June 15, 2022

Project: Dominator 10.5m Midi-Ilumen

Dominator present the project for a 10.5 meter Midi-Ilumen sport cruiser. First announced as a Mini-Ilumen seven meter tender in 2020, the project has evolved apparently into the Midi-Ilumen, a 10.5 meter weekender sport cruiser featuring the design, safety and comfort of a much bigger size boat.  So far very little details are available for the Midi-Ilumen apart the fact that unlike the Mini version it has lower deck accommodation.  The rendering above shows a very innovative modern design.  The Mini-Ilumen was project to have top end speeds about forty knots, and an economic long range in around 25, with estimated range at this speed of an impressive 300 nautical miles.  If these numbers are followed in the Midi-Ilumen that pretty good for a sport cruiser of ten meters in length.  When announced in 2020 the idea of the Mini-Ilumen's was for this to be a range featuring three models from seven to thirteen meters in size. 

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