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July 16, 2023

Overmarine Mangusta New Web Site

Overmarine Mangusta from Viareggio, Italy the super yacht city of the World presents its new web site. Overmarine Mangusta is famous for its range of big open sport and super sport yachts and has from the nineties became the builder which builds the most and address to go for, if you want this type of yacht. Overmarine Mangusta was founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Balducci a previous electrical installer at Pichiotti. Overmarine was Balducci second shipyard, as two years before in 1983 he founded Effebi, a military and rescue boat builder specialist which today operates from Massa Carrara, building boats and ships from eight to 44 meters in length.  All the Overmarine Mangusta models up to 2015 have been designed by Stefano Righini, with his last designed model being the currently in construction 132E.  Today Overmarine Mangusta are designed by Alberto Mancini responsible for the Oceano and GranSport lines, with the traditional open line handed over to Lobanov since 2019. Overmarine Mangusta currently offers eleven models divided in three lines; Maxi Open, GranSport, and Oceano. The current Overmarine Mangusta entry model is the 104 Rev from the Maxi Open line, while the flagship is the still in project Oceano 60.  The latest Overmarine Mangusta model is the Oceano 39, launched in Spring 2023.  The new Overmarine Mangusta web showroom is available in Italian and English languages, and takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Innovation, and About.  Overmarine Mangusta is also on social media with links located in the bottom right of the page taking you to its; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and Vimeo pages. 
Production History:
42 1986-89
65 Open 1986-92
65 Fly 1987-92
48 Fly 1989-94
80 Fly 1992
80 1992-2004 (60) *two versions
90 1993-95 (2)
86 Fly 1994-98 
100 1996 (2)
105 1997-2018 (20)
107 1999-2005 (6)
72 1999-2013 (49) *two versions
108 2000-13 (28)
92 2003-20 (25)
130 2004-14 (12)
80 HT 2005-18 (13) *two versions
130 S 2007- (5)
165 2007-14 (8)
94 2013-18 (5)
110 2013-20 (5)
165 E 2014-21 (5)
132 2015-17 (4)
Oceano 42 2016-17 (2)
Oceano 46 2017- (2
GranSport 54 2018- (3
Oceano 43 2019-21 (4)
GranSport 45 2019-
GranSport 33 2020- (9
104 Rev 2021- (7
Oceano 50 2021-
165 Rev 2022- (3
Oceano 44 2022- (5
Oceano 39 2023- (3

June 16, 2023

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta Oceano 39

The first unit of the entry level in the Mangusta Oceano displacement line, the 39 was launched on 31 May in the presence of her Owner, the Overmarine Mangusta team, and all the workers that contributed to her construction. Developed and engineered by the shipyard's Engineering Department together with designer Alberto Mancini and design firm Studio Verme for the engineering part, the Mangusta Oceano 39 is a three-decker which harmoniously combines design and technology, endowing her entire category with a very strong identity. The Mangusta Oceano 39 can be described as a modern villa on the sea, featuring amazingly wide glass surfaces and much larger volumes than those normally found in her class. The saloons on the main and upper decks have floor-to-ceiling windows that can be partly opened to blend indoor and outdoor areas and create an exquisite open plan living space. The aft area and the foldable terraces provide access to the beach house, becoming a natural extension by the sea where guests can enjoy total relaxation in the utmost privacy. The Oceano 39 features a classic Mangusta design feature with the infinity pool located forward on the upper deck with a partially glass bottom that lets natural light filter through into the master stateroom, creating mesmerising water reflections. The first unit layout includes four spacious guest cabins on the lower deck and a master suite on the main deck, fitted with a fully-automated balcony that can be easily operated by the Owner. The interiors, fully customisable as is always the case on Mangusta yachts, have been pencilled by Overmarine's technical department architects working in concert with the Owner, coordinated by Sales Manager Nicolò Strocco, who oversaw the sale. The Mangusta Oceano 39 is powered by twin MTU 1700hp engines that deliver a cruising speed of twelve knots, and a maximum speed of sixteen with a range of up to 2,600 nautical miles, always ensuring Mangusta's traditional noiselessness and, therefore, unmatched comfort.  Also available is a more powerful twin MTU 2600hp which allow the Mangusta Oceano 39 to reach a cruising speed of eighteen knots and a maximum twenty. Overmarine is already into three hulls of the Mangusta 39 Oceano, with the third hull build as speculation and available for a new owner and an expected delivery in around the end of 2024.
Technical Data:
LOA - 39.20 m (128ft)
Beam - 8.50 m
Draft - 2.25 m
Displacement - 215 t half load, 225 t full load, 320 gt *volume
Fuel Capacity - 32000 l
Water Capacity - 4000 l
Accommodation - ten or twelve guests in five cabins, seven crew in four cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 12v 2000m86 1700hp, optional 16v2000m96L 2600hp
Propulsion - line shaft with fixed pitch propellers
Speed - 16 knots max 12 cruise with 1700hpm 20 knots max 18 cruise with 2600hp
Range - 2600 nm at ten knots with MTU 1700hp
Project - Alberto Mancini exterior and interior, Studio Verme hull shape
Construction - single skin composite for hull, super structure in carbon fibre 

April 29, 2023

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta Grandsport 45

Overmarine Mangusta Gransport line which features three models has been on a roll of success especially with the large 54 meter model.  This Grandsport 45 was presented as a project in 2017 with the first unit launched in 2020 and two other units put in the water since then.  The Mangusta Gransport 45 comes from a design of Alberto Mancini, the designer responsible for all the Grandsport line and presents a sport profile in two decks plus a sun deck with pilot house.  The Grandsport 45 offers accommodation for ten guests in five double cabins, with a master stateroom located at the forward part of the sleek main deck.  The Grandsport 45 is powered by triple MTU 2600hp with two engines featuring a line shaft propulsion and a central jet propulsion booster.  Thanks to this propulsion set up the Mangusta 45 can reach speeds up to 26 knots, and cruise fast at twenty or economic at twelve knots and a range of 4200 nautical miles.
Technical Data:
LOA - 45.3 m (148.7ft)
Beam - 8.6 m
Draft - 2.1 m
Displacement - 285 t half load, 310 t full load, 444 GT volume
Fuel Capacity - 54000 l
Water Capacity - 8000 l
Accommodation - ten or twelve guests in five cabins, seven crew in four cabins
Engines - 3 x MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600hp
Propulsion - line shaft with fixed pitch propellers plus central KaMeWa steerable waterjet S63-4
Speed - 26 knots max, twenty knots fast cruise, twelve knots economic long range
Range - 4200 nautical miles at twelve knots
Construction - aluminium
Project - Alberto Mancini interior and exterior  

