September 9, 2017

Project: Overmarine Mangusta 45 GranSport

Since a few years Overmarine Mangusta have been expanding into new type of yachts and while its core market remains that of the big hard top super sport yachts which made its name famous, the 2016 first launch of the 42 Oceano, and the introduction of the new GranSport range shows a more diversified future for the Viareggio yacht builder.  This project of the new 45 GranSport is a design to Alberto Mancini who is both responsible for the interior and exterior lines.  In the 45 GranSport Mancini presented a hybrid type super sport yacht with a semi wide body area forward, and a beach club to aft.  Guest accommodation will be for six double cabins, while crew space is for seven persons.  To be build of aluminium, the 45 GranSport which was first shown as a 44 project model earlier this year will be powered by twin 2600hp MTU engines, which should allow for speeds up to 26 knots, and a cruise of 20 knots.  Range at cruise is for 1000 nautical miles, or slow down to 11 knots and this increases to 3000 nm.  

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