June 1, 2022

Yacht Fires Something Is Wrong

Since I started the Out-News section in 2019, fire has become the predominant accident.  Now in recent times fire is involving a majority of large motor and super yachts, most of which are crew maintained all year round, with some accidents involving not so old yachts.

The question is why are these fire happening so frequently especially in yachts which are not so old, are  big, and are crew maintained all year round.  Sometimes for us we just get the news of the fire, and as is we do not hear anything more.  The important think tank here is that lessons are learned from these fires.  Why they are happening and how to make sure they happen next to nothing, and create a means to prevent them in the future, but also a way to know before it's too late.  

The problem is that in boats more so in bigger sized yachts, it is not as easy like the auto industry, not only for the numbers, which are incomparable, but also for the customization in the systems of these yachts.  For example above a certain size, in a semi-serial production of ten units of 24 meters, you might get most of them with a different to the other electric and dometic system.

The point here is to learn, get the information from these accidents, and avoid it from happening in the future.  I hope the boating industry along with the certification societies, American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds, RINA, CE and NMMA for the smaller boats to name a few are doing this work in order to reduce the boats fires from happening.

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