December 10, 2022

Project: Overmarine Mangusta 132 E

Overmarine Mangusta updates the 132 model by presenting the project for the 132 E for Evolution. The Mangusta 132 model debuted in 2015 with two units delivered since then, with this updated new E currently in build set for a 2023 delivery being the third of the series. The Overmarine Mangusta 132 E is the last of Stefano Righini designed units and will have interiors designed by Alberto Mancini.  Distinct features of the Mangusa 132 E will be the hull glazing, a larger fore deck lounge area with additional settees looking aft, and a more sweeping profile to the radar arch.  The Mangusta 132 E will offer accommodation for eleven guests in five cabins, and six crew in three cabins.  The Mangusta 132 E is to be powered by triple 2600hp MTU with jet drive propulsion which will give top speed up to 35 knots and a cruise of thirty.  

November 4, 2022

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta Oceano 44

Overmarine has launched the first unit of the Mangusta Oceano 44, a replacement to the Oceano 42/43 which launched in 2016 as 42 and was delivered in six units total, two 42 and four 43 from 2019 onwards. This first unit was just finished in early September, making a surprise visit to the fall 2022 boats shows of Cannes, Monaco and Genova. Sitting in the middle of the Oceano explorer yacht range, the 44 comes from a design of Alberta Mancini, who presents one of his cleanest minimal exterior looks, with floor to sealing glazing in the living areas, and owners stateroom in the forward part of the main deck. Hull number one also featured an interior by Mancini with accommodation for twelve guests in five cabins, and seven crew in four cabins.  The standard layout offers ten guests in five cabins, with possibility to expand crew accommodation to nine persons.  The Mangusta Oceano 44 is powered by twin MTU 1700hp which give a top speed up to the sixteen knots and a cruise of eleven.  Overmarine is building three more units of the Oceano 44, with hull #4 having a 2024 delivery date. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 44.47 m (145.9ft)
Beam - 8.70 m
Draft - 2.40 m
Displacement - 467gt* volume
Fuel Capacity - 71,600 l
Water Capacity - 13,800 l
Accommodation - ten or twelve guests in five cabins, nine crew in ten cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 12v 2000m86 1700hp
Propulsion - line shaft 
Speed - sixteen knots max. eleven cruise
Range - 4500 nm at cruise
Hull Shape - displacement
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Alberto Mancini. Pierluigi Ausonio naval architect
Certification - class standard

October 15, 2022

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta 165 REV

The first unit of the new Overmarine Mangusta 165 REV was launched in Viareggio on 25 July 2022. The name itself, Mangusta 165 REV highlights a revolutionary design and content features this line has introduced compared to the previous Righini designed 165, an extraordinary and hugely successful model itself, as confirmed by the sale of twelve units, eight in the original version and four in the updated E for Evolution series introduced in 2014. Built in composite material at Overmarine Viareggio, the 165 Rev is the second project developed by the shipyard’s engineering, headed by engineer Nicola Onori, and design firm Lobanov following the Mangusta 104 Rev, the first unit of which was delivered last year, and currently going into its fifth hull for delivery in 2025.  Lobanov and Mangusta as the model says present quite a Revolution in the 165 Rev for the curved shearline which hides a master stateroom in the main deck, an unedited feature for all the Viareggio builders Maxiopen line which has revolutionized the segment since the nineties, and has proved a huge success for Mangusta.  The interiors of hull number one of the 165 Rev, have been designed by Overmarine’s technical department architects with the Owner’s team under the coordination of Sales Manager Nicolò Strocco. The Mangusta 165 REV’s aggressive and sporty profile conceals the huge volumes the Owner and his guests can find onboard. A case in point is the magnificent full-beam, 92 sqm master stateroom located on the main deck, featuring large, floor-to-ceiling glazed surfaces flawlessly integrated in the hull. More ceiling high windows can be found in the salon, opening up toward the stern and on the sides, where two large fold-down balconies create a smooth continuum between this room and the outdoor areas. The entire lower deck is dedicated to guests, who will find accommodation in four guest cabins and one VIP suite. At the stern, the aft door opens to reveal a beach club conceived as a fully-equipped lounge area by the sea. The tender garage is located on one side. The huge forward area will allow guests to indulge in pure relaxation, thanks to a sunbathing area, comfy sofas, and an infinity pool that blends into the sea.  The Mangusta 165 REV’s is powered by four MTU 2600hp engines coupled to Kongsberg-Kamewa waterjets to push her to a maximum speed of 34 knots, noiselessly and without the slightest vibrations. Maximum care has also been devoted to consumption, which, speed remaining equal, has been reduced by around 30% against the previous series. The Veem gyroscopic stabilizers operate both at anchor and during navigation, allowing to cruise at ten up to twelve knots in the utmost comfort and at consumptions comparable to those of equally sized displacement vessels. The next Mangusta 165 Rev hull number two is currently under construction for a Summer 2023 delivery.
Technical Data:
LOA - 49.9 m (163.9ft)
Beam - 9.2 m
Draft - 2 m
Displacement - 110,000 kg, 499 GT *volume
Fuel Capacity - 40000 l
Water Capacity - 4000 l 
Accommodation - twelve guests in six cabins, nine crew in ten cabins
Engines - 4 x MTU 16V2000M96L 2600hp
Propulsion - Kongsberg-KaMeWa water jets
Speed - 34 knots max, 30 knots cruise twelve knots long range cruise
Range - 640 nm at thirty knots
Construction - composite fiberglass with single skin hull and cored sandwich upper structure
Project - Igor Lobanov exterior, Overmarine Engineering Nicola Onori, Overmarine interior
Certitifaction - RINA or ABS class, CE A

