committee, the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department, architect Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors and the design studio Ideaeitalia for the new interior concept.  It is precisely in the interiors that the souls of the new Ferretti Yachts models will be represented by two different moods. A classic line with warmer, more enveloping tones and another more contemporary one, with intense tones, both designed to suit the tastes of international customers.  The Ferretti 500 project stands out due to the spaces designed to offer an enveloping sense of well-being, through carefully selected, high-quality furnishings with an Italian flair. Owners will be able to choose from two different layouts on the lower deck. The first features a spacious master cabin and a VIP cabin, both with their own bathrooms, in addition to a small laundry area. The other layout includes a master cabin, a VIP cabin and a double with two single beds, and two bathrooms with a separate shower.   A yacht inspired by an advanced vision of sailing, in which nautical adventure and the domestic realm fuse together in the comfort of volumes and features generally found on larger yachts, within a familial environment that makes guests feel right at home.  The new Ferretti 500 will make its official debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2020.

October 2, 2019

New Model: Ferretti 720

The new Ferretti Yachts 720, debuted at the Cannes 2019 boat show, raising the bar on the navigation experience thanks to incredible spaces, plentiful stowage areas and out-of-the-ordinary ceiling heights.  Created in tandem by Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee and Engineering Department, the 720 is the second model following the 670 launched in 2018 with exterior design by architect Filippo Salvetti, while the interior design was handled by the Group’s in-house architects and designers.  Coinciding with the other yachts in the range, Ferretti 720 comes with the same highly popular aerodynamic design revolving around taut, finely poised forms that help to make the deck house lines extremely clean.  With a length of 22 meters and a beam of near to six meters, the 720 offers a number of functional and styling solutions that are highly innovative for a motor yacht of its size, underscoring the constant evolution of the brand, which at the same time preserves its distinctive sporty low profile character that is recognizable on all the models.  The Ferretti 720 offers a four double cabins three bathrooms guest accommodation with a full beam midships owners stateroom.  A crew cabin for two is located aft.  The Ferretti 720 is powered by standard twin Man 1200hp, or optional 1400hp engines.  Top speed is 32 knots with the optional Man 1400hp, while the standard engine slows everything down to four knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 22.3 m (73.3ft)
Hull Length - 21 m
Waterline Length - 18.6 m
Beam - 5.6 m
Draft - 1,8 m under propellers and loaded
Displacement - 46 t unloaded, 54 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 4600 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Max Persons - 18
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins, two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x Man V8 1200hp, V12 1400hp
Propulsion - line shaft 
Speed - 32 knots max 28 knots cruise with Man 1400hp, 28 knots max with Man 1200hp
Hull Shape - warped modified Vee with 14 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, Ferretti Group engineering for naval architecture and interior
Certification - CE A, certification modules B+F+Aa, ISO 8666 for data

October 9, 2018

Project: Ferretti 720

The Filippo Salvetti Ferretti Yachts era started with huge success in mid Summer 2018 celebrating the fiftieth birthday of the World known Italian motor yacht builder and the launch of his first 670 model.  Here we present the second totally new project to come from the new head designer at Forli, the 720.  While many might think this as an extended 700 model, details show it is not, since a lot of things change from the wider 17 centimeters beam, to the layout of the main and lower deck.  The second Fillippo Salvetti Ferretti 720 features aggressive sporty yet clean lines, with a spacious long and low fore-deck, making way for a broken shear-line which integrates with the super structure window profile design, and a forward radar arch up top which makes the optional hard-top look pleasant on the eye.  Inside Salvetti went for a four cabin three head layout, with impressive space given to the owners full beam stateroom.  The interior part of the main deck offers a traditional layout of a welcoming relaxing saloon, dining table for eight, and a galley further forward, with helm station to port side.  Outside is where the Ferretti 720 will shine versus other similar sized 22 meters flybridge motor yachts, with its long fore deck and aft cockpit looking to be the most spacious in its size.  The Ferretti 720 will be powered by twin Man 1200hp engines, with no estimated top speed numbers so far advised. 

