September 16, 2021

Improve-it = Riva 56 Rivale

Riva present a 56 Rivale with a functional Hard-Top aims to satisfy the needs of owners by offering a spacious main deck shaded by awnings, the result is a functional design that is especially popular in markets where the average temperature is very high. It is no coincidence that the first unit is already on the other side of the Atlantic, sailing in American waters.  The 56 Rivale with hard-top follows on from the Dolceriva Hard Top and is part of the evolution of the Open range, consolidating a market segment that has been Riva’s main focus right from the outset, one that includes the brand’s most iconic models, such as Riva Iseo, Acquariva Super and Rivamare.  56’ Rivale with hard-top expresses all its dynamism, elegance and sportiness from the very first glance, drawing on the design elements that have given the Riva open range its unique status in the world, and is the result of collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, the creative flair of designer Mauro Micheli, the founder of Officina Italiana Design with Sergio Beretta, and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department.  This extraordinary yacht combines meticulous attention to detail with the finest materials, distinctive features of the brand right from the outset, ranging from polished mahogany for the interiors to teak for the exteriors, and from lacquered surfaces to mirror-finish stainless steel and fine leather.  First unit is hull coloured entirely Riva Shark Grey with Bright Black detailing.

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