November 5, 2021

Project: Overmarine Mangusta Oceano 44

Overmarine present the project for a new Mangusta Oceano 44, a 44 metres super yacht full of technology and style, developed jointly by Overmaine Group’s Engineering department and designer Alberto Mancini, who took care of both her exteriors and interiors. This ultra-modern super yacht is a sea loft with a blend of glass, charm and audacity, with three-decks which give much more than being just an evolution of the previous models. Conceived as successor to the multi-award winner Mangusta Oceano 43, the 44 adds a new flare to the philosophy of global floating architecture, offering guests unprecedented experiences and the pleasure of spending every single moment of cruising in the utmost comfort.  One focus point in the definition of the Ocean 44 was that all areas should be seamlessly connected, a goal that was achieved through a series of side and crosswise sliding doors, creating a harmonious continuum of solutions and materials.  The beach club is the perfect example of this design approach: conceived to be the very heart of social life, once the transom is opened and the side terraces are unfolded, it becomes a 180° marine environment brightened by the natural light that filters through the side openings and the partially glazed upper deck, resulting in an incredibly airy and yet cosy area.  The various relaxation areas take the concept of onboard life to its ultimate expression: one of the most distinguishing features are two infinity pools located on the sun and main decks. The first, on the main deck, is called “The Island”: it is a sunbathing area embraced by water, which can be easily accessed via a teak deck, removing any possible barrier with the surrounding environment and creating a truly full-immersion experience; the second is on the spacious sun deck, from where guests can enjoy breath taking views over the ocean from dawn to sunset.  Huge volumes and generous spaces like the sundeck, so far unthinkable on a yacht in her class make the Mangusta Oceano 44 a real pearl, further enriched by equally precious interiors, where the alternation and skilful combination of warm and cold materials, lacquered surfaces and matt woods, marbles and leather, results in a flawless interpretation of contemporary minimalism. The master cabin, located on the main deck, is connected to the upper deck by the skylights created on the bottom of the infinity pool, which let natural light shine through and fill the cabin with mesmerising water reflections. The cabin is also fitted with a mechanically-driven balcony, from which the Owner will be able to enjoy his own private view of the ocean.  The salon on the upper deck is a very exclusive area: thanks to three large sliding doors, two of which on the sides, guests will never have to choose between indulging in pure relaxation and admiring amazing views.  This yacht’s elegant layout is characterised by a harmonious design consistency between indoor and outdoor areas, also thanks to an extensive use of glass. Steel handrails and bulwarks have been replaced by see-through glass surfaces mounted flush with teak, a solution that has opened up new scenarios and allowed to achieve impressively generous areas that would normally be unattainable on a traditional three decker.  The Mangusta Oceano 44 is a worldwide steel and aluminium yacht, featuring a streamlined and elegant profile but also offering outstanding performances and a range of 4,500 nautical miles, a maximum speed of sixteen knots, and a cruising speed of eleven, with the comfort ensured by zero-speed and underway stabilizers.  

August 28, 2021

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta Oceano 50

The first unit of the Mangusta Oceano 50, a stately model among Mangusta Oceano long-range displacement vessels, was launched on Saturday 5 June. The Mangusta Oceano 50 is a displacement yacht with a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. Her outer lines have been pencilled by Alberto Mancini, who worked side by side with the Shipyard's Engineering Department to make the most of and optimise the vessel's exterior and interior spaces while still falling within 500GT. Naval architecture has been taken care of by engineer Ausonio’s design firm P.L.A.N.A. Design. The final outcome is an exquisite combination of advanced technological solutions that go hand in hand with innovative design. On all Mangusta yachts, the leitmotiv is always the perfect balance between the exteriors and interiors, allowing the Owner and his guests to choose from many private and convivial areas and spend the holidays the way they have always dreamt of. Indeed, the Mangusta Oceano 50 offers her guests a number of pleasant outdoor areas, the most striking one being probably the beach area: featuring a sauna too, it develops over three connected terraces just above the water, for a close contact with the sea. Integrating the garage in the forward deck plane has resulted in optimised onboard spaces and brought the overall beach club area to an impressive 68 square meters, allowing this 50 m vessel to offer her guests the comfort and features normally found on much larger yachts. On the main deck, the aft cockpit reminds of the living room of a villa; the aft door opens up fully, creating a harmonious continuum with the salon and letting air and natural light flood the entire area, an effect that is further magnified by the two large side sliding doors. The bow area features revolutionary, cutting-edge technological solutions: the airy and stylish cockpit is located above the garage, which, once the tender has been launched, can be filled with water to obtain a real depth swimming pool with counter flow system. Another Jacuzzi pool can be found on the sun deck, offering a breath-taking sea view. This area is completed by a comfortable, fully-equipped relaxation area and a dining table seating up to 12 people, sheltered by a full-width hard top. Stepping indoors, this vessel has a five cabin layout on the lower deck, with four guest cabins and a full-beam gym, as required by the Owner. The spacious master stateroom is located on the main deck and is fitted with an exclusive fully-automated balcony overlooking the sea. Two MTU 1700hp engines will push this yacht to a maximum speed of 16 knots, but will also allow her to reach an impressive transoceanic range of 4,500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 11 knots. Zero Speed electric stabilizers will ensure unmatched comfort both when cruising and at anchor. The Mangusta Oceano line has been conceived to offer Owners an exclusive onboard experience, enabling them to enjoy life at sea surrounded by beauty, elegance, and exclusive comfort no matter the destination they choose to explore. Two more Oceano 50 are currently under construction, with unit number 3 “Project Salerno” expected to be ready for delivery in spring 2023.
Technical Data:
LOA - 49.9 m (163.6ft)
Beam - 9.12 m
Draft - 2.45 m
Displacement - 440 t half load, 465 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 68000 l
Water Capacity - 16000 l
Accommodation - 12 guests in 5 cabins, or 6 cabins, 11 crew in 6 cabins or 9 crew in 5 cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 12V2000 M86 1700hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 16 knots max 11 knots cruise
Range - 4500 nm at eleven knots
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Alberto Mancini exterior and interior, Ausonio PLANA for naval architecture

