March 28, 2023

Project: Seanfinity T7HT

Seanfinity from South of Rome in Italy has been on the growing side of things and after launching its T4 and T5 models, present the project for a larger T7, a sport yacht of 21 meters.  Designed by Gianluca Caputi, a talented designer who was part owner and designer of the Italcraft revamp in the noughties, the Seanfinity T7 is semi custom project available in HT as pictured above with inboards surface drives, and or quadruple outboards Mercury 600hp.  Seanfinity and Caputi who apart the designer is also part owner, along with Vincenzo Tuccio of Top System surface drives fame is far giving little details, possibly also because this is a very semi custom project.  So far we can see that the Seanfinity T7 will have a transformative aft deck, with opening side balconies, which transform the aft into a massive beach bathing platform. 

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