July 3, 2018

New Model: Ferretti 670

2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary for Ferretti yachts and during the celebration for this important event held in Venice and at the end of June it was fitting for the company to present its latest model with a World premiere for the new 670.  The fiftieth anniversary will also mark a change to the Forli based yacht builder with designer duties changing hands from the long standing since 1990 Giovanni Zuccon to the new Filippo Salvetti.  The first model of the Salvetti era takes a lot from the latest smaller sized 550 and 450 models, with an added feeling of stream lined length effect delivered by the sweeping stern design.  The Ferretti 670 will have the usual Ferretti options for a hard top or not flybridge layout, and a three or four cabins lower deck.  Power comes from twin standard Man 1000hp, or optional 1200hp engines.
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.24 m (66.5ft)
Hull Length - 19.29 m
Waterline Length - 17.05 m
Beam - 5.38 m
Draft - 1.60 m
Displacement - 39500 kg unloaded, 47500 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3830 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Accommodation six berths in three cabins, or eight berths in four cabins
Max Persons - 18
Engines - 2 x Man V8 1000hp, V8 1200hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 28 knots max 25 knots cruise with 1000hp, 32 knots max 28 knots cruise with 1200hp
Range - 290 nm at cruise speed
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior lines, Ferretti Group Engineering interior and naval architecture
Certification - CE A EU directive 2013/53, dimensions ISO 8666

January 30, 2018

Project: Ferretti 670

Ferretti Yachts 670 project is the gift the renowned yacht builder is giving to itself, to celebrate 2018 the fifty anniversary year for the Italian Forli marquee.  The Ferretti 670 project is the fruit of the partnership between the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee and the Engineering department. She is also the first Ferretti yacht with external design by Ferretti Group and architect Filippo Salvetti, while the interiors were created by the Group’s own architects and designers. This breaks the pattern which started in 1990 with Giovanni Zuccon who since then designed all Ferretti Yacht models.  The Ferretti 670 entered production this month in January 2018 and is the natural heiress and replacement to the 650. A model of smart evolution, she combines some of the features from the 2016 and 2017 boats; 450, 780, 850 and 920 with some major innovations of her own. As a striking example, the excellent use of space, inside and out, assures the owner and their guests a perfect blend of conviviality and privacy. The Ferretti Yachts 670 features amenities typically found on larger vessels as you can see from the layout: the standard version offers three generous cabins on the lower deck. The 670 also offers option for a four double cabins version, and a choice for a laundry in replacement of the fourth cabin or the owners office.  Contrary to the tradition of Ferretti especially in these sizes, the Ferretti 670 will have a modest standard engine set up with twin Man 1000hp giving 28 knots max speed.  An alternative engine option will be for twin Man 1200hp which increase top speed plus four units meaning a top speed of 32 knots.

October 24, 2017

Paola Galeazzi 1947 - 2017

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Architect Paola Galeazzi, co-founder of the world-renowned yacht design studio Zuccon International Project. Paola had met her future husband and business partner Gianni Zuccon in 1972 while studying architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome.  In 1976, the young couple took part to a call for proposals organised by Cantieri Posillipo with an 18-metre fibreglass yacht project. Paola and Gianni won the design competition and unveiled the Posillipo Technema 65 at the 1978 Genoa boat show. This would be the first model of the famous Technema range, which the Zuccons designed and developed for more than twenty years.  Paola Galeazzi, who had been at the helm of Zuccon International Project since its inception as administrator, was also a pioneer in 3D modelling for yacht design. In forty years of collaboration, the genial couple designed several award-winning yachts for some of the most iconic shipyards, such as Ferretti, Ferretti Custom Line, Bertram, Mochi, Apreamare, Baglietto, and Posillipo. Paola is survived by her husband Gianni, and her children Martina and Bernardo Zuccon, both talented architects who will keep the legacy of her work alive.