July 17, 2021

Project: Overmarine Mangusta 165 Rev

Overmarine present the project for the new revolutionary Mangusta 165 Rev.  The fifty metre flagship of the new Maxi Open Rev series, is a celebration of design and functionality, comfort and great performances, is now ready to cruise the seas leaving behind her unmistakable wake.  This is a project developed jointly by Overmarine's Engineering Department in collaboration with renowned designer Igor Lobanov, who designed the Mangusta 104 Rev which launched this 2021 year, and take over from Stefano Righini who designed the Open series up and before these two new models.  The 165 Rev stands out for her aggressive profile featuring rounded, curved shapes typical of Mangusta's iconic style. Her slender, dynamic lines draw inspiration, as the designer explains from 1930s sporty cars. This means classic, timeless beauty, which, however, on this model, goes hand in hand with dramatically scaled-up performances and a refreshed, renovated concept of lifestyle.  Key elements on the 165 Rev, just like on all Mangusta yachts, are the impressive onboard volumes, the comfort of en plein air areas, and the smooth, uninterrupted flow between the interiors and exteriors. On this fifty meter super sport yacht, the Owner can decide to experience life at sea in the utmost privacy or relax in one of the many convivial areas, enjoying his holiday surrounded by a different landscape every day and quickly moving from one destination to the next; for example, waking up in Portofino and sipping a cocktail in front of Costa Smeralda a few hours later.  One of the brand-new features on this yacht is the beach area: indeed, the aft door opens like the roof of a convertible sporty car, revealing a magnificent 36 square meters, fully-equipped lounge area on the sea. The side garage can fit a tender and two jet-skis, allowing guests to ride the waves whenever they feel like. On the sundeck is a large convivial space furnished with comfortable sofas and a bar located amidships, while the huge forward area offers the Owner and his guests a sunbathing area and an infinity pool, where they can indulge in pure relaxation. The interiors have been styled by Milan-based architecture firm M2 atelier using warm colour shades and implementing contemporary solutions aimed at making the most of natural light, which is the key element on this vessel. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the salon minimise the division between interiors and exteriors, and create a cosy, sophisticated atmosphere. The wonderful side foldable terraces, flawlessly integrated in the yacht profile, open up on breath taking views. In this way, the day area is flooded by the sun and surrounded by the sea, offering a unique immersive experience. The main salon features a pleasant sofa lounge set and a large dining area, which also includes a bright bar counter illuminated by three skylights that let through plenty of natural light. Also on the main deck is the airy master stateroom; a real open-space loft on two levels having as its core element the elongated side windows and ensuring maximum privacy to the Owner, who has also available a lounge area and an exclusive personal office. From there, access is gained to the night area with full-beam bathroom.  The lower deck has been entirely used for guest accommodation, and can be customised to offer a range of solutions with up to five cabins; four guest cabins plus a VIP suite or 4 cabins plus a media and lounge area or a gym.  Such impressive layout flexibility is matched by outstanding performance versatility, thanks to a propulsion system with four MTU 2600hp engines and with Kamewa waterjets propulsion, which push the yacht to an exhilarating maximum speed of 34 knots while limiting consumption. Veem gyro stabilizers ensure smooth, comfortable cruising event at low speeds and in all sea conditions, taking the vessel's range up to 650 miles.

June 12, 2021

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta 104 Rev

The first hull of the Mangusta 104 Rev, the innovative model representing the new era of Mangusta Maxi Open Line of super sport yachts, was launched the morning of 28th May. This is a super sport yacht that made the news even before hitting the water; indeed, the 104 Rev was moved to the launch venue at night, driving through the narrow streets of Viareggio and stirring the curiosity of many locals, who thus had the privilege of getting a preview of the first hull in the new Open line.  The Mangusta 104 Rev is a revolutionary yacht, currently the entry level in the iconic Maxi Open range, in which Overmarine has been an undisputed leader for over 35 years, with more than three hundred yachts built in this timespan. Thanks to the joint work of the Group’s Engineering Department and designer Igor Lobanov, this vessel’s sporty and slender lines preserve the Mangusta DNA, but reinterpret it in a modern key.  Hull one has been sold to an American client, who was charmed by the new Maxi Open range; a success proving that the American market is increasingly thriving and keeps an eye on the innovations introduced in the Mangusta fleet. All Group lines including the latest models, are now represented overseas.  Other distinctive elements on this cruiser are the wide glass surfaces flawlessly integrated in her powerfully aggressive profile; a true engineering masterpiece. These see-through surfaces result in outstanding visibility while also allowing the vessel to be classified in the BV and MCA classes for commercial registration.  Light pervades all interiors, not only on the main deck; where the cosy, sophisticated salon is surrounded by ceiling-high windows but also on the lower deck, which can accommodate up to ten guests in four cabins; full-beam master stateroom, a VIP cabin, and two guest cabins.  As is the case on each and every Mangusta yacht, the exteriors and interiors form a smooth, harmonious continuum, maximising the concept of lifestyle meant as an unforgettable onboard life experience. The owners and their guests will be able to enjoy maximum relaxation and privacy in the many areas available onboard, including among others the comfortable sunbathing area, located forward, and the sundeck, which is seamlessly integrated in the profile and unravels around the radar arch, resulting in an essential, assertive look. The sundeck consists of a relaxation area furnished with a comfy U-shaped sofa and the second pilot station.  The aft cockpit door opens completely, connecting the salon to the exteriors to create a dining area where guests can indulge in pleasant convivial moments. Hidden behind the stylish aft door, the garage can fit a tender up to five metres and a 3-seat jet-ski.  The Mangusta 104 Rev comes with twin MTU with waterjet propulsion, pushing her to a maximum speed of 35 knots, noiselessly and without the slightest vibrations. At the cruising speed of 25 knots, the yacht can boast a range of 370 nautical miles. Seakeeper gyro stabilizers allow her to deliver impressive performances and comfort both when cruising, even in choppy seas, and at anchor.  Hull one is to be delivered to her owner by the end of July. The next, available for sale, is scheduled for delivery in summer 2022.
Technical Data:
LOA - 31.80 m (104.3ft)
Beam - 7.1 m
Draft - 1.6 m
Displacement - 110 t half load, 120 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 10500 l
Water Capacity - 1600 l
Accommodation - ten guests in four cabins, four crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600hp
Propulsion - KaMeWa Waterjests
Speed - 35 knots max 25 knots cruise
Range - 370 nm at 25 knots cruise
Construction - single skin hull, cored sandwich super structure
Project - Lobonavo interior and exterior, naval architecture Overmarine
Certification - BV, MCA

