April 17, 2021

Project: Overmarine Mangusta Oceano 39


Overmarine present the project for a new, revolutionary Mangusta Oceano 39. 39 metres of innovation and expertise, elegance and performance that reinterpret the Mangusta Oceano displacement line in a radically new key. A tri-deck yacht that gives her entire class a new harmonised identity, a yacht that embodies an innovative way of experiencing onboard life, forging a brand-new concept of open spaces and direct contact with the sea thanks to a minimal superstructure and the most extensive use of glass. The uttermost consistency between the yachts' interiors and exteriors creates the effect of the patio of a modern, seaside glass villa. Interior design is minimal and yet warm and cosy, and the foldable terraces can be lowered to provide access to a half circle beach house/garage tailored to the Owner's taste and requirements. Freedom of movement and a constant interaction between all decks are ensured by the aft area, which is a natural extension of the yacht overlooking the sea, the beach area is, indeed, not so much an extensible platform, but a beach house through and through. Minimised bulwarks and glass handrails allow the gaze to freely sweep the horizon, and the ceiling-high sliding glass doors mean that no breath-taking view will ever be missed. An imposing and powerful bow protects the glass wheelhouse and the infinity pool, whose partially see-through bottom lets natural light flood the Owner's stateroom. Another infinity pool can be found on the sundeck, where guests can take in the boundless view and experience that, truly, the limit is only in one's imagination. The exteriors feature deeply sculpted lines. The streamlined profile of the sundeck, in particular, is further emphasised by distinctive and stylish design elements, with sophisticated lighting solutions that reveal the shade of the teak wood covering all external decks and highlight the flawless continuity between indoor and outdoor materials. Every deck has been thought out to enable the Owner to arrange space at his own convenience, thanks to loose furniture and areas that he can easily customise as needed. A true masterpiece, where style and innovation do not go to the detriment of performances, but actually improve them. The dual propulsion available on this yacht can take her to two different maximum speeds; sixteen knots in the displacement version; 21 knots in the fast displacement one. Both models stand out for their impressive noiselessness, which further increases onboard comfort. 

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