June 26, 2022

Ferretti Super Yacht Aground in Long Island

A 29 meter Ferretti super yacht ran aground on Bailie Beach, Mattituck in Long Island, New York on the morning of 26 June.  Three persons where onboard the super yacht on the time of the accident, with none of them being injured during the incident.  The super yacht was later assisted by two boats from Douglas Marine from 0920 till about 1400 hours when high tide arrived and the yacht was refloated. The yacht had no apparent damage and was reported going at the Strong Marine dock in Mattituck for further check ups on own power.  During the accident the super yacht was reported as cruising just over six knots in clear weather conditions.
Called In Too Deep, this Ferretti is a 960 model build in 2013.  Designed by Zuccon the Ferretti 960, was launched in 2013 and produced till 2020, with twenty units reported being made.  The 960 has an interior with a four of five double cabins layout, and was powered by twin MTU 2218hp, 2435hp, or 2638hp engines, with the larger units giving a 31 knots top speed.  Taking away the Ferretti Custom Line brand, the 960 was Ferretti largest build yacht till 2020, over took by the replacing 1000 model launched in 2021.

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