April 17, 2021

Project: Overmarine Mangusta Oceano 39


Overmarine present the project for a new, revolutionary Mangusta Oceano 39. 39 metres of innovation and expertise, elegance and performance that reinterpret the Mangusta Oceano displacement line in a radically new key. A tri-deck yacht that gives her entire class a new harmonised identity, a yacht that embodies an innovative way of experiencing onboard life, forging a brand-new concept of open spaces and direct contact with the sea thanks to a minimal superstructure and the most extensive use of glass. The uttermost consistency between the yachts' interiors and exteriors creates the effect of the patio of a modern, seaside glass villa. Interior design is minimal and yet warm and cosy, and the foldable terraces can be lowered to provide access to a half circle beach house/garage tailored to the Owner's taste and requirements. Freedom of movement and a constant interaction between all decks are ensured by the aft area, which is a natural extension of the yacht overlooking the sea, the beach area is, indeed, not so much an extensible platform, but a beach house through and through. Minimised bulwarks and glass handrails allow the gaze to freely sweep the horizon, and the ceiling-high sliding glass doors mean that no breath-taking view will ever be missed. An imposing and powerful bow protects the glass wheelhouse and the infinity pool, whose partially see-through bottom lets natural light flood the Owner's stateroom. Another infinity pool can be found on the sundeck, where guests can take in the boundless view and experience that, truly, the limit is only in one's imagination. The exteriors feature deeply sculpted lines. The streamlined profile of the sundeck, in particular, is further emphasised by distinctive and stylish design elements, with sophisticated lighting solutions that reveal the shade of the teak wood covering all external decks and highlight the flawless continuity between indoor and outdoor materials. Every deck has been thought out to enable the Owner to arrange space at his own convenience, thanks to loose furniture and areas that he can easily customise as needed. A true masterpiece, where style and innovation do not go to the detriment of performances, but actually improve them. The dual propulsion available on this yacht can take her to two different maximum speeds; sixteen knots in the displacement version; 21 knots in the fast displacement one. Both models stand out for their impressive noiselessness, which further increases onboard comfort. 

August 22, 2020

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta Gransport 33

The first vessel in Overmarine Group’s new Mangusta GranSport 33 series was launched in the last week of July and performed sea trials.  While being the entry level in the Mangusta GranSport line, this vessel, pencilled by Alberto Mancini in cooperation with Overmarine Group’s technical departments can offer spacious volumes and technical details that can normally be found on larger yachts. She can surely be defined as a 33-meter yacht with the heart and soul of a true mega yacht.  The Mangusta GranSport 33 is a sporty and yet extremely comfortable vessel, boasting timeless elegance and a very strong personality. She perfectly combines style and technical solutions, the utmost expression of this flawless blend being her outstanding performances and unmatched efficiency. The same design style harmoniously unravels across both the exteriors and the interiors, turning every inch of the yacht into a pleasant, functional space.  Overmarine Group’s Interiors Department has worked side by side with the designer Mancini and the Owner to select the perfect furniture, furnishings and décor. The final outcome is a stylish, but also extremely functional yacht, just what her American Owner had asked for.  Stepping aboard, one can only be impressed by this vessel’s huge volumes at 228 Gross Tonnage, she is definitely among the best in her class. At the stern, a large cockpit fitted with a dining table and a bar area welcomes the guests on board. Indoors, the main deck comprises an airy saloon brightened by ceiling-high windows, two of which can be opened to ensure natural ventilation. The galley is adjacent to the saloon for fast and easy service.  Further on the main deck, at the bow, is the 40 sq. m. master cabin, which offers the Owner airiness, comfort, and incredible brightness. The entire lower deck accommodates the 4 guest cabins, which can be arranged in different layouts and solutions, depending on the Owner’s wishes and taste.  The 56 sqm flybridge can come in different versions, open or enclosed. On this first unit, the Owner has chosen the enclosed option, so as to obtain a real sky lounge with an indoor TV room – an innovative, interesting solution. The outdoor area is extremely enjoyable, thanks to a sunbathing area and a Jacuzzi with bar, allowing the Owner and his guests to spend blissful moments of relaxation while enjoying utter privacy and total freedom of movement.  From the flybridge, access can easily be gained to the bow, another convivial area, located forward on the same level and featuring a pool with hydro-massage and sunbathing area, completed by a lounge area with a sofa and a table.  The 28 sqm garage can fit a 5.65 m tender and two water-skis, delivering an incredible storage capacity that makes this model one of the best in class. The aft platform can be extended to become a spacious living area by the sea.  The Mangusta GranSport 33 can rely on a propulsion package featuring four Volvo 1000hp with IPS propulsion engines that can push her to a maximum speed of 26 knots while ensuring reduced consumption against vessels of the same size with traditional propulsion systems, and maximum comfort thanks to extremely low vibrations and impressive noiselessness. Other distinctive technical features on this yacht are her excellent manoeuvrability, enhanced by the Joystick Docking system, the dynamic positioning system allowing to keep the craft stable in one position, and the electrical stabilising fins. Her very limited draft of under two meters, means she can comfortably cruise even in very shallow waters, makes this yacht ideal, for instance, in the Bahamas in winter or the Hamptons in the summer.
The other two models in the Mangusta GranSport line, the 54 and 45 are also going to be delivered also during the summer.
Techical Data:
LOA - 33.3 m (109.3ft)
Beam - 7.4 m
Draft - 1.9 m
Displacement - 115 t half load, 130 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 10500 l
Water Capacity - 2000 l
Accommodation - twelve guest berths in five cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 4 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS1350 dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 26 knots max 23 knots cruise
Range - 430 nm at cruise
Construction - monolithic single skin hull, with sandwich super structure
Project - Alberto Mancini, Overmarine Group naval architect, interiors custom

October 12, 2019

Project: Overmarine Mangusta Sport 104

Building on the legendary Maxi Open series, Overmarine today unveiled the Mangusta Sport 104, the first yacht designed by designer Igor Lobanov for the Viareggio Italian yacht builder, who takes over from Righini who till what I know always designed the models of the brand, from its founding in mid eighties as up till today with the exception of the Oceano and Gransport range.  This new Lobanov course in the Sport 104 embodies every important innovation from Mangusta’s thirty years of excellence in developing fast and comfortable Maxi Open yachts, which have become some of the most iconic models on the market. Most of which have sold beyond what anyone thought it was possible.  The Mangusta Sport 104 epitomizes the speed, comfort, and elegant aesthetics of the iconic Maxi Opens, keeping intact their family feeling. Yet the Mangusta Sport 104 is also a totally new boat that reinterprets key performance and lifestyle characteristics.  The most striking styling change comes in the bulwark design, where wide windows, smartly connected by the designer, let plenty of natural light come into the master and guest cabins. The frame design is truly a feat of engineering, as it ensures outstanding visibility through the large windows, while also allowing the yacht to be built to BV Class and to MCA code for commercial registration.  The boat’s rear can boast a brand-new design of the garage door, which emphasizes the yacht’s aggressive profile and allows it to fit a tender up to five meters in length and a three-seat jet ski. The other highlight of the rear section is the integrated sundeck, which wraps around the radar arch, giving this area a clean yet aggressive look.  Interiors have also been thoughtfully designed for long, comfortable, Med-crossing cruising and with features that flood all areas with natural light. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the main salon create a sophisticated yet livable environment that can be arranged in many different layouts according to the owner’s desire.  Owners will love the uninterrupted dialogue between interiors and outdoors. The Mangusta Sport 104 offers an advanced infotainment system, ambient lighting, and an electro-chromic glass roof, all easily controlled by individual remote controllers.  The brand-new design of the dashboards, sundeck and main helm in main deck features a latest-generation navigation, monitoring and operating Interface.  The Mangusta Sport 104 is to be twin MTU 2600hp powered with Kamewa water jets propulsion, with speeds up to 35 knots being estimated.  The Sport 104 will also feature a new hull design, which sum the experiences gained of over three hundred units built with this set up by Overmarine.  

February 23, 2019

Project: Overmarine Mangusta Gransport 33

The Mangusta GranSport line has been designed by Overmarine Group with a view to combining style and technical solutions, timeless elegance and minimalist design, sporty features and comfort, outstanding performances and maximum efficiency. Above all, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology, the Mangusta GranSport fleet delivers long range at cruising speed as well as very high-speed performances, always ensuring maximum on-board comfort a key feature that makes this line truly versatile and allows her to offer the most precious gift any Owner can dream of: total freedom and flexibility in managing their time.  This successful combination of different features and values has also inspired the new model in this line, the Mangusta GranSport 33, which was presented at the brands new showroom in Miami Beach.  The new project for a new entry level in the Mangusta GranSport line of 33 meters, shares with her larger 45 and 54 meters sisters a flawless blend of stylish design and state-of-the-art technology.  During the first brief, designer Alberto Mancini was asked to work on a new model that would feature an elegant profile and a strong personality, skillfully combining sleek lines, minimalism and a perfect balance between exteriors and interiors, the latter being the very essence of Mangusta’s DNA. The outcome is a project where exterior and interior areas share the same harmonized design style and express Mangusta yachts distinctive Mediterranean lifestyle to the fullest.  The master stateroom is located on the main deck, a key choice allowing the owner to enjoy spacious volumes, unmatched privacy and incredible brightness.  The main deck also includes a spacious salon where plenty of natural light shines through several ceiling-high windows, two of which can be opened to let in the pleasant Mediterranean breeze and ensure natural air circulation. The galley, adjacent to the salon, allows the crew to serve guests easily and efficiently. The lower deck hosts four comfortable guest cabins, for which several configurations are available.  Outside, a wide, fully-equipped cockpit welcomes guests as they step onboard. The wide flybridge features a sunbathing area, a bar and a living area, allowing the Owners and their guests to chill out while enjoying the utmost privacy and total freedom of movement. Another lounge area furnished with a sofa and a table to dine al fresco is located forward, where a large sunbathing area with Jacuzzi tub can also be found.  Alberto Mancini’s interpretation of interiors is the embodiment of pure Italian style, perfectly matching the yacht’s exterior lines. Overmarine Group is always ready to listen to the Owners’ ideas and proposals, to share their vision, their wishes, their needs… and to work jointly to achieve maximum customization of both layout and décor.  The Mangusta GranSport 33 is powered by an innovative propulsion system, for quadruple Volvo 1000hp system, coupled with four Volvo IPS pods moded 1350. The propulsion selected for this model ensures incredibly low vibrations and great noiselessness, resulting in unmatched comfort. Thanks to the impressive efficiency of this system across the entire speed range, the Mangusta GranSport 33’s performances optimize consumption up to a maximum speed of 26 knots. At the same time, full compliance is ensured with the strictest IMO and EPA emission standards.  The Gransport 33 compact four engine configuration also results in a smaller engine room, thereby increasing the space available for the owners and their guests. Onboard systems ensure great maneuverability during mooring operations, thanks to the joystick docking system, and dynamic positioning, a function that allows the yacht to maintain any pre-set position. All these outstanding solutions make the Mangusta GranSport 33 an extremely user-friendly super sport yacht even for non-professional users.  On-board comfort is excellent at all speeds even when the yacht is at anchor, thanks to a sophisticated “Humphree” integrated system consisting of four fin stabilizers that are electronically integrated with the “active Interceptors” installed on the transom.  Thanks to her very low draft of just 1.9 m the Mangusta Gransport 33 is allowed to easily cruise in very shallow waters, for instance, to enjoy the Bahamas during the winter season or the Hamptons in the summer.  Construction for the Overmarine Mangusta Gransport 33 hull one has just begun, with delivery expected in 2020.

