March 4, 2023

Project: Lazzara UHV 100

Currently being build in Turkey for completion at the end of this year is the Lazzara UHV 100 model.  With the first UHV 87 presented in 2022, the UHV 100 is the second of a three model range with the other project being Lazzara current largest 125 flagship.  The Lazzara UHV 100 builds on the Ultra High Volume concept of these yachts, offering a semi-wide body design, with a large owners stateroom on the forward part of the main deck.  The extra four meters of the Lazzara UHV 100 will give an extra cabin in the lower deck, offering four guests suite versus the three of the UHV 87.   Another incredible space in the Lazzara UHV 100 is the third deck which apart having the pilot bridge forward has a spacious living dining area which uses best possible space also thanks to the wide body feature.  The Lazzara UHV 100 is standard powered by Volvo 1000hp or optional Man 1550hp and MTU 1600hp with line shafts.

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