May 26, 2018

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta 54 Gransport

On April 28 MY El Leon the new Overmarine Mangusta 54 Gransport flagship splashed into the water. It is the first ship of the Overmarine Group's new fast displacement line in aluminium. These are super sport yachts that can combine long range and best performance in displacement mode with high speeds, those typical of high-performance yachts, whenever desired by the Owner.  The launching ceremony took place in the Navicelli area Pisa, at the presence of the Owner, his family and friends, the City authorities, both of Pisa and Viareggio, the Balducci family and everyone who contributed to the creation of the vessel, excited and proud of the result.  The Mangusta GranSport line is designed by Alberto Mancini. Its lines tell of a ship with a brilliant personality both aesthetically and functionally, a line that reflects the muscular and dynamic lines typical of Mangusta but with the aggressiveness suited to a sporty raised pilot jouse yacht.  A sleek profile, powerful engines, high cruising speed and ample and functional spaces on-board: this model can easily cover long distances, quickly and comfortably.  Aesthetically the 54 Gransport expresses at its best the uniqueness of the Mangusta. The lines are aerodynamic, balanced and straightforward: a stern of great character and extremely dynamic; air intakes created as slits straight into the aluminium, sloped windshields and uprights integrated to the rollbar. The Jacuzzi and swimming pool dominate the bow sun bridge and bring light into the Owner head through glass skylight on the bottom. On the stern, the rotation of the central and lateral doors gives life to a "club on the sea" made of perfectly equipped terraces and beach area. The flybridge boasts a central bar designed to serve both spaces, towards the bow a dining area protected by a hard top and towards the stern a living area. All the exterior spaces can be used in full safety also during navigation.  The interior areas communicate with the exterior ones through vast windowed surfaces in a concept of fluidity and continuity that characterizes the entire super sport yacht.  Thanks to four MTU 2600hp engines and the presence of stabilisers, Mangusta 54 Gransport can reach a top speed of 29 knots, while a low speed long range cruise of 12 knots allows a range of 4200 nautical miles, after which one needs to refuel 71000 liters of fuel.
Technical Data:
LOA - 54 m (177.1ft)
Beam - 9.01 m
Draft - 2.30 m
Displacement - 358 t half load, 395 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 71000 l
Water Capacity - 13000 l
Accommodation - twelve guests in five cabins, nine crew in five cabins
Engines -  4 x MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 29 knots max, 12 knots economic long range cruise
Range - 4200 nm at 12 knots
Project - Alberto Mancini
Construction - aluminium

March 24, 2018

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta 46 Oceano

Overmarine reinforces its presence in the long range displacement segment, launching in March the first unit of the Mangusta 46 Oceano, the third displacement unit to hit the water in just two years from the Tuscany located yacht and super yacht builder.  High on-board comfort and balance between indoor and outdoor spaces: the Mangusta 46 Oceano range is marked by an exclusive combination of the brand’s key values, applied to the long range three-decked super yachts. The product philosophy is expressed in its great habitability, the ergonomics, and the spaces dedicated to the owner, to the guests, and to the crew. An ability to surprise that is extended to the technical level, starting from the high range values at various speeds, as well as performance levels in reducing noise on-board.  The design of the outside lines of the new 46 meter super yacht was created by long time Overmarine collaborator Stefano Righini, designer of all the Mangusta opens since the company was started, who here he maintained and enhanced the contemporary timeless style that characterizes the yachts of the Viareggio builder.  The interior of the 46 Ocean hull one was designed by Alberto Mancini.  The extreme attention to detail, study of materials and the freedom of movement in the utmost privacy are the elements that characterize the style of Mangusta Oceano 46, which can accommodate up to twelve guests in six cabins. A purely custom-made design, in terms of both the layout of the spaces and the furniture and finishes.  On a sensory level, comfort is the element that denotes the dominating theme on-board the 46 Oceano. The perception of openness in the spaces and the feeling of relaxation, in fact, are the feel rouge between the private areas and the socializing areas outdoors.  The Mangusta 46 Oceano is positioned among the super-yachts as a perfect combination of style, conviviality and design, in addition to the background of technology and construction capability that describes the excellence of Overmarine.  2018 promises to be an important year for Overmarine, which in addition to this 46-meter model in the displacement range, will also hold other important launches, including that for a new flagship: the Mangusta 54 GranSport.
Technical Data:
LOA - 45.5 m (149ft)
Beam - 9 m
Draft - 2.35 m
Displacement - 345 t half load, 390 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 70000 l
Water Capacity - 10000 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, or twelve guests in six cabins, nine crew in five cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 12v 4000 M53R 1527hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 16 knots max 12 knots cruise
Range - 4000 nm
Project - Stefano Righini exterior, Carlo Colombo interior, hull one interior by Alberto Mancini

September 9, 2017

Project: Overmarine Mangusta 45 GranSport

Since a few years Overmarine Mangusta have been expanding into new type of yachts and while its core market remains that of the big hard top super sport yachts which made its name famous, the 2016 first launch of the 42 Oceano, and the introduction of the new GranSport range shows a more diversified future for the Viareggio yacht builder.  This project of the new 45 GranSport is a design to Alberto Mancini who is both responsible for the interior and exterior lines.  In the 45 GranSport Mancini presented a hybrid type super sport yacht with a semi wide body area forward, and a beach club to aft.  Guest accommodation will be for six double cabins, while crew space is for seven persons.  To be build of aluminium, the 45 GranSport which was first shown as a 44 project model earlier this year will be powered by twin 2600hp MTU engines, which should allow for speeds up to 26 knots, and a cruise of 20 knots.  Range at cruise is for 1000 nautical miles, or slow down to 11 knots and this increases to 3000 nm.  

October 21, 2016

Project: Overmarine Mangusta 54 GranSport

During the 2016 Monaco yacht show Overmarine announced the sale for its first Mangusta 54 GranSport.  Designed by Alessandro Mancini the Gran Sport series was presented as a fifty meter super sport yacht concept in 2015.  The first hull of the new alloy build Gran Sport sees the size expanded by four meters, and will feature a quadruple MTU 2600hp engines set up coupled with stabilizers. With this set up Overmarine is estimating performance numbers for a 30 knots max speed, while a range at the best economy cruise for 3800 nautical miles.  

June 10, 2016

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta 42 Oceano

The very first steel and aluminium 42 metre yacht from the Long Range line, Overmaine Mangusta 42 Oceano was launched on Saturday 4th June.  The launch ceremony took place at the new shipyard in Pisa. The Owner and his family was present, together with the local authorities, the Mayor of Pisa and Viareggio, designer Alberto Mancini, the Balducci family and the entire company staff, both excited about and proud of this great achievement.  The transition required significant investments in infrastructures, new facilities of 22000 squared meters, of which 9000 are covered, were built at the Pisa wet dock, human resources and lots of time. The company believed strongly in this choice, aware it was fully able to play a key role in this segment too, thanks to its experience of over thirty years.  Designed by Alberto Mancini, Mangusta Oceano 42 is a beautifully modern and elegant yacht which expresses her proportions through a blend of taught, sharp lines combined with softer sections. A careful study was carried out on the light aboard, and a new concept developed, which provides for two innovative areas. On the deck at bow the external area was designed with two separate sunbathing areas which come together in a swimming-pool with a waterfall featuring an infinity effect. Glazing on the bottom of the swimming pool brings light and semi-transparency into the Owner suite head located on the underlying deck. Astern, on the other hand, the hatch features transverse cuts in glass through which visitors can glimpse a fully-furnished beach area. Once open, it extends over the sea creating a platform where the glazed surfaces turn into a source of natural light which lets in the nighttime lighting of the underwater aft lights. The interiors have been designed to welcome up to twelve guests and seven crew members ensuring the utmost privacy and freedom of movement. Here, everything converses with the great outdoors. Indeed, there are huge glazed surfaces in the salon through which natural light enters and in the other areas glass transparencies light up the various different areas, increasing the perception of space.  The Mangusta Oceano line flanks the traditional one of Mangusta open yachts, which will still be built in Viareggio and with which the Group is, and indeed wishes to remain, a world leader in the Maxi Open sector.   Overmarine Mangusta Oceano 42 will be presented at the upcoming autumn boat shows.
Technical Data:
LOA - 43 m (131ft)
Beam - 8.7 m
Draft - 2.4 m
Displacement - 350 t half load, 390 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 62000 l
Water Capacity - 12000 l
Accommodation - 10 guests in 5 cabins, 7 crew in 4 cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 12v2000 M71 1448hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 15 knots max , 11 knots cruise
Range - 4000 nm at economic cruise
Construction - steel hull, aluminium super structure
Project - Alberto Mancini interior an exterior, Overmarine Group

June 5, 2015

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta 132

The Overmarine Group is proud to announce the launch of the first unit of the brand new Mangusta 132 model, which took place on 12th May 2015 at the Group’s private wharf in Viareggio. The yacht will be presented as a world premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show from 22 to 25 September.  Over the past few years, the Group has implemented a strategic development plan to expand and renew its range, focusing on growth and greater efficiency, that is maintaining a high performance and excellent on-board comfort whilst at the same time ensuring increasingly lower consumption. The 132 is the fourth new Mangusta model to be introduced onto the market over the past two years, after 94, 110 and 165 E.  This yacht clearly highlights the recent technical and style evolution of Mangusta yachts. Her external lines are distinctive Mangusta, racy and sporty, with the new aesthetic and structural features that are being added to recent models. These include new glazing on the main deck, a single piece of glass at the height of the salon which offers excellent visibility from the inside allowing copious amounts of natural light to enter; the new, more aggressive, more modern line of the flybridge with its aesthetic grating, and the amazingly generous size of the sundeck, which can be used as a private area for the owners and also be fitted out with a second helm station.  Along with the external design, the yacht also features a technical evolution: a new hull to which all the hydrodynamic improvements on Mangusta 165 have been transferred; new engines; water-jets propulsion system, and Zero Speed gyroscopic stabilizers both at anchor and underway, all of which contribute to further improving on-board comfort and extending the range of uses of this yacht. Indeed, it is now possible to sail at a low speed at reduced consumption whilst enjoying comfort at all times. This hull number one of the Mangusta 132 has been created to the wishes and requirements of her owner who, this being his second Mangusta yacht, knew exactly how to use the potential of this model to the very best.  She features spectacular on-board volumes and the layout of the various different areas is the result of a careful architectural study which aimed at a top performance, understood as quality, excellence and well being on-board even at high speeds. As with all Mangusta yachts, the Group’s Interiors Design Department knew exactly what to offer the Owner in terms of interior layouts, style and personalized decor solutions, fully-satisfying his desires and tastes. In this case, the Owner chose a four cabin layout with an extra salon on the lower deck. The standard is 5 cabins.
Technical Data:
LOA - 39.8 m (130.7ft)
Beam - 7.76 m
Draft - 1.7 m
Displacement - 165 t half load
Fuel Capacity - 20000 l
Water Capacity - 3000 l
Accommodation - 10 guest berths in 5 cabins, optional 8 berths in 4 cabins, 6 crew berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 3 x MTU 16v2000 M94L 2600hp 
Propulsion - 2 x Kamewa 63G4 Waterjets, 1 x 63B4 waterjet (central)
Speed - 34 knots max, 32 knots cruise
Range - 550 nm at 32 knots cruise
Project - Stefano